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Catalog Audio Part 2 Fall/Winter 2011

Headphones, Signal Processors

Headphones Signal Processors

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100 headphone amps/mixers a16d-pro a16ii a16cs a16r muting solo and pan for each of the 16 audio channels the a-16d a-net distributor accepts one a-net input signal and provides 8 simultaneous a-net outputs using cat-5e cables the a16r personal mixer is a 1u rackmount unit with the features of the a16ii but adds balanced outs xlr and 1/4 a stereo balanced insert and an aux stereo mix input with volume control and midi preset recall the a16cs control surface is a remote controller for the a16r it uses the same familiar button layout as the a-16ii the an-16/o converts 16 channels of uncompressed 24bit digital data transmitted via a-net into 16 discrete mic or line-level analog audio output channels the 16/0-yi card is a plug-in interface for yamaha digital mixers the av-p2 output module provides 2ch analog out from the a16d models the mt-x expansion box attaches to the a16ii for power over cat-5 from an a16d or a16d-pro connectivity on the mt-x includes 1/8 1/4 headphone outs and

intercoms ­ wired 107 clear-com que com single-channel intercoms que-com intercom provides a single channel of hands-free two-way full duplex communications on a single two-conductor shielded mic cable party line it consists of a pk-5 intercom power supply and a choice of either one-ear smq-1 or two-ear dmq-2 headset stations with an integral boom mic attached to a rugged beltpack the pk5 power supply can support up to 30 headsets 3 separate xlr connectors are provided for intercom audio and power output to the headset stations item description price smq-1 single-ear headset/beltpack unit 221.00 dmq-2 dual-ear headset/beltpack unit 261.00 pk7-cc power supply 261.00 ms4002 ms2002 telex audiocom master stations these master stations provide user station flexibility with intercom system phantom power in a 1ru box operators can utilize headset or speaker/mic operation have full access to all intercom channels both individually as all-talk users can also utilize features

110 intercoms-wireless two-way radios headsets not included anchor audio prolink h-2000 wireless intercom system the prolink digital wireless intercom system allows full duplex combp-9000m munication between four users ­ one operating a master beltpack and 3 others on remote beltpacks operates in the fcc license-free 902-928 mhz range for distances up to 250ft through walls and glass without the need for a base station belt packs feature 4-pin xlr headset jacks 2 antennae headset volume control mic gain control a/b channel selection out-of-range low battery and charging led indicators and a push-to-talk/always on bp-9000r mode switch the wingman wm-9000 unit allows you to interface wireless prolink beltpacks with wired 2-wire party line intercom systems like anchor s portacom and features duplex communication capabilities 2 wireless 2 wired channels item description price bp-9000m master beltpack 518.00 bp-9000r remote beltpack 518.00 h-2000 dual-muff headset 210.00

equalizers filters 117 a-designs hm2eq hammer dual mono tube eq the hammer is a dual mono 3 band tube eq engineered with a filtering system that allows the even harmonics to flow thru the 12at7 tubes while filtering out unwanted noise smooth operation and colorful tones makes this unit an invaluable tool for any studio it features 2 hi and low cut switches low pass 84hz high pass 8khz xlr connectivity 2xlr in 2xlr out milled aluminum knobs and a toroid power transformer item description price hm2eq dual mono-tube eq 2425.00 behringer deq1024 ultragraph digital graphic 31-band eq feedback destroyer the fbq feedback detection system instantly detects feedback frequencies and can be used as an audio analyzer switching on the automatic feedback destroyer removes feedback within a fraction of a second the eq section features three operating ranges ±12db ±6db and 0 24db and 31 illuminated 45-mm faders the true curve function precisely translates fader positions into an exact

120 compressors expanders dynamic processors a-designs hm2 compressor nail this hybrid tube/solid state dual-channel compressor brings analog warmth with hints of color and richness to recordings features a 3-stage hard threshold threshold/hard threshold/filter mix switch for variable wet/dry selection attack/release/gain selections in/out switch and a stereo link it has balanced xlr i/o custom aluminum knobs and face plate led indictors switchable to stereo and gain reduction switch for meters item description price hm2-compressor tube/solid-state dual-channel compressor 2475.00 alesis 3632 2-channel compressor/limiter/gate a stereo compressor/expander limiter/gate for complete dynamics management its minimized signal path allows for optimal sound quality intelligent knee function provides musical performance with soft and hard-knee envelopes intelligent ratio adjusts expansion based on input signal while intelligent gain auto-adjusts output other features include bypass

compressors expanders dynamic processors s-com-4 123 s-com-plus samson s-com series dynamic processors 4 channels of the s-com-4 combine an expander/gate compressor/limiter and a fully adjustable enhancer a spectra switch adds mid-band boost to help smooth out harsh vocals the expander gate features variable threshold control and switchable fast/slow release time compressor/limiter controls include threshold ratio attack release and output the auto function continuously analyzes the audio input and automatically adjusts attack and release parameters based on changing levels a key input and key listen feature provide for external triggering or eq of dynamically processed signals servo balanced xlr and 1/4 i/o connectors s-com plus is a 2-channel model which adds an adjustable de-esser feature with dedicated metering item description price s-com-4 quad-processor linkable in pairs 5-segment led metering 169.00 s-com-plus stereo processor w/de-esser 12-segment led metering 149.00

126 effects reverbs delays enhancers pcm96 lexicon pcm96 series reverb/multi-effects processors designed for the modern studio environment the pcm96 adds to a daw as a controlonly insert mac vst or audio units or as a firewire streaming audio hardware plugin it boasts the return of lexicon s prized concert hall reverb plus new room and hall reverbs mono reverbs and effects selectable reversible reflection patterns multimode filters and infinity switches give you new capabilities with both the classic and new reverbs and effects it includes 28 legendary lexicon reverbs room models modulation and delay effects connectivity includes aes i/o xlr analog i/o word clock input midi in/thru/out 2x 6-pin firewire 2x ethernet and compact flash preset storage it features quick soft row keys for fast navigation through complex algorithms large front panel oled display 32 64-bit floating point processing up to 96khz sampling rate and is hiqnet compatible the pcm96sur-a is a digital and analog