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Page 16 of Friends-Catalog 2017 may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 15 vegetables hot peppers vegetables want to grow in full sun Í unless otherwise noted capsicum annuum exceptions noted ͆ $2.00—3.5” pot v166 aci sivri ß—80–90 days turkish heirloom cayenne type with slender curved medium to hot fruit 5–10” fruits ripen from yellowgreen to red v167 anaheim ß—75 days mildly hot 7” fruits good for canning stuffing freezing or drying cayenne 65–85 days 30,000–50,000 shu hot vigorous plants with slender fruits good dried or pickled heat increases with length harvest when fruits are 4–6” long v168 golden ß v169 long purple ß—dark purple v170 red ß v171 chimayo ◊ ß—75–85 days 300-year old heirloom from central new mexico that was almost extinct the chimayo chile project preserved the native seed reserves and revived farming of this medium-hot pepper the 4–7” thin-walled chilis have a smoky earthy flavor excellent for roasting and drying v172 costeno amarillo ◊ ß—85 days small but hot 3.5” mexican peppers ripen to a brilliant yellow-orange thin-skinned with a lemony flavor eat fresh in stir fries salads soups or dry to make a yellow mole sauce v173 de padron ß—60 days small green peppers that are generally mild but occasionally produce one that is hot which accounts for its nickname the russian roulette pepper originally from the galicia region of spain where they are fried in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and served as tapas heat increases as they ripen to red v174 fish pepper ß—80 days pre-1870s african-american heirloom ornamental green and white variegated foliage fruits 2–3” long ripen from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to all red perfect for salsa moderately hot 18–24”h v175 ghost ß—160 days fiery hot one of the hottest out there 1 million shu red to orange 3” fruit with unusual rough dented and very thin skin gloves and eye protection recommended also called naga jolokia and bhut jolokia 48”h v176 ghost chocolate c chinense ◊ ß— 100–120 days a chocolate brown variation of the ghost pepper used in extreme cooking bbq sauces hot sauces and marinades caution at first bite the pepper’s smoky sweetness comes through but then the infamous slow burn begins and lasts up to 30 minutes before dissipating up to 1 million shu sweet peppers $2.00—3.5” pot v211 aconcagua ß—70–80 days very long ÍÇ frying peppers up to 11” by 2.5” great for grilling as well as general use good yields over a long season named for the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere v212 carmen ß—early at 60 days italian horn-shaped fruits average 6” long with wide shoulders and medium-thick walls great fried or raw one of the sweetest good for containers v213 chocolate beauty ß—70–75 days ripens to a rich brown color v214 golden summer ß—72 days bellshaped yellow fruits f1 hybrid v215 gypsy ß—58 days sweet 3–4” peppers recommended for cooler climates like ours fruit matures from light yellow to orange to red f1 hybrid v216 jimmy nardello ß—80–90 days long thin gnarly peppers ripen bright red brought to the usa by guiseppe nardello from the basilicata region of southern italy productive low growing plants v217 lady bell ß—72 days sweet green maturing to red f1 hybrid v218 lipstick ß—53–70 days pimiento-type peppers with sweet tapered green fruits ripening to a glossy red medium-thick juicy flesh pick either green or red heavy producer even in a cool summer season $2.00—3.5” pot continued $2.50—3.5” pot v191 aji cristal ß—90 days originally from habanero small flattened bell shape green when immature heat 200,000–300,000 shu v177 chocolate ß—100–120 days v178 orange ß—100–120 days v179 white ß—100–120 days v180 korean dark green ß—69–80 days heirloom with 3–4” green to red fruit and moderate heat great in kimchee and other korean dishes v181 medusa ß—72 days narrow upright twisty 2” cones mature from greenish ivory to orange to red all colors at the same time a fully grown plant can display up to 50 peppers edible and mild only 1 to 1,000 shu but bred for its appearance can be happy in a sunny window 8–12”h v182 pequin ◊ ß—120 days brilliant red with medium heat these 1” peppers are great in soups salsas flavored oils and hot sauce citrusy and smoky and when picked green adds gentle heat to fresh salsas compact plants good for containers v183 peter ◊ ß—95 days declared “the most pornographic pepper” by organic gardening this x-rated pepper bears a marked resemblance to part of the male anatomy moderately to very hot 10,000– 23,000 shu it makes for spicy conversation as well as eating matures to fiery red v184 royal black ß—90 days ornamental with purple leaves stems and flowers leaf backs are green with purple veins and the upright bullet-shaped peppers are nearly black ripening to bright red fruits are very hot and are great for making beautiful flavored vinegars suitable for containers v185 satan’s kiss ß—85–90 days popular italian heirloom 2–4 pepper is round red sweet and spicy 40,000–50,000 shu traditionally stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella and then grilled 24–36”h v186 serrano ß—80–85 days long thin green fruits 10,000–23,000 shu v187 super chili ß—75 days highly ornamental plants spicy in the cayenne range v188 tepin ◊ ß—100–120 days tiny and round these bright red peppers pack intense heat 50,000–100,000 shu which quickly diminishes to a smoky flavor the name means “little one” or literally “flea.” this is the official native pepper of texas and is believed to be the “mother of all peppers.” tepins are pickled or sun-dried and added to soft cheeses and creamy sauces also known as chiltepin v189 thai dragon ß—85 days near habaneros for heat often grown as a potted ornamental v190 thai yellow chili ß—70–80 days gold-orange very hot and flavorful capsicum annuum ͆ days orange high yields of thick-walled bright orange 6–8” fruits v220 purple beauty ß—70–75 days blocky 3” by 3” peppers that mature to eggplant purple with thick crunchy walls v221 purple marconi ß—72 days a deep purple italian heirloom with a mild sweet flavor ripens to a deep wine red good producer tapered 6” fruit traditionally used for frying marconis are also wonderful eaten fresh so try some in a salad v222 takii ace ß—50 days an early red japanese selection recommended for its excellent yields and flavor small to medium fruits changing from green to red a favorite for our region flavor is sweet and delicious v223 tequila ß—85 days thick-walled 4” fruits start a dark purple then lighten to a light red good flavor v224 valencia ß—70–80 days large green fruits ripening to orange $2.50—3.5” pot v225 odessa market ß—70–85 days a ukrainian heirloom found at an odessa farmers market in 1965 cone-shaped 4–6” fruits ripen light green to gold to bright red compact plants good for pots chile these 3.5” waxy fruits ripen from light green to yellow to red pods have a hot spicy citrus flavor v192 anaheim numex joe e parker ◊ ß— 70 days green 95 days red ripe mild 8” fruits have thick crisp walls and are perfect for grilling stuffing or roasting pick when green or at the mature red stage v193 biquinho ß—100–120 days scarlet 1” fruits with a pointed shape that gives them the name “little beak” in portuguese fruity smoky flavor but very little heat in brazil they’re often preserved in a vinegar solution also known as little beak peppers or chupetinho v194 brazilian starfish c baccatum ß—90 days delicious and sweet with a strawberry-apple flavor the flattened 2” starshaped fruits change from green to red as they ripen in peruvian cuisine they flavor fish dishes in columbia and ecuador they are made into a condiment plants have a weeping vine-like habit variable heat from 5,000 to 30,000 shu v195 buena mulata ß—80 days narrow 2.5” fruits change from purple to pink orange brown and then finally dark red highly ornamental medium-hot with a good aroma the plant has purple stems and purplestriped white flowers used in salsa morada and caribbean-style cookery v196 ethiopian brown ß—90 days irregular wrinkled peppers grow 3.5” long by 1” wide and turn from green to chocolatey red-brown when mature hot 30,000 to 50,000 shu with a rich smoky flavor that’s good for making chili powder as well as rubs and bbq sauces v197 fatalii ß—80 days bright yellow bonnetshaped 3” fruits with an intense fruitycitrus flavor rivals habanero for heat v198 jalapeño ß—70 days prolific and early 3” fruits go from dark green to red hottest when red 2,500–5,000 shu units Ø v199 jaloro ◊ ß—72 days the name comes from combining “jalapeño” with the spanish word for gold oro developed in 1992 by the texas extension its meaty yellow fruits mature to orange and then red and can be eaten at any stage moderate heat similar to jalapeño but a bit fruitier v200 joe’s round ß—65 days upright bunches of eight to 15 fruits the size and shape of marbles dark green to red medium-hot peppers are delicious pickled or in salsas also grown as an unusual ornamental $2.50—3.5” pot continued v201 pasilla holy mole ß—85 days mildly hot pepper matures from green to a warm brown excellent for making chili powder sauces and mole sauce v202 poblano tiburon ß—65 days moderately hot with sweet thick-walled fruit disease-resistant v203 tangerine dream ß—70 days shiny red-orange 3” pods with a hint of heat $2.50—4 plants in a pack v204 hungarian wax ß—6–8” long and 2” wide sets fruit even in cool weather also called hot banana v205 jalapeño ß—prolific and early 3” fruits go from dark green to red hottest when red 2,500-5,000 shu 24–36”h $3.00—3.5” pot v206 black cobra ◊ ß—90–100 days slender 2” green pepper fingers pointing up turn black and then scarlet the silver fuzzy leaves and stems plus the colorful fruit make it a popular ornamental as well as a source of hot peppers 20,000–40,000 shu native to venezuela v207 shishito ß—60 days these make for suspenseful eating because one in ten has a real kick of heat though they are denerally mild flavored to prepare sauté in a bit of oil until blistered and sprinkle with your favorite gourmet salt also delicious grilled deep-fried in tempura batter or sprinkled on pizza bright green and 3” long with wrinkled thin walls prolific Ø v208 rezha macedonian ß—80 days remarkable corking or as the name translates “engraving” of horizontal stripes on the dark red skins of these long fruits sweet flavor with variable heat the more corking the more heat traditionally dried or roasted in macedonia also known as vezeni piperki Ø $4.00—4 plants in a pack v209 carolina reaper ß—100 days a cross between the ghost pepper and a habanero it was bred by ed currie of rock hill s.c some claim it gets up to 2,200,000 shu the hottest pepper of all red with the signature “scorpion’s tail” of the $6.00—3.5” pot habanero Ø v210 mixed hot peppers ß—one each of cayenne habanero jalapeno poblano serrano and thai hot $5.00—6 plants in a pack a rainbow of colors and range of shapes including heirlooms and hybrids $2.00—3.5” pot continued v219 lively italian ß—75 days green 100 many shapes heat is measured in scoville heat units shu $2.50—3.5” pot continued v226 spanish mammoth ß—90 days very sweet cone-shaped peppers that grow to 7” long introduced in spain and southern france around 1859 green fruits are sweet and crisp with a hint of aniseed maturing to sweet red great for salads roasting frying or stuffing also known as doux d’espagne v227 sweet banana ß—65 days pale yellow to orange Ø v228 violet sparkle ß—75 days wedgeshaped fruits are purple with lemon yellow streaks ripening to bright red very sweet at the red stage russian heirloom v229 yellow monster ß—90 days meaty 8” by 4” fruits ripen to a golden yellow good eaten fresh stir-fried or stuffed staking advised for this heavy yielder $2.50—4 plants in a pack v230 golden summer ß—72 days golden bell-shaped fruits f1 hybrid v231 golden treasure ß—80 days excellent italian heirloom variety large tapered fruits are 8–9” long and 2” at the shoulder ripens from green to shiny yellow sweet medium-thick flesh and thin tender skin v232 lady bell ß—72 days sweet green maturing to red f1 hybrid $2.50—4 plants in a pack continued v233 sheepnose pimento ß—70–80 days an ohio heirloom pumpkin-shaped fruits 3” long and 4” wide extremely flavorful with sweet thick juicy flesh good for canning will keep in excellent condition for three to four weeks in the fridge v234 sweet banana ß—65 days pale yellow to orange $3.00—3.5” pot mini bell—60 days compact plants that fit nicely into small garden spaces or patio planters the peppers are 1.5” long 16”h v235 chocolate ß—brown fruits Ø v236 red ß— Ø v237 yellow ß— Ø $3.00—4 plants in a pack v238 king of the north ß—57 days green 68 days red great for northern growing with reliably early and heavy yields of thick-walled blocky fruits sweet flavor improves as peppers ripen to red Ø v239 mixed sweet peppers ß—one each purple beauty valencia orange early sunsation yellow white red knight and sweet chocolate $5.00—6 plants in a pack