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super sheet metal cutter nibbler cut through 1mm 20g steel a male flare to female flare connector male metric thread to female metric thread 12 volt dc power supply 17 amp female unf thread to female unf thread 12 volt dc power supply 20 amp 12 volt dc power supply 50 amp male metric thread to female metric 24 l790 gas welding aluminium dvd spark plug thread chaser copper nickel brake pipe caliper wind back tool single edge razor blade 12 volt dc test supplys single edge razor blade instructions 12 volt dc power test supplys metric impact socket sets 26 volt dc power supply m10 to m12 nuts and bolts male metric thread to male metric thread how to install rings to the pistons brass tube fitting 38 to 38 brass tube to tube fitting 38 to 38 auto engine piston ring cast iron manifold restoration auto blade type fuse clip auto cigarette lighter socket cover repairing small holes in auto exhaust vht vinyl dye spot weld cutter black brushable seam sealer spot weld cutters anti freeze tester spark plug gap pliers spark plug gapping pliers dead blow hammers carbon monoxide alarm drill grinding attachment brake fluid tester 18mm spark plug gap exhaust pipe expander thread pitch gauge imperial random orbital sanders trim masking tape ball joint taper thread pitch gauge long reach pliers tapered piston ring compressor powder coating guns cv boot clamp tool 18mm spark plug socket push type grease gun adjustable torque wrench c spanner adjustable torque wrench spanner nylon bristle brush

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04 new products f565 order online four-ton hydraulic body repair kit £82.50 will straighten bend or spread any piece of metal porta power kits are great for body and frame repair you can use our kit to straighten bend or spread any piece of metal that requires hydraulic power the kit includes a hand hydraulic pump a ram that pushes extension rods also includes a rubber foot two padded feet and a duckbill spreader the unit comes with the snap couplings threaded connectors and 6 of hydraulic hose heavy walled extension tubes stand up to the toughest situations and a long handle provides a low pumping effort the entire unit comes in a heavy duty metal carrying case m640 on vehicle brake pipe flaring tool set £99.50 perfect for marking and splicing the tool is very small and hand held perfect for making or splicing in replace-ment sections of brake pipes in situ on the vehicle produces accurate sae and din flares on 3 /16 and 4.75mm pipes the pipe is clamped into the

14 car care clean and polish waterproofs canvas duck mohair as well as boat covers and caravan awnings order online for a clear visibility v245 rain repellent £7.45 200ml rain-x leaves the exterior of your windshield clear of rainwater without affecting your wipers easy to apply it forms a second line of defence against wet weather driving conditions a positive aid to road safety if you ride a motorbike why not try it on your visor breathe new life into your soft top with renovo u219 plastic window renovo colour reviver u214 £20.43 500ml u215 £34.90 1 litre polish £12.26 50ml restore transparency and remove cloudiness get rid of scratches and staining for good simply polish it on and polish it off it cleans and conditionsin mins suitable for all plastic windows perspex screens lights etc re-colours and reconditions like new four colours to match your convertible soft-top easily applied in minutes with a brush or sponge allow two hours to dry leaving full lustre of

24 electrics wiring order online e105 power socket with mounting bracket £6.75 use modern technology while on the move fit the power socket in or under the dash board with mounting bracket to use your sat nav road angel or charge your mobile while out in your classic self bonding tape 10 metres braided sleeving 5 metres e400 £5.62 5-12mm diameter e402 £7.66 8-17mm diameter e404 £9.70 10-20mm diameter k230 cool tube £20.94 e145 waterproof £6.64 25mm e108 oil and flame resistant £17.82 38mm strong black tape bonds permanently to itself as you wrap it around cables connectors etc no sticky adhesives to pick up foreign matter waterproof high voltage insulation excellent ageing and weathering properties ideal for making water proof spliced joints durable protecting polyester sleeving gives durable protection over tubing hoses wire and wiring looms it looks smart and holds wires tight useheat shrink or tape to finish ends the open weave provides for the dissipation of

order line 01706 658 619 release n220 plus gas dismantling mechanical 33 remove broken studs spray £5.62 200ml plus gas at last you can penetrate rust and release any seized up nuts bolts locks you name it this will shift it the brand the professionals rely on drill outs £11.23 6mm 1/4 £11.74 8mm 5/16 £12.26 10mm 3/8 £12.77 12mm 1/2 g225 set of 4 £43.91 save £4.09 g220 g221 g222 g223 s removes broken bolts so easily that revolutionary tool simplify the often awkward task of removing broken bolts and studs used in a 3 /8 reversible variable speed drill the left hand selfcentering drill cuts down into the damaged bolt then the tapered collet bites into the drilled hole and unscrews it all in one quick operation made from precision ground high speed steel works every time n208 2-piece nut splitter set s m260 stud puller £12.26 12-16mm and 16-22mm set £27.00 4 piece remove nuts without damaging the thread we have all experienced the frustration of being held up by one

order line 01706 658 619 brushes and chemicals cleaning 43 bevel brush c191 cup brush c202 ruftuf end brush c207 c190 c191 c195 c196 c200 c201 c202 c205 c206 c207 twist knot single hand grinders brushes £10.21 65 dia m10 x 1.25 £10.21 100 dia m10 x 1.25 · top quality brushes £10.21 65 dia m10 x 1.50 manufactured to the highest £10.21 100 dia m10 x 1.50 specifications perfect for heavier cleaning jobs angle grinders removing paint rust scale cup brush £29.62 120 dia m14 x 2 carbon and adhesive etc bevel brush £12.77 115 dia m14 x 2 · produce an excellent surface cup brush £10.21 65mm m14 x2mm for painting or polishing high speed drills · different size threads for use cup brush £11.23 65 dia 6mm shank on single hand grinders circular brush £8.17 75 dia 6mm shank angle grinders and high ruftuf end brush £10.21 20 dia 6mm shank speed drills cup brush bevel brush cup brush bevel brush drill strip disc c285 £5.11 100mm c286 £7.15 150mm c283 arbour for above £4.60 shaft

52 speciality coatings for everything from the frame up painting eastwood has the coatings you need to do the job right order online

62 polishing order online d211 d212 d213 d214 d215 spares and separates mops 4 x 1 white stitched £5.62 sizal £4.09 g finishing £5.11 b finishing £6.64 coloured £5.11 c180 c181 c182 c183 d260 flitz polishing ball £16.01 flitz paste polish abrasive cup wheel coarse 75mm £8.17 coarse 50mm £8.17 fine 75mm £8.17 fine 50mm £8.17 end brush c184 coarse 25mm £8.17 c185 fine 25mm £8.17 d265 paste £14.81 150g d270 liquid £12.77 225ml d275 flitz wax clear protector sizal is fast cutting and aggressive for ferrous metals stitched mops are for coarse buffing whilst the b cotton mop is for general finishing and use the g mop for fine finishing and on soft metals and plastics keep a separate mop for each compound £12.77 250ml polishes in minutes what otherwise would take hours cut your wheel cleaning time in half with the flitz polishing ball tool buffs hard to reach areas in seconds · works with all drills up to 2000 rpm · buff out scuffs oxidation tarnish

72 bodywork metalwork 21749 tubing notcher £74.95 g455 hole saw set order online £30.60 16 20 25 32 40 51mm dia g460 tubing notcher hole saw set combo £97.37 save £8.18 pipe notcher makes it easy to join round or rectangular tubes steel tube is used for all kinds of fabrication work motorbike frames racing car chassis roll bars welding trolleys go-karts etc but can be tricky when you want to make neat butt welded t-joints this pipe notcher is designed for use with any hand-held drill or drill press uses standard hole saw blades not included up to two inch diameter features compound angle adjustment up to 60 degrees easy to read angle scales holds up to 2 diameter round tube or 2 x 2 1/2 rectangular tube see working with tubing dvd in the dvd section y820 planishing hammer £599.00 save time with this pheumatic hammer reduce the amount of time you spend working on smoothing a panel making domed parts motorcycle fuel tanks or custom parts with this machine · 5

order line 01706 658 619 miscellaneous bodywork k290 1/8 blind fasteners 81 c clamps k440 6 £6.64 k445 11 £9.19 k450 18 £13.28 k451 set of 3 £26.20 save £2.91 £12.77 pack of 10 k291 1/2 edge grip £9.70 pack of 2 k292 pliers £9.19 k293 temporary sheet fasteners kit £28.94 save £2.72 k290 k291 k292 quick easy clamping no more fumbling with g-clamps pop rivets and extra pairs of hands this sheet metal holding system quickly and easily clamps lap jointed panels together before final welding bonding or riveting the blind fasteners have an expanding pin which when inserted through an 1/8 hole in your job and released exerts over 18 lbs holding pressure the edge grips have 1/2 deep jaws to clamp flanges and other edge work installation pliers overcome the powerful spring pressure start with a kit and then build it up by ordering extra fasteners as you need them originally designed for assembling aircraft skins this is the best fastening system we have seen hold work before

order line 01706 658 619 introduction to body soldering fillers load led 91 b145 standard solder kit £78.13 everything you need to start work on your restoration project · solder paste · pack of 5 brushes · tallow · flexible file holder c/w blade · 2 paddles · 3 sticks of solder · auto body solder book first clean the area to be filled back to bare metal with a stripping disc see cleaning section abrasive sandpaper etc brush solder paste over an area slightly larger than that to be filled and heat the area gently until you see the solder paint tin the panel remove excess solder paint with a clean cloth next melt blobs of body solder onto the panel over the area to be filled prepare your paddles by warming the surface of the tallow and wiping your paddle in the molten puddle with a suitable amount of body solder now deposited on the panel heat it carefully until it can be spread like butter with your paddle control heat carefully and keep spreading until body solder is

100 tanks seal a fuel tank when placing an order please quote code 1232m2p order line 01706 658 619 lines open 8.30am 5.00pm monday to friday order online by e-mail by fax 01706 860 338 by post send your completed order form to frost art crawford street rochdale lancs ol16 5nu uk s208 fuel tank repair kit £60.26 customer no seals tanks against fuels containing ethanol a leaking petrol tank can be lethal welding a tank is suicidal the por-15 fuel tank repair kit restores your tank to as good as new return address frost art ltd crawford street rochdale lancashire ol16 5nu england 1 use marine clean to remove any old fuel residues and contaminating deposits in your tank 2 remove rust and etch the metal surface of the tank with prep ready formally metal ready 3 once the surface has completely dried pour in fuel tank sealer roll the tank so the sealer covers the entire inside surface this plugs any leaks and ensure no more rust will be sucked into the