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8 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com herbs we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover key mint continued from page 7 oregano origanum vulgare h128 roselle hibiscus sabdariffa ß Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $2.50—3.5” pot continued h104 ginger ß—spicy ginger-scented mint with green leaves striped with gold may be perennial 18–24”h h105 mojito m x villosa ß—you could use spearmint in your cuban mojito but this is the real deal the flavor is mild and warm rather than pungent and sweet treat as an annual 18–24”h h106 orange m aquatica citrata ß—dark green round leaves tinged with purple purple flowers lemon scent when crushed and slight orange flavor makes good tea perennial 24”h h107 pineapple m suaveolens variegata ß—variegated leaves with a fruity scent perennial 24–36”h essential for italian and greek cooking leaves can be used fresh or dried in tomato sauces soups meat fish and salads Í∏Ω∫Ç native to west africa and grown for the plump red coverings around its seedpods as days shorten the plant produces 3” white to pale yellow flowers with dark red centers after the seedpods start to form harvest the pod coverings remove the seedpods inside and use them to make a refreshingly zingy tea seedpod coverings are also used to make jam and cranberry-like sauces and many other foods worldwide the growing tips and leaves are a tangy addition to salads stir-fries and soups because of our short growing season you may need to bring the plant inside for the seedpod coverings to ripen completely tender perennial we are not sure if it can be over-wintered indoors or not 48–84”h ÍΩ†Ç $2.50—3.5” pot Ω attractive to bees ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly ˙ hummingbird-friendly ç attractive foliage Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover  medicinal ˜ minnesota native ‰ rock garden † cold-sensitive keep above 40°f ¥ toxic to humans ß saturday restock $3.00—3.5” pot h108 peppermint m x piperita ß—refreshing tea iced or hot good in fruit salads easily dried for year-round use perennial 24”h Ø $6.00—4 plants in a pack h109 wild mint m arvensis—perennial that prefers moist conditions blooms july–september used in teas and desserts minnesota seed source 6–24”h ˜ see also mint mountain $2.50—3.5” pot h115 greek o vulgare hirtum ß—the most flavorful oregano according to herb aficionados perennial 12–36”h Ø h116 hot and spicy ß—strong flavor treat as an annual 18–24”h h117 variegated ß—fine-leafed variety green with a wide white margin pleasing mild flavor and visually interesting perennial 12–24”h ç oregano cuban plectranthus amboinicus used in many parts of the world including the caribbean africa asia and south america in soups stews salads beans and meat dishes makes a good substitute for sage in dressings oregano-scented not hardy in minnesota Í∏Ç h111 mixed herbs ß sage thyme oregano and basil classic cooking companions ÍÇ $2.50—4 plants in a pack h112 mushroom plant rungia klossii ß glossy oval leaves with a mushroom flavor that intensifies with cooking leaves can be eaten raw if cooked add leaves at the end blue flowers treat as an annual 16–24”h ÍÇ $2.50—3.5” pot h113 nettles stinging urtica dioica popular in european south asian and native american cooking pick and handle with gloves before cooking early spring sprouts of this perennial vegetable are one of the tastiest and most nutritious greens you could grow the tender leaves at the top of the stem can be harvested throughout summer and eaten fresh in salads serrated green leaves are rich in vitamins a c iron potassium manganese and calcium cooking removes the sting from older leaves and they really do sting if rubbed the wrong way dried leaves can be used to make tea spreading native perennial so give it room anoka county minn source 36–72”h by 48”w Í∏∫ǘ¥ $1.00—2” pot h114a olive herb santolina viridis ß◊ narrow delicate bright green leaves with intense pickled olive aroma and flavor densely packed along the stems use the leaves to flavor salads pasta and pesto small yellow button-like flowers rise above the compact mounded plant in summer and are easily dried attractive and undemanding tolerates poor soil and drought do not over-water deer-resistant tender woody perennial that you can bring indoors for the winter 12”h in one season 24”h once over-wintered ÍΩ∫Çç $2.00—2.5” pot h114b onion wild allium canadense ß◊ all parts are edible from the underground bulbs to the thin leaves and from the pinkish white flowers to the bulblets that top the stems in summer use the stems like chives or the entire plant the flavor is somewhere between onion and garlic damp soil good for rain gardens native and perennial seed from howard county iowa 18”h ÍΩǘ $2.50—3.5” pot drought-tolerant 12–18”h enhances many meat and veggie dishes vinegars and dressings use for a refreshing bath or hair rinse likes poor soil not too much water and hot sun suitable for bonsai deer-resistant tender shrub to over-winter indoors keep it potted during the summer and place in a south or west window in fall do not overwater small deep blue flowers in winter ÍΩÇ ry leaves with white margins also a great foliage plant for container combinations 24”h ç h129 seed-grown ß—12”h $2.50—3.5” pot h118 green ß—succulent aromatic fuzzy leaves h119 variegated p amboinicus variegatus ß—large fur page 54 shrub-like plant with pale green leaves and a unique peppery flavor grows large quickly deer-resistant with light pink tubular flowers beloved of hummingbirds tender perennial that can be over-wintered indoors drought-tolerant 36”h Í˙Ç $2.50—3.5” pot $2.50—3.5” pot h131 barbeque ß—upright perfect for topiary and making barbeque skewers small pale blue flowers from mid to late spring large needles 24–48”h h132 creeping ß—low growing 6”h h133 gorizia ß—robust rosemary with white-backed leaves large light lavender-blue flowers in spring 48”h h134 shady acres ß—one-inch dark green leaves upright plant introduced in 1999 by theresa mieseler of shady acres herb farm in chaska pinch to encourage branching 48”h h135 spice island ß—pungently flavored upright habit good for topiaries 24–36”h h136 tuscan blue ß—upright plant with slightly glossy foliage 36”h h121 papalo ß porophyllum ruderale subsp macrocephalum an ancient mexican herb with oval scalloped leaves like a super cilantro it has a complex piquant flavor unlike cilantro it retains its flavor after drying good in soups salads tacos beans and meats annual 36”h ÍÇ $2.00—2.5” pot parsley curly petroselinum hortense quintessential garnish chock-full of vitamins promotes healthy skin can be chewed to freshen breath not just for humans add it to your dog’s food too you can dig one up in the fall and pot it for fresh greens in the winter biennial 12”h Í∏∫Ç $2.50—3.5” pot h122 organic ß Ø $2.50—4 plants in a pack h123 in a 4 pack ß parsley italian petroselinum hortense same as curly parsley but with flat leaves biennial Í∏∫Ç $2.50—3.5” pot h124 Ø ß—12–18”h h125 rialto ◊ ß—a new variety of parsley with a lemony taste 18–20”h nice upright plant dark violet flowers 6–24”h $8.00—1 gal pot h137 get a head start ß—same as h129 but an older plant in a large pot 12”h sage salvia officinalis used in poultry stuffing sausage salads egg dishes breads and vegetable dishes also used to freshen breath spread the dried leaves among linens to discourage insects deer and rabbit-resistant droughttolerant perennial but not reliable here excellent as a potted summer herb over-winter inside in a sunny window or under lights rarely flowers but when it does the blooms are rose to violet ÍΩ∫˙Ç $2.50—3.5” pot h138 berggarten ß—broad leaves with silver accents ornamental good flavor 18”h ç $2.50—4 plants in a pack h126 in a 4 pack ß—12–18”h h139 growers friend ◊ ß—velvety silver-green h127 patchouli pogostemon heyneanus ß h140 icterina ß—gold and green foliage compact tropical native of the east indies used for the fragrance of the dried leaves not hardy in minnesota 12”h ͆ $2.50—3.5” pot part sun/part shade shade full sun direct sun from dawn to sunset part sun four to six hours of direct sun preferably midday and afternoon sun shade less than four hours of direct sun part shade some morning sun but midday and afternoon shade and decorative great for containers 12–15”h ç h141 purple ß—purple-tinged leaves and bluish purple flowers lovely in containers 24–36”h ç h142 tricolor ß—green pink and white foliage very h143 sage bee salvia apiana ß sun half shade a total of four to five hours of shade with periods of sun and periods of shade it is more direct sun than many shade plants can tolerate foliage with a slightly citrusy fragrance 16”h attractive 15”h ç each of the three symbols can mean any of the following open or high shade lots of filtered light reaches the plant through tall trees $2.50—2.5” pot h130 golden rain—young foliage is yellow-green on a our plant listings give the light conditions needed by each plant using just three symbols sun part sun and shade sometimes a special requirement will be noted in the description be aware that there is no absolute definition of these terms and that your plants and the light in various areas of your yard are things to learn about from experience light shade two to three hours midday protected from direct sun $2.00—2.5” pot h120 oregano mexican ß poliomintha longiflora the mysteries of sun part sun shade Í∏Ó sun six or more hours of direct sun some sun plants actually appreciate afternoon shade rosemary rosmarinus officinalis indirect sun or bright shade only reflected indirect light all day such as the north side of walls or fences open to the sky but no direct sun full dense heavy or deep shade little or no direct sun at any time such as the shade under raised decks or large trees with dense foliage aromatic white flowers used as incense also called white sage it can take up to three years to reach mature size a tender perennial that can be over-wintered indoors 24–48”h ÍΩÇ $2.50—3.5” pot h144 sage lavender salvia lavandulifolia ß silver foliage with lavender fragrance and blue to violet-blue flowers needs a dry location and winter mulch syn s hispanorum 12–18”h Í∏∫˙Ç $2.00—2.5” pot sage pineapple salvia elegans sweet pineapple scent and yellow-green foliage use fresh in fruit salads and other foods dried for tea and potpourri a tender perennial not hardy in minnesota ÍΩ∫˙ÇÂç $2.50—3.5” pot h145 honey melon ◊ ß—edible tubular red flowers begin blooming in early summer foliage has been described as smelling like melon tangerine anise or pineapple 24”h h146 pineapple ß—red flowers in fall 48”h ç