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Catalogue: Front Line Israel Holster 2009
Catalog: Holster 2009
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kydex® holsters kydex® holsters kydex® is a water and corrosion resistant polymer front line s kydex® holsters are solid and yet well fitting tough and durable our holsters are made of kydex® sheets in a pressing process not injection ­ which make them stronger and durable each kydex® holster works the same from the first day you try it until you retire it manufactured for wide range of gun makes and models for both right left handed shooters open-top kydex holster ® thumb-break kydex® holster k490xx bfl wearing k490xxp with paddle add c for suede lining this thumb-break holster provides full gun length protection and fast-draw thanks to the two retention screws you can acheive a good balance between retention and ease of draw it is possible to use the holster without the thumb-break strap by attaching it to a specially designed and located button k40xx bfl wearing k40xxp with paddle add c for suede lining open belt holster design which enables a smooth and fast draw two adju

low ride device the best option for your duty holster the new low ride device has a special tunnel that gives you control on your holster s height with 5 options of height levels you can locate it from belt height to mid-ride to low ride position whether you choose a thumb-break model thumb spring or hdltm in a low ride version you get it with integral i-rail on the back of your holster by sliding the i-rail along the ld tunnel you are getting the option to fix your holster by two screws on the right height according to your needs the i-rail can be adjusted vertically and in two 5º angles to backward&forward rough surface stabilizes your holster on the belt ld tunnel in order to fix your holster on the right height 5 options for height levels the holster can be adjusted vertically or in cant angles backward or forward i-rail integral i-rail on the back of your holster slides along the tunnel bl10 this belt-loop part can be purchased separately enable converting low ride holster to st

bfl modular see explanation on page 4 paddle see explanation on page 5 low ride see explanation on page 9 open top srtm these open top kydex® and kng holsters provides security with rapid draw it is well fitted to your pistol and enables a comfortable wearing the srtm device locking the trigger guard when the pistol is reholstered simply push the side lever by your middle finger and your pistol is released kng kngxxsr bfl wearing kngxxsrp with paddle kydex® kxxsr bfl wearing kxxsrp with paddle thumb break srtm our side retention lock is combined here with thumb break retaining strap in kydex® or kng molded holsters this multiple retention provides optimal security against an attemp to grab your gun while the retaining strap secures the weapon in your holster the srtm lock catch fastens on the trigger guard of your gun in order to draw the gun you first unsnap the thumb break and then press the side lever by your middle finger kng kng9xxsr bfl wearing kng9xxsrp with paddle kng9xxs

tactical holsters tactical gear tactical thumb-break these thumb break models provides full gun length protection while the retaining strap secures the weapon in both kng and kydex® holsters the plate is securely located on your thigh by the double leg straps and allows a fast and easy access to you gun the holster lining preserve your gun s finish kng tkng9xx shown here with optional pouches kydex® tk9xx add qr for tactical plate with quick release add qr for tactical plate with quick release tactical holster for magazines a tactical rig holds two magazines tactical holster t8315 this tactical model includes a thumb-break n.n multi-layer holster and a pouch for a spare magazine thanks to the adjustable system of straps the holster can be adjusted to fit many pistols of similar size two straps secure it to your leg while an adjustable vertical strap connects the holster to your belt 8860 for m16 8861 for fn90 8862 for uzi 8863 for mp5 18

inside the waistband holsters leather holsters leather holsters inside the waistband w/belt loops fl22xx inside the waistband fl32xx a common concealment holster attached to your belt with a steel clip that holds your holster at the same spot on your body for comfortable drawing fits up to 45mm 1.75 belts an inside the waistband model secures to your belt by two belt loops allowing you to attach and detach the holster without taking your belt off fits up to 45mm 1.75 belts inside the waistband yammam fl225xx fast-draw four-way fl90xx an extremely versatile holster thumb-break design offering four carrying positions outside waistband inside waistband small of the back and cross-draw fits up to 45mm 1.75 belts an inside the waistband holster secured to the user s belt by two belt loops designed for deep concealment one of the official models used by the yammam israel s world-class anti-terrorism unit natural leather finish fits 40mm 1.5 belts available also for 50mm 2 belts und

thumb-break ng holster ng9xx ng9xxp this model is made of ng offers thumb-break retention with full gun length protection to your weapon worn on the belt via our bfl part enable easy and comfortable wearing bfl modular see explanation on page 4 see explanation on page 5 paddle n.g holsters 27

thumb-break universal holsters n.n holsters universal adjustment belt iwb holster with magazine pouch nn8315 an ambidextrous design inside/outside thumb-break holster changing the steel belt clip location allows you to fit the holster for your strong hand the holster has a pouch for a spare magazine fits up to 45mm 1.75 belts belt-slide holster nn8318 this belt-slide model offers thumb break retention in a compact design which can be utilized either for right or left handed user fits up to 45mm 1.75 belts the four designs shown on this page are universal holsters thanks to its special user adjustable system of straps these models can be adjusted to fit many pistols of similar size you can choose one standard holster for your several different pistols all four designs are ambidextrous and can be used by either right or left handed shooters pancake holster with magazine pouch nn8317 an ambidextrous belt holster full-size pancake design the holster has a pouch for carrying a spare maga

leather duty accessories fits a 2 2.25 50-57mm duty belt leather accessories double mag pouch fl2104 vertical horizontal carry variety of sizes available specify your gun tactical light pouch fl5018 available for most compact lights like asp triad single mag pouch fl2286 variety of sizes available specify your gun mini light pouch fl5002 fits 2aa cell lights oc spray pouch fl5013 available in four sizes mk2 mk3 mk3.5 mk4 canisters tactical baton pouch fl5014 three sizes in 16 26 batons flashlight holder fl5006 radio pouch fl5005 baton holder fl5007 handcuff pouch fl2287 can be used with either chain or hinge handcuffs key holder fl5010 36 leather holsters are available in black bk brown br

shoulder holsters leather shoulder holsters hinge holster mag pouch fl2174 fits medium-frame guns up to 5 barrel please specify fl2175 fits large-frame guns up to 5 barrel please specify a vertical holster with pivot mechanism offers adjustment for a comfortable carry and draw position has dual harness rig with double magazine pouch security straps tie the holster and the pouch to your belt hinge holster fl2130 fits medium-frame guns fl2141 fits large-frame guns a vertical design with pivot mechanism for comfortable carry and draw your holster is securely connected to your belt by a strap 40 leather holsters are available in black bk brown br

belts leather belts are made of full grain leather with suede lining available in either brown brass buckle or black nickel buckle leather belt 40mm b2268f leather belt 30mm b2259 leather belt 40mm b2268e leather belt 40mm b2268d leather belt 40mm b2268b leather belt 40mm b2268 leather belt 40mm b2268s leather belt 45mm b2266 leather duty belt 55mm b2285 belt keeper ng5009 2-snap belt keeper fits 2 2.25 duty belt ng duty belt 50mm 3 point release ng50033 45 belts

front line ltd 6 platin st rishon-le-zion 75653 israel p.o.box 17026 tel:972-3-9519460 fax:972-3-9519463 e-mail:info@front-line.co.il w w w front line c o i l

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