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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 7 herbs h047 culantro eryngium foetidum ß mexican and south american native used in caribbean thai indian and vietnamese cooking dries well or can be used fresh like cilantro with a stronger citrus flavor moist soil not hardy in minnesota 12–18”h Í∏dž $2.00—2.5” pot h048 cumin cuminum cyminum its seeds are used in indian mexican and cuban cuisine small white or pink flower clusters like small queen anne’s lace flowers reseeding annual 24”h ÍÇ $2.00—2.5” pot h049 curry plant helichrysum italicum ß gray foliage and yellow flowers very fragrant use like bay leaves to flavor soups stews and marinades then remove before serving essential oils are used in lotions and soaps tender perennial 6–20”h Í∏dž $3.00—4” pot see also dwarf curry pl ant page 11 dill anethum graveolens leaves and seeds for vinegars salad dressings and pickles excellent for bees butterflies and especially swallowtail caterpillars reseeding annual 30”h ÍΩ∫Ç $1.50—seed packet h050 bouquet—prized for pickling or using fresh $2.00—2.5” pot h051 bouquet ß—prized for pickling or using fresh $2.50—3.5” pot h052 dukat ◊ ß—abundant delicate foliage for a longer period of time than most other varieties mellow leaves are great with vegetables and fish h053 epazote chenopodium ambrosioides ß a pungent herb used in mexican and south american cooking widely used in bean dishes it is supposed to reduce the after effects of eating beans the concentrated oil is a stomach irritant the cooked leaves are nutritious easy to grow reseeding annual 36”h ÍÇ¥ $3.00—4” pot h054 fennel bronze ß foeniculum vulgare nigra attractive feathery smoky-bronze foliage has a mild flavor makes a great container plant too self-seeding hardy biennial 36–48”h Í∫çÇ $4.00—6 plants in a pack fennel bulbing foeniculum vulgare azoricum sweet anise-like flavor bulbous base can be cooked as a vegetable leaves and seeds are used to flavor soups salads sauces fish and cookies hardy biennial separate multiple stems when planting so the bulbs are not crowded Í∫Ç $2.00—2.5” pot h055 florence ß—80–85 days 24–48”h $4.00—6 plants in a pack h056 orion ß—compact variety thick rounded crisp bulbs slow bolting with good resistance to tip burn 80–85 days 24”h geranium scented pelargonium colorful flowers and delicious fragrances plant where they are easily touched tender perennial you can bring indoors for winter grows well in containers ÍΩ†¥ $3.00—3.5” pot h057 attar of roses ◊ ß—rose-scented leaves and pale pink flowers trailing 12–36”h h058 fragrans ◊ ß—nutmeg-scented gray-green leaves with small white flowers 12–36”h h059 lady plymouth ß—the scent of the crinkly green and white variegated leaves is variously described as rose citrus and eucalyptus you’ll have to smell it for yourself clusters of small flowers are pale pink with purple markings 12–24”h Ω h060 lemona ß—zesty citrusy fragrance and pale pink flowers try crushing a few leaves in an ice-cold lemonade 14–18”h by 20–30”w h061 mosquito plant ß—the moderate lemon fragrance is disliked by mosquitoes small pinkish lavender flowers with a darker eye also known as citronella 24–36”h h062 orange fizz ◊ ß—strong orange scent with pink-lavender flowers 12–36”h h063 snowflake ß—rounded leaves with streaks of white distinctive scent 12–24”h h064 torento ◊ ß—citrusy ginger scent large lavender flowers marked with deep purple upright 12–24”h h065 ginger culinary ß zingiber officinale bubba baba best known for the spice that is produced from the grated chopped or powdered root of the plant harvest when the narrow leaves and the stalk wither but before frost prefers heat humidity filtered sunlight and rich moist soil not water-logged tender perennial that can be over-wintered as a houseplant 24–48”h ∏dž $10.00—5” pot lavender lavandula ÍÇ´ÂΩ see also hops page 41 h066 horseradish armoracia rusticana spicy root used as a condiment provide rich soil for the most pungent roots does best planted in the ground in a smaller garden you might want to contain it by planting in a pot or tub buried in the ground perennial you’ll find this indoors in the herbs section not outdoors in the bulbs bareroots $3.00—bareroot section 36”h Í∏Ç h067 land seaweed salsola komarovii ß shoreline plant valued in japan is also known as okahijiki or saltwort crunchy juicy leaves and stems are rich in nutrients and used for salads stir-fry sushi and steamed foods has a salty flavor not hardy in minnesota 45 days 6–18”h ÍÇ $2.50—3.5” pot lavender see box at right h086 lemon balm melissa officinalis ß strong lemon scent and flavor small flowers in late summer makes a refreshing iced tea or seasoning in breads and desserts mulch for winter protection selfseeding perennial 24”h Í∏ΩÇ $2.00—2.5” pot h087a lemon bush corymbia citriodora ß more pungently lemony than actual lemons plant it near a walkway unusual 6” sandpapery sword-shaped bluish foliage ages to silver-green then becomes attractively etched with red for fall pink fuzzy stems used as a mosquito repellent tree that’s 90’ tall in its native australia over-winter indoors 36”h Í $5.00—4” pot h087b lemon grass cymbopogon citratus ß leaves and stalks are used in asian cooking and in teas many medicinal and culinary uses it is frost-tender and could spend the winter in a sunny window best in a container 60”h ꠂ $2.00—2.5” pot h088a lemon mint monarda citriodora ß lemon-scented leaves are delicious and often used in teas showy tiered pinkish purple flowers are longlasting in fresh bouquets and dry nicely inhale steamed leaves for colds native to appalachia annual 24–36”h Í∏ΩÇ $2.50—3.5” pot h088b lemon verbena aloysia triphylla ß wonderfully fragrant lemony herb light green pointed leaves great for topiaries tender perennial can be potted and wintered inside 36”h ͆ $2.50—3.5” pot h089 licorice herb tagetes filifolia ß◊ a natural sweetener or flavoring tasting like licorice candy its tiny edible white flowers stems and frilly leaves may also be used for licorice tea or just snacking annual may reseed 20”h Í´Ç $2.50—4 plants in a pack a tender perennial from southern europe very few varieties are fully hardy in minnesota but can be wintered indoors or treated as an annual needs excellent drainage to survive the winter very fragrant and dries beautifully for potpourri deer and rabbit-resistant $2.00—2.5” pot h068 dutch l x intermedia—introduced before 1920 this variety has lavender blue 4” flower spikes that stand above silvery gray foliage slightly more sharpness to the perfume flowers july into fall 36–48”h h069 lady l angustifolia ß—smells good in the garden and in sachets and potpourris 8–10”h h070 munstead smaller pot l angustifolia ß—english lavender excellent low-growing variety for lining a path or garden bed a somewhat hardy lavender in our climate 12–18”h h071 potpourri white l angustifolia—dense white flowers sometimes with a faint blue tone on sturdy stems highly fragrant 10–14”h h072 yellow l viridis ◊—bright yellow-green foliage topped with tightly compressed yellow flower heads resembling tiny pineapples a profuse bloomer with a powerful lavender aroma vivid coloring contrasts nicely with the greenish gray foliage and purple flowers of most other lavenders native to morocco and southern portugal 36”h $2.50—3.5” pot h073 big time blue l angustifolia ◊ ß—early blooming large purplish blue flowers 24”h h074 ellagance pink l angustifolia ß—english lavender with light pink flower spikes 12–24”h h075 french l stoechas ß—lavender of the french countryside upright gray foliage 24–36”h h076 goodwin creek grey ß—light gray-green foliage with coarse appealing texture best variety for blooming indoors in winter 24–36”h h077 jagged l pinnata buchii ß—beautiful feathery foliage also called fernleaf lavender 36”h h078 munstead medium pot l angustifolia ß—english lavender excellent low-growing variety for lining a path or garden bed a somewhat hardy lavender in our climate 12–18”h h079 phenomenal l x intermedia ß—silvery aromatic foliage with blue-purple blooms said to overwinter in our area endures hot humid conditions better than most grows in an even mound 24–36”h h080 provence l x intermedia ß—variety from southern france light purple flowers more moisture tolerant than other varieties 24–36”h h081 sweet l x heterophylla ß—one of the tallest lavenders very productive and fragrant sturdy straight stems 36–48”h $3.00—3.5” pot h082 platinum blonde ß—gentle blue blossoms and eye-catching greenish gray leaves with a cream margin suited to rock gardens containers and edging 12–18”h ‰ h083 spanish madrid pink l stoechas ß—short flower stalks topped with lavender-pink bracts with dark purple flowers silver-green foliage 18–24”h h084 spanish madrid purple l stoechas ß—bright purple with bracts in shades of lilac 18–24”h $6.00—2.5” pot h085 cynthia johnson l angustifolia ß—silvery aromatic foliage with blue purple flowers selected by betty ann addison of rice creek gardens for its ability to survive minnesota winters probably the only lavender that will truly grow as a perennial here 24”h h090 lovage levisticum officinale ß leaves have a strong celery taste and are used to flavor soups stews casseroles and an amazing relish has been used as a love charm green-yellow flowers in umbels perennial 36–72”h Í∏ΩÇ $2.50—3.5” pot marjoram sweet origanum majorana a mild sweet oregano relative used in vinegars soups and dressings add fresh leaves to salads good herbal bath not hardy in minnesota Í∏ΩÇ $2.00—2.5” pot h091 seed-grown ß—18”h ∫ $2.50—3.5” pot h092 gold tips ß—same flavor as sweet marjoram but close to half of each leaf is bright yellow 12”h h093 zaatar ß—gray-green leaves taste like a combination of sweet marjoram thyme and oregano not to be confused with za’atar the herb blend 4–6”h h094 marshmallow althaea officinalis ß native to europe the leaves and roots of this reliable medicinal and edible plant have been used for centuries beautiful in the garden with white to light pink flowers it thrives in moderately fertile well-drained soil perennial 36–72”h Í∏Ç $2.50—3.5” pot mint mentha aromatic and easy good for teas and potpourris the flowers attract butterflies however the flavor changes once flowers appear spreads in some cases aggressively 12” spacing Í∏ΩÇ´ $2.00—2.5” pot h095 peppermint m x piperita ß—refreshing tea iced or hot good in fruit salads easily dried for year-round use perennial 24”h mint continued $2.50—2.5” pot h096 candymint m x piperita—large toothed leaves with reddish stems candymint is most commonly used in chewing gum mouthwash toothpastes and medicines an ideal culinary herb to flavor foods like jellies candy meats salads soups and beverages perennial 12–18”h h097 grapefruit m aquatica citrata—large puckered leaves with the scent of grapefruit perennial 18”h h098 lime m aquatica citrata—bright green leaves with a strong lime scent and flavor try this in your favorite salsa recipe or toss in your next margarita treat as an annual 24”h h099 spearmint kentucky colonel m spicata— ruffled 3” leaves with a sweet strong spearmint fragrance and taste spikes of small lilac to pink to white flowers in summer the kentucky derby officially sanctions this spearmint for its mint julep perennial 12–24”h $2.50—3.5” pot h100 apple ß—fruity flavor and aroma with nuances of apple but less mint flavor it works best in fresh uncooked preparations round slightly toothed leaves and stems are covered in fine hairs which explains its nickname woolly mint white to pale pink flowers one of the tallest varieties so cut it frequently to encourage a bushier habit may be perennial 16–39”h h101 berries and cream ß—mild with a fruity aroma may be perennial 18–24”h h102 chocolate m x piperita ß—bronzy foliage with a chocolate scent perennial 24”h h103 corsican m requienii ß—creeper good in rock gardens miniature gardens and along paths tolerates light foot traffic may be perennial 1”h mint continued on page 8 spearmint