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Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 19 unusual rare perennials u001 american snowbell ◊ styrax americanus kankakee form enjoy the sweet scent of hundreds of dainty dangling white flowers with five curled-back petals and a prominent yellow center a carefree undemanding and tidy shrub from the northernmost wild population near the kankakee river in illinois in a minnesota winter its branch tips may die back 2–3” but this does not affect its bloom in mid-june begins flowering when two to three years old deerresistant 5–6’h ÍΩ∫ $18.00—1 quart pot u002 asian twinleaf ◊ jeffersonia dubia up-facing lavender flowers on red stems in mid-spring round scalloped leaves follow the flowers emerging red and changing to green with red edges grown from roots imported from japan 6–12”h Í∏Ω‰¥ $19.00—4.5” pot u003 bloodroot double sanguinaria

20 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com unusual rare how the unusual rare plants area works tender perennials unusual and rare plants is located on the center aisle at the far end of the center stairways see map page 1 it serves a limited number of shoppers at a time please bring your cart with you through the section over-winter these plants indoors because they won’t tolerate frost it’s fun to outfox winter u057 baobab adansonia digitata citrus citrus regarded as the largest succulent plant in the world the baobab tree is steeped in a wealth of mystique the massive usually squat cylindrical trunk gives rise to thick tapering branches resembling a root system which is why it has often been called the upside-down tree suitable for bonsai Í $18.00—4” pot fragrant white flowers and glossy foliage need excellent drainage height depends on how many years you over-winter them indoors ÍΩdž