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Microphones: Wireless & Wired

Microphones: Wireless & Wired

joining plate kit for 3000 series receivers control switch set resume switch parts of vocal mechanism of head swass ext 3 m1 ham radio mobile microphone omni antenna line of sight 600 ohm balanced line ham radio mobile 600 ohm balanced line cable 5 conductor shielded cable super flex flat pin connector miniature 5 pin microphone for ham radio ham radio mobile mount belt clip for mic cables ac wire mesh grille 14 gauge steel shelving engineering application high pass filter behind the ear price 2 conductor shielded coiled audio cable 600 ohm audio transformer 35mm mono audio cable 8 2mm audio connector audio transformer 900 8 triple shielded audio cable gun parts for shotgun ham radio parts gun parts for side by side shotguns international pickup parts catalog international pickup parts catalogs figure of parts of speech mechanism mg parts catalogs mg a parts catalogs parts catalogs mg function of parts of shotgun picture of drum parts part of the speech organ parts of the body that use in speech mechanism function of the parts of shotgun functions of the parts of shotgun function part of the shotguns crown cm311a piezo transducer wideband antenna handheld bnc antenna dipole array antennas uhf antenna amplifier uhf omni antenna mounts portable dipole antenna wideband receiver antenna long shotgun barrel uhf antenna trap heil sound uhf tnc antenna uhf omni high gain antenna omni directional 5db

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32 wireless microphones shure uhf-r series wireless mics a uhf series with 2400 selectable frequencies only 320 in x1 band spanning across 60mhz bandwidth up to 40 preset compatible systems per band 11 in x1 band and up to 160 systems with multiple bands stores six 60-channel custom frequency groups has a multi-function bit-mapped backlit lcd and includes wireless workbenchtm software for pc management of networked wireless systems with usb and ethernet network options models shown are components in the g1 band ­ for alternate bands replace the g1 with bands shown below on chart or call for assistance ordering info operates in this range band g1 tvch 14-24 note some metro areas have public safety channels in this band ­ call for assistance if using this band 470.000-530.000mhz band h4 tvch 22-31 518.000-578.000mhz band j5 tvch 32-41 578.000-638.000mhz band l3 tvch 42-51 638.000-698.000mhz band x1 8mhz 32 channels max number of compatible channels is 11 944.000-952.000mhz item

38 headworn microphones audio-technica bp893 headworn condenser microphone with an ergonomically molded earpiece and 1 boom this headworn microphone offers inconspicuous placement along with clear natural vocal pickup it positions unobtrusively over the ear and its omnidirectional miniature condenser capsule offers outstanding pickup tailored for natural vocals it is also ideal for use in violin pickup wear it over the ear as usual with no need for clamps on the violin it has a frequency response of 20hz-20khz and a max spl of 114db the standard model has a locking 4-pin connector and power module and is compatible with all audio-technica unipack transmitters all models below are in black for beige add -th to end of part number item description price wired versions bp893 omni headworn condenser mic w/power module black 349.00 bp893c headworn condenser mic no power module 55 un-terminated cable 239.00 wireless bodypack transmitter versions all are w/out power modules and have

lapel/lavalier microphones 45 mc50b mx183 shure microflex lapel mics the microflex lapel condenser mics feature high sensitivity a frequency response of 50hz-17khz interchangeable condenser cartridges mx models a variety of low-visibility mounting options mx models are terminated to xlr include a belt-clip preamp mc models are terminated to xlr include a detachable preamp wl versions are terminated with ta4f connectors for shure wireless systems item description price mx183 omni-directional condenser lapel mic phantom only 160.52 mx184 supercardioid condenser lapel mic phantom only 178.61 mx185 cardioid condenser lapel mic phantom only 172.97 mc50b omni-directional sub-miniature lapel with preamp 266.27 mc51b omni-directional sub-miniature lapel with preamp 278.99 wl183 omni-directional terminated for shure wireless ta4f 91.74 wl184 supercardioid terminated for shure wireless ta4f 113.70 wl185 cardioid terminated for shure wireless ta4f 107.24 r183b

dynamic/general instrument microphones 51 lewitt dtp series drum microphones the entry level dtp340rex and its big brother the dtp640rex are designed specifically for bass instruments they are equally at home onstage or in the studio the dtp640rex model uses an innovative dualelement design with a dynamic and back-electret condenser capsules it also has a switchable 10-20db preattenuation pad selectable hpf settings a 12db octave at 40hz and 80hz bass cut filter slope and a custom 5-pin xlr to two 3-pin xlr y-cable both models feature gold-plated 3-pin xlr connectors integrated stand adapters and hexagonal steel-mesh grills item description price dtp340rex dynamic supercardioid bass drum mic 20hz-12khz 500ohms 149.00 dtp640rex dual-element bass drum mic 20hz-16khz 500ohms dynamic 20hz-20khz 200ohms condenser 299.00 pr20 pr22 pr28 640 40 sennheiser md441 dynamic supercardioid the md 441 is acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile dynamic mic available it has a nearly

ribbon microphones cloud microphones jrs-34 ribbon mics handcrafted in the us these mics combine the best of vintage and modern technologies to create a high-quality ribbon microphone ideal for music and vocalists the jrs-34 active mic requires phantom power and has an output level compatible with virtually any modern preamp the jrs-34 passive like other passive ribbon mics requires a high-gain preamp with over 60db of gain the cloudlifter comes in a single and 2-channel cl1 version and uses transparent directcouple jfet circuitry to give passive mics active output levels up to 25db of boost phantom powered from the secondary input it s safe to use with ribbon mics as the +48v current doesn t transfer through each mic includes a hand-crafted wooden box royer ribbon mics smooth and clear with many of the attributes of condenser mics but with a wider dynamic range without pads and clipping the frequency response is very flat and the panoramic soundfield is well balanced the figure-8

64 general condenser microphones vip50 milab large diaphragm condenser mics all models feature rectangular large membrane shock absorbing rubber-fitted capsules and gold-plated xlr connectors the dc-96b cardioid provides a full-bodied and exceptionally clean sound with natural brightness the dc-196 is a variable pattern condenser cardioid omni figure-8 that features built-in pop protection -12db pre-attenuation and is transformerless the vip-50 is also transformerless and shares the same polar patterns as the dc-196 plus wide-cardioid and hypercardioid patterns it also features 200/500hz hi-pass filters and -10 20db pre-attenuation item description price dc-96b cardioid pattern 20hz-20khz call dc-196 variable pattern cardioid omni figure-8 20hz-20khz call vip50 variable pattern cardioid omni figure-8 wide-cardioid hypercardioid 20hz-20khz call dc-96b dc-196 mic-w microphones high-precision instruments for professional recording broadcast and live music applications a variety

70 usb microphones/accessories centrance micport pro usb microphone preamp ·low noise analog mic preamp with xlr input ·powers 48v phantom mics ·usb bus-powered ·zero latency headphone output ·24-bit/96khz conversion ·usb output connector rØde podcaster usb microphone ·40hz-14khz frequency response ·28mm dynamic neodymium capsule ·18-bit resolution 8khz to 48khz sampling ·windows and mac compatible ·tight cardioid pattern for superior off-axis sound rejection ·usb bus-powered ·includes microphone stand mount and a 40 usb cable ·internal capsule shockmounting ·3.5mm stereo headphone jack output with volume control podcaster usb dynamic microphone 229.00 psa1 studio mic arm with two axis swivel mount holds up to 4.4lbs 99.00 psm1 optional shockmount 39.00 samson usb condenser microphones ·plug the mic directly into a laptop for a fuss-free portable recording without the need for external preamps or digital converters co1u c03u ·high-quality a/d converter with

boundary surface microphones 77 crown pcc-160 surface-mounted supercardioid condenser mic intended for stage floors lecterns conference tables and news desks features excellent gain-before-feedback room noise and rear sound rejection surface mounting results in a half-supercardioid polar pattern with increased directivity and sensitivity the low profile and black finish make the pcc160 almost invisible in most applications phantom power only item description price pcc160 supercardioid microphone black 449.00 shure beta91a half-cardioid condenser mic designed for use with kick drums as well as other low-frequency applications including piano it features an updated microphone capsule integrated preamp xlr connection and a 20hz-20khz frequency response the beta 91a combines superior attack and punch for studio-quality sound even at extremely high sound pressure levels spl a 2-position contour switch maximizes attack and clarity depending on application flat response for natural

direct boxes a designs reddi tube direct box ideal for basses guitars synths and electronic instruments that require a direct box for recording features include vacuum tube design level control ground lift neutrik combo input connectors xlr outputs zero feedback loop custom wound output transformers a 6ni-p tube and a 1/4 through jack it has a frequency response of 10hz-60khz item description price reddi tube direct box 715.00 83 bss ar133 an active direct box that has switchable input attenuation capable of handling a wide-range of output levels from the output of guitar pickups to normal line level signals to the output of amplifiers sounds outstanding on acoustic guitar and bass guitar pickups suitable whenever it is critical to match levels and impedances sources needing isolation or with long cable runs item description price ar133 active direct box 156.18 new art di boxes these all convert high-impedance inputs to 600-ohm balanced outputs and feature 1/4 trs/xlr combo

paging dispatch mics mic accessories splitters combiners 89 whirlwind split 6 use this handy box when you need to split a line level signal up to 6 times features 1 female xlr input wired to 6 male xlr outputs note it is not recommended that the split 6 be used to split a microphone level signal to more than two outputs item description price split6 line-level signal splitter 65.3 65.34 lit6 line level signal gn n whirlwind imp combiner 2-to-1 mic combiner this versatile box combines 2 microphone signals into 1 signal and is built with the premium trsp-2 transformer for optimum durability features a phase reverse switch which flips the polarity of input #2 item description price imp-combiner mic combiner 95.54 pro co ms42a/ms43a rackmount mic splitters these split mic signals for 2 or 3 mixers 4-female xlr mic inputs 2 outputs ms42a or 3 outputs ms43a 1 direct 1 or 2 isolated w/ground lift xlr outputs ms42a rolls pb224 phantom power supply perfect for any condenser microphone