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Friends School Plant Sale

Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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6 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 herbs we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover a ll of the plants in the herbs section are grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and from greenhouses operated with sustainable practices we also carry a more limited line of herbs that are certified organic and at customer request have summarized that list here basil h029 amethyst improved h011 sweet genovese h030 thai other herbs organic mixed herbs h108 peppermint h115 oregano greek h122 parsley curly h124 parsley italian h161 thyme english in a hanging basket see page 40 Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade Ω good for bees ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly ˙ hummingbird-friendly ç attractive foliage Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover  medicinal ˜ minnesota native ‰ rock garden † cold-sensitive keep above 40°f Ø certified organic ¥ toxic to humans ß

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 7 herbs h047 culantro eryngium foetidum ß mexican and south american native used in caribbean thai indian and vietnamese cooking dries well or can be used fresh like cilantro with a stronger citrus flavor moist soil not hardy in minnesota 12–18”h Í∏dž $2.00—2.5” pot h048 cumin cuminum cyminum its seeds are used in indian mexican and cuban cuisine small white or pink flower clusters like small queen anne’s lace flowers reseeding annual 24”h ÍÇ $2.00—2.5” pot h049 curry plant helichrysum italicum ß gray foliage and yellow flowers very fragrant use like bay leaves to flavor soups stews and marinades then remove before serving essential oils are used in lotions and soaps tender perennial 6–20”h Í∏dž $3.00—4” pot see also dwarf curry pl ant page 11 dill anethum graveolens leaves

8 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com herbs we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover key mint continued from page 7 oregano origanum vulgare h128 roselle hibiscus sabdariffa ß Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $2.50—3.5” pot continued h104 ginger ß—spicy ginger-scented mint with green leaves striped with gold may be perennial 18–24”h h105 mojito m x villosa ß—you could use spearmint in your cuban mojito but this is the real deal the flavor is mild and warm rather than pungent and sweet treat as an annual 18–24”h h106 orange m aquatica citrata ß—dark green round leaves tinged with purple purple flowers lemon scent when crushed and slight orange flavor makes good tea perennial 24”h h107 pineapple m suaveolens variegata ß—variegated leaves with a fruity scent perennial 24–36”h essential for italian and

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 9 herbs plant widths are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise sage pineapple continued sorrel rumex thyme thymus vulgaris $5.00—5.25” pot h147 golden delicious ß—fragrant brilliant chartreuse foliage red flowers in very late fall but the gorgeous foliage is wonderful even without blooms 24”h great in creamy soups and salads as well as egg fish or potato dishes mildly toxic if eaten in large quantities ÍÇ¥ easy-to-grow bushy perennial with small leaves good in a pot ornamental as well as culinary and makes a soothing tea used medicinally for sore throats and coughs ÍΩ∫Ç h148 savory summer satureja hortensis ß mildly peppery leaves used fresh or dried for sauces stuffings soups lentils and beans favored in mediterranean cooking makes a nice tea annual 18”h Í∏ΩÇ $2.00—2.5” pot h149 savory winter