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232 cd mp3 and digital media players denon dcm290p 5 disc cd changer a 5-disc carousel cd changer which includes a 3ru custom rack kit it allows for mp3 wma and cd-r/rw playback this changer has a dual direction mechanism which allows discs to be changed in the carousel while it is playing connections include unbalanced rca output optical and coax digital output and a front panel headphone jack other features include program playback random repeat and a-b repeat playback an ir remote is included item description price dcm290p 5-disc cd changer 299.00 denon dn-c640 slot-in network cd player a full-featured rackmounted network cd player with a combination of flexible file formats network control and comprehensive inputs and outputs it features 12 pitch control balanced output quick replay end monitor user-selectable finish mode cue-to-music program play and support for cd-da wav mp3 mpeg-1 layer ii and windows media formats has rca phono outputs as well as xlr analog digital outputs item description price dnc640 slot-in network cd player 799.00 denon dnc615 single cd player supports mp3/folder search and cd-rw playback with text has 12 pitch control direct track entry random play instant start/cue and more rca outputs s/pdif output headphone output item description price dnc615 2ru cd player 329.00 rcu620 handheld remote control 38.80 galaxy audio rm2 rackmount chassis and modules a diverse line of cd players digital recorders cassette players and am/fm tuners two 1/2 rack modules can be installed in various configurations into the single space rm2 rack chassis the rm2 supplies power and provides useable rear panel inputs and outputs to the modules it also features dedicated stereo rca outs for each module a priority stereo rca out a stereo rca in for recording and am/fm antenna terminals it has a universal power supply for use with ac anywhere in the world plus a 12vdc screw terminal power input item description price rm2-galaxy 1ru rackmount chassis 179.99 rm-cass cassette recorder 189.99 rm-cassp cassette player 99.99 rm-cd cd player plays mp3 usb sd card input 199.99 rm-cdaf cd player am/fm tuner w/remote plays mp3 usb sd card input 249.99 rm-digimp digital media player usb sd card input 99.99 rm-digirec digital recorder usb sd card input 2 mic inputs 1/4 189.99 rm-tuner am/fm digital tuner 99.99 denon dn-c620 broadcast cd player based on the dn-c640 this cd player is a 1ru with a slot-in cd mechanism that supports cd-da cd-r/rw wav and mp3 formats features include pitch control quick replay cue to music program/random play cd-text and more audio outs include balanced xlr digital s/pdif aes/ebu and fixed/variable unbalanced rcax2 also includes a 25-pin gpio port for easy studio integration 9-pin rs232 for id3 tag cd-text now playing transmission and more and ir control through included remote item description price dnc620 broadcast cd player slot-in mechanism 1ru 599.00 cdx-2410 denon dnc635 studio cd player supports mp3 cdr without toc cd-extra has next-track-reserve a-b loop/repeat instant start power-on-play cue to music end of message and index search i/o-rca coaxial digital headphone 1/4 with volume control remote optional item description price dnc635 2ru cd player 579.00 rcu620 ir remote 38.80 gemini sound professional cd players these 2rus feature seamless loop anti-shock pitch bend search jog modes and are cd cd-r compatible have instant-start cue with preview as well as fader-start capability item description price cdx-1210 single-cd player 199.95 cdx-2410 dual-cd player 299.95 denon dn-f300/f400 solid-state audio players both players read mp3 wav files from sd or sdhc cards the dn-f300 also reads from usb drives ideal for audio playback in a myriad of demanding applications including background music fitness message on hold systems theaters and broadcast the dn-f300 has ir control microphone input with music ducking and 16 pitch and tempo control the dn-f400 features balanced unbalanced outputs rs232c control and gpio general purpose input/output the optional rc-f400s remote controller features a large lcd display and enhances the dn-f400 s capability by providing intuitive control for instant playback of audio or sound effects via its hot start buttons item description price dnf300 solid-state audio player 1ru 399.00 dnf400 solid-state audio player 1ru half rackspace 499.00 rcf400s remote controller for dnf400 399.00 gemini sound cdmp-2600 cd/mp3/usb player the cdmp-2600 is a dualbay player with separate 2ru rackmount control unit that can be used for mobile dj s and club installations digital connection via usb inputs for direct mp3 and wav playback features vfd screen bpm read out anti-shocktm using ram buffer memory instant-start cue with preview and seamless loop with reloop pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons 26 this unit has 2x l/r rca outs only item description price cdmp2600 dual-bay rackmount cd/mp3/usb player 2x l/r rca out 369.95 follow us prices subject to change 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