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system chart specification technical notes shoe mount flash external microphones x-pro2 specification model name fujifilm x-pro2 number of effective pixels 24.3 millions pixels instax share printers image sensor 23.6mm×15.6mm aps-c x-trans cmos wireless lan sp-1 sensor cleaning system ultra sonic vibration storage media mic-st1 ef-x20 ef-20 file format smartphone tablet ef-42 hdtv wireless lan sd/sdhc/sdxc memory card hdmi cable m <3:2>4240×2832 <16:9>4240×2384 <1:1>2832×2832 s <3:2>3008×2000 <16:9>3008×1688 <1:1>2000×2000 lens mount fujifilm x mount sensitivity auto1/auto2/auto3 up to iso12800 iso200~128001/3 step standard output sensitivity extended output sensitivity:iso100/25600/51200 image management and processing software exposure control ttl 256-zone metering multi spot average center weighted exposure mode pprogram ae aaperture priority ae sshutter speed priority ae mmanual exposure myfinepix studio exposure compensation -5.0ev 5.0ev 1/3ev stepmovie -2.0ev 2.0ev image stabilizer supported with ois type lenses shutter type focal plane shutter shutter speed mechanical shutter 4sec 1/8000secp mode 30 sec 1/8000 sec all modes bulb modeup to 60min time:30sec 1/8000sec electronic shutter 1sec~1/32000secp/a/s/m modes bulb mode:1sec fixed time:1sec~1/32000sec 2 mechanical electronic shutter 4sec~1/32000secp mode 30sec~1/32000secall modes bulb modeup to 60 min time:30sec 1/32000sec 2 synchronized shutter speed for flash 1/250sec or slower powered by silkypix third-party suppliers computer usb cable third-party suppliers hand grip battery chargers printer remote shutter release ac power adapters bc-w126 dc couplers bcp-001 np-w126 macro extension tube rr-90 fujinon lenses mount adapters mm adapter ac-9v cp-w126 xf23mm f1.4 r mcex-11 mcex-16 xf35mm f2 r wr xf56mm f1.2 r xf90mm f2 r lm wr m mount lenses fujinon x mount 21 lenses as of 15th jan 2016 multi views ae-l exposure lock button parts of the camera movie-record button function button fn1 viewfinder selector front command dial focus stick focus lever metering button function button fn3 rear command dial viewfinder window function button fn2 af-assist illuminator self-timer lamp shutter button microphone diopter adjustment control af-l focus lock button eye sensor on/off switch hot shoe shutter speed dial sensitivity dial exposure compensation dial speaker battery chamber strap eyelet memory card slot tripod mount lens signal contacts lens release button focus mode selector lcd monitor q quick menu button view mode button playback button microphone remote release connector micro hdmi connector micro usb connector continuous shooting approx 8.0 fpsjpeg:83 frames lossless compression raw:33 frame uncompressed raw:27 frames approx 3.0fpsjpeg:endless lossless compression raw:endless uncompressed raw:36frames recordable frames depends on recording media speed of continuous shooting depends on shooting environment and shooting frames auto bracketing ae bracketing±2ev/±5/3ev/±4/3ev/±1ev/±2/3ev/±1/3ev filmsimulation bracketingany 3 types of film simulation selectable dynamic range bracketing 100 · 200 · 400 iso sensitivity bracketing ±1/3ev/±2/3ev/±1ev white balance bracketing ±1/±2/±3 mode single af continuous af mf type intelligent hybrid af ttl contrast af ttl phase detection af af frame selection single point af:evf/lcd/ovf:11x7/21x13changeable size of af frame among 5 types focus body caps mhg-xpro2 delete button mod mpeg-4 avc h.264 audio linear pcm stereo sound 48khz sampling raw file converter ex rechargeable li-ion batteries movie l <3:2>6000×4000 <16:9>6000×3376 <1:1>4000×4000 third-party suppliers blc-xpro2 jpeg:exif ver.2.3 raw:14bit raw raf original format raw+jpeg impact sync cord cable release sd card 2g sdhc card 32g sdxc card 256g uhs /uhs only slot 1 1 still image number of recorded pixels hot shoe cover leather case with primary color filter selector drive button function buttons menu/ok button indicator lamp dispdisplay back button zone af:3×3/5×5/7×7 from 77 areas on 11x 7 grid wide/tracking af up to 18 area af-s:wide af-c:tracking white balance automatic scene recognition/custom1~3/color temperature selection2500k~10000k preset fine shade fluorescent light daylight fluorescent light warm white fluorescent light cool white incandescent light underwater self-timer 10sec/2sec interval timer shooting yes setting interval number of shots startinng time flash modes red-eye removal off auto forced flash slow synchro suppressed flash rear-curtain synchro commander red-eye removal on red-eye reduction auto red-eye reduction forced flash red-eye reduction slow synchro suppressed flash red-eye reduction rear-curtain synchro commander hot shoe yes dedicated ttl flash compatible viewfinder hybrid viewfinder ovf everse galilean viewfinder with electronic bright frame display coverage of frame area v.s capturing area approx.92 magnifications approx x0.36/x0.60 evf 0.48-in tft color viewfinder aprox 2.36 millions dots4:3 coverage of viewing area vs capturing area approx 100 eyepoint:approx 16mmfrom the rear end of the camera’s eyepiece diopter adjustment 4 2m-1 magnification:0.59x with 50 mm lens 35mm equivalent at infinity and diopter set to -1.0m-1 diagonal angle of view approx 29.1°horizontal angle of view:approx 24.4° built-in eye sensor lcd monitor 3.0-inch aspect ratio 3:2 approx 1.62 millions dots movie recording full hd 1920×1080 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p up to 14 min hd 1280×720 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p up to 28 min use a card with sd speed class with class 10 or higher film simulation mode 15 modes provia/standard velvia/vivid astia/soft classic chrome pro neg.hi pro neg.std black white black white+ye filter black white+r filter black white+gfilter sepia acros acros+ye filter acros+r filter acros+g filter dynamic range setting auto 100 200 400 iso restrictiondr100 no limit dr200 iso400 or more dr400 iso800 ore more advanced filter toy camera miniature pop color high-key low-key dynamic tone soft focus partial color red orange yellow green blue purple wireless transmitter standard ieee802.11b/g/nstandard wireless protocol encryption wep wpa/wpa2 mixed mode access mode infrastructure wireless function geotagging wireless communication image transfer view obtain images remote camera shooting pc autosave instax printer print other functions exif print print image matching ii language35 languages including jp/en time difference exposure preview on lcd during manual mode evf brightness evf color lcd brightness lcd color mode effect on monitor customize digital split image 3 terminal digital interface usb2.0high-speed micro usb connectable with remote release rr-90 sold separately hdmi output hdmi micro connector type d other microphone shutter release input ø2.5mm stereo mini connector hot shoe syncronized terninal mechanical release s1 button power supply np-w126 li-ion battery included dimensions w140.5mm×h82.8mm×d45.9mm minimum depth 34.8mm weight approx 495gincluding battery and memory card approx 445gexcluding battery and memory card operation environment operating temperature operating humidity -10ºc 40ºc 10 80 no condensation battery life for still images approx 250/350 frames evf/ovf when xf35mmf1.4 r is set 4 starting up period approx 0.4sec accessories included li-ion battery np-w126 battery charger bc-w126 shoulder strap body cap strap clip protective cover hot shoe cover sync terminal cover clip attaching tool owner’s manual warranty+d66 1 please see the fujifilm website http www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/compatibility/card/x to check memory card compatibility 2 the electronic shutter may not be suitable for fast-moving objects flash can not be used 3 digital split image is a trademark or a registered trademark of fujifilm corporation 4 approximate number of frames period that can be taken with a fully-charged battery based on cipa standard.