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contents additives 110 bodywork 93 metal working machines 93 shrinkers 96 doors 101 metal working tools 96 cutting 102 hammers dollies 103 brakes 60 car care britemax 68 68 renovo 69 car covers 71 car trim 72 cleaning blasting blast cabinets 32 30 soda blasting 33 consumables 44 dvd’s 106 electrics 37 battery 37 instruments 40 wiring 38 ignition 42 electroplating andoise frost guarantee if you are not satisfied with any item we will replace or refund the full price providing the item is returned to us unused and in good condition within 14 days we will repair replace or give a full refund on any item which does not give reasonable service due to defective materials or workmanship all items are described and illustrated to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to press prices all prices include vat prices are correct at the time of going to press however frost reserves the right to alter them without prior notices 35 fibreglass 87 fuel oils 111 gaskets sealers 91

paints coatings rust cleaning electroplating_layout 1 14/10/2016 09:43 page 4 clear coat a “clear coat” adds a layer of uv resistance abrasion protection and restores some brilliance and colour intensity to faded surfaces one aerosol covers about 6 sq ft or two to four wheels note may slightly dull polished metal surfaces gloss finish for bare metal surfaces formulated to seal clean bare metal surfaces you may also use over plated finishes to enhance corrosion resistance withstands temps up to 150°c radiator black standard engine paints are too thick for use on a radiator because they can interfere with heat transfer and block air flow between the cooling fins radiator black is specifically formulated for your radiator heater core and air conditioning condenser £14.99 each 10200 312g gloss finish for painted surfaces ideal to topcoat most cured painted surface urethanes metallics lacquers and enamels – without mottling or lifting withstands temps up to

powder coating for extreme durability chemical blacking produce an amazing satin black finish in minutes just dip your iron or steel parts in the three solutions at room temperature • no heating or quenching is necessary • the corrosion resistant finish protects your piece • including mild alkaline cleaner 1litre blacking solution 1litre and dewatering oil 1litre hot coat powder coating gun p240 p242 p241 p243 powder coating allows you to coat and cure metal parts in less than an hour and provides an extremely durable finish that is dent and chip resistant it’s far superior to liquid coatings it’s easy to apply with no drips or overspray and contains no environmentally harmful solvents this kit includes corona application gun power unit 240v to 110v transformer and instruction book 10198 metal blacking kit £59.99 extra dewatering oil £19.00 extra blacking solution £28.99 extra alkaline cleaner £14.99 £164.99 hot coat sample kit

paints coatings rust cleaning electroplating_layout 1 14/10/2016 10:45 page 28 electroplating anodise needed with all plating modules common plating module c251 stripping salts £40.00 10 litres 2kg all modules need to use the same power supply control and basic equipment a 10 litre tub power supply variable control unit suspension rods support clips crocodile clips dust mask and gloves p370 electroplating consumables c252 stripping anodes £12.49 p171 brush zinc solution £7.49 1 litre p172 brush passivate £7.49 1 litre p173 applicator brush £10.49 £55.00 just add any of these modules below for a fantastic finish nickel plating nickel the kit requires the electrolyte to be about 30 degrees so a tank heater is included as well as two bags of nickel salts nickel anodes scouring powder test kit and instructions p200 £100.00 10 litres p202 £62.99 5 litres from 5 litres 1kg £62.99 brilliant nickel with extra nickel brightener this kit gives a more chrome-like

electrics consumables power tools,mechanical brakes_layout 1 14/10/2016 11:13 page 10 die grinder set lightweight designed die grinder has a built-in regulator for positive speed control giving up to 22,000rpm from the direct drive motor air inlet – 1/4” operating pressure 90psi air consumption 4cfm 6mm collet size kit comes complete with ten grinding stones in a case a578 £35.99 air ratchet wrench air ratchet wrench kit really useful ultra-compact air ratchet wrenches which fit in the palm of the hand to get into smaller places like for working around tightly-packed engine compartments 3/8” square drive air ratchet wrench contained in a storage case with 7 impact sockets 9 10 11 13 14 17 19mm extension bar universal joint screw-driver bits 1/4” bsp nipple 3/8” x 1/2” adaptor two coupling adaptors about 4cfm consumption 17 pieces a815 3/8 sq drive super stubby a810 1/4 sq drive super stubby £49.99 each a805 blow gun £52.49 blow away

reflect-a-cool tools automatic number and letter punch kit no need for a hammer place this punch on your work and press the spring-loaded handle hammers your punch mark for you just insert one of the hardened punches into the handle adjust the amount of tension needed to mark your wood or soft metal and press down on the handle to mark m845 £13.99 rubber moulding kit used in conjunction with the book ‘how to cast small metal and rubber parts’ l310 this kit provides everything else you need to remake rubber parts for your classic project grommets gaskets door and bonnet stops pedal covers can all be reproduced 500g r099 soft r100 medium r101 hard attach this pliable adhesive-backed aluminium fibreglass foil to the engine side of the bulkhead and inside the transmission tunnel and you ll get a noticeable drop in temperature will protect against a continuous temperature of 204°c sheet size 48”x 36” k225 £74.99 £64.99 each r102 fl-10 metal primer

car care nenette nenette’s soft mop is impregnated with a liquid called nenetol which enables it to absorb surface dirt and dust and leave a highly polished surface after several uses the mop can easily be cleaned and re-impregnated v115 £14.99 v116 extra nenetol fluid £5.99 chamois and cloth wringer a hand roller wringer removes a lot more water from your wash chamois leather than can be removed by just twisting and wringing them out by hand speeds up the drying time of your vehicle by removing most of the water from the sponges v208 £89.99 flexi wiper blade california car duster american car dealers use this huge wooden handled 38cm 15” duster for cleaning their stock it has a special baked on wax treatment which lifts dust without scratching keeps your car looking ‘just washed’ the dirtier the brush gets the better it works it lasts for years and never needs re-treatment untrimmed chamois v210 you just can’t beat a real leather for drying

workshop polishing_layout 1 14/10/2016 11:53 page 3 workshop drill press cordless 21+5 led rechargeable inspection lamp unique and innovative 360° swivel and tilt function enables the light source to be positioned in any direction features two swivel hooks and three rubber covered magnets two on the rear and one on the end which allow hands free operation e245 13mm 1/2” capacity 5-speed drill press allows you to drill holes accurately speeds 620-2620 chuck to column 104mm chuck to table 167mm g213 £98.99 £35.99 drill grind attachment for quick and easy sharpening of blunt drills includes bench mounting facility and fast easy angle changing g217 £13.99 bench grinder stand this heavy duty cast iron stand has a multi-slotted top designed to suit our bench grinder and other makes with either two or four bolt mountings feet include holes for anchoring the stand to the floor lwh 390 x 400 x 865mm rechargeable portable floodlight at last a floodlight that can be taken where

metal working machines 8” throat swage frost deep throat swage this swage enables you to jenny or flange edges joggle roll swage lines create wired edges etc comes complete and ready for use with six pairs of wheels has a 215mm throat x 1.2mm mild steel capacity indispensable for the fabrication of floorpans fuel tanks race car interiors body panels etc deep 458mm 18” throat means you can roll stiffening swages to the centre of 915mm 36” panels – necessary to strengthen and stop flexing comes with a pair of standard 6mm 1/4” diameter beading heads or blanks for you to machine your own profiles y845 £1,064.99 y890 £599.99 heavy duty swage and bead roller the swage has a substantial frame with an 18” throat and six pairs of wheels it can accommodate mild steel sheet up to 1.2mm thick the bead roller includes 7 sets of rolls and is used for swaging beading wiring and forming of sheet steel or aluminium y015 £220.00 464mm throat 125mm/5”

dvd’s more information on all of these dvd’s is available online learn how to work metal with the experts l715 hammerforming techniques £30.49 100 min hammerforms enable you to create parts that have the look and accuracy of die-stamped parts l717 chopping and sectioning £30.49 100 min find where to cut different ways to cut and how to fit the pieces back together l719 english wheel techniques £30.49 86 min basic ’tracking’ patterns that are used to shape panels of various sizes l720 building a chopper chassis £30.49 ron covell from 70 min how to bend and fit tubing to create a chopper £30.49 l721 tig welding basics £30.49 l701 shaping aluminium with hand tools £30.49 80 min description of tig welding with the close-up photography makes the process easy to understand 105 min every step of making a track roadster nose l722 mig welding made easy £30.49 l726 high-power metalshaping £30.49 70 min clear descriptions are

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