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always evolving x pro2 the x-pro2 delivering a new level of x-series photo quality by combining the brand new x-trans cmos iii sensor and x-processor pro engine image quality a commitment to photographic creativity developed from more than 80 years of film production as a film manufacturer fujifilm has conducted exhaustive research into delivering photo quality results for more than 80 years without this experience it would have been impossible to come up with the technical capability to reproduce colours and tones that emphasise the texture of the subject and deliver a three-dimensional look to images the creative attributes of film that cannot be measured by resolution alone are alive and well in the x-pro2 the first model to feature a newly-developed sensor for outstanding image quality the newly-developed 24.3mp x-trans cmos iii aps-c sensor boasts the highest ever pixel count for an x-series camera combined with an xf lens it delivers images with a perceived resolution far

finder focusing compose images in the viewfinder using one of three different viewing options focusing system combines fast and accurate af with simple mf photographers love looking through a viewfinder to take photos which is why x-series models have used finders from the very start combining the advantages of both an ovf and an evf fujifilm has perfected the advanced hybrid multi viewfinder with three viewing options now you can return to the roots of photography with the only viewfinder of its kind in the world accentuate your subject for photographers focusing is an important job although af now reacts faster than the human eye the appeal and level of trust in mf will never disappear manually operating the focus ring to pick out a specific element in the frame is often crucial speed isn t always everything electronic rangefinder electronic rangefinder erf simultaneously displays a small evf window in the optical viewfinder the evf is simultaneously displayed as a small window in

operability reliability a body design that maximises practicality tough conditions are no longer to be feared the x-pro2 can be relied upon to take a picture at any time in any conditions no photographer wants to take their eye from the viewfinder for fear of missing the perfect shot with this in mind key design aspects have been concentrated on the camera s right side the major exposure settings are available on a dial for quick fingertip control changes can also be made while the camera is switched off so users will always be ready for the next photo opportunity thanks to the simplicity of the x-pro2 you ll soon be creating masterpieces reliability is one of the most important considerations when choosing a camera so the x-pro2 needs to work at any moment regardless of where you are and what type of scene you want to photograph that s why the camera body is made from magnesium and features a dust-proof splash-proof and freezeproof structure along with a highly durable focal plane

system chart specification technical notes shoe mount flash external microphones x-pro2 specification model name fujifilm x-pro2 number of effective pixels 24.3 millions pixels instax share printers image sensor 23.6mm×15.6mm aps-c x-trans cmos wireless lan sp-1 sensor cleaning system ultra sonic vibration storage media mic-st1 ef-x20 ef-20 file format smartphone tablet ef-42 hdtv wireless lan sd/sdhc/sdxc memory card hdmi cable m <3:2>4240×2832 <16:9>4240×2384 <1:1>2832×2832 s <3:2>3008×2000 <16:9>3008×1688 <1:1>2000×2000 lens mount fujifilm x mount sensitivity auto1/auto2/auto3 up to iso12800 iso200~128001/3 step standard output sensitivity extended output sensitivity:iso100/25600/51200 image management and processing software exposure control ttl 256-zone metering multi spot average center weighted exposure mode pprogram ae aaperture priority ae sshutter speed priority ae mmanual exposure myfinepix studio exposure compensation -5.0ev 5.0ev 1/3ev