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234 cd mp3 and digital media players tascam cd-200 series rackmount cd players using a high-quality teac drive this 2ru unit supports cd-r cd-rw mp3 wav cd file playback plus id3 display tags and cd text provides features such as pitch control with an on/off knob headphone-out with level control rca out s/pdif digital outputs coaxial and optical intro check anti-shock memory and a variety of playback modes the cd-200i and cd-200ib have a slide-out ipod dock the cd200ib also has dual balanced xlr outputs all models include remote control item description price cd200 rackmount cd player remote call cd200i rackmount cd player with ipod dock call cd200ib rackmount cd player with ipod dock xlr outputs call pioneer cdj-2000 multi-format dj cd/mp3 player/controller allows you to play mp3 aiff wav and aac files on cds dvd-roms sd cards and usb memory devices features a 6.1 color lcd panel gui a needle search pad for in-song cueing assignable buttons for dj effects and software with midi mapping capability has pro dj link which allows you to link as many as 4 player/controller units to one music source comes with pioneer s rekordbox music management software item description price cdj2000 multi-format cd/mp3 player/controller 1899.00 tascam cd500 cd500b single-space cd players these 1ru slot-loading cd players feature a new transport which uses a brushless motor for improved reliability their drive mechanism grabs discs from the edges instead of top and bottom which avoids damage to the disc surface both models feature flash start front panel 10-key input wav mp3 file playback 16 pitch control auto ready auto cue modes fade in/out power on play frame-accurate search skip back play relay play with multiple units index directory search fader start/event start headphone output footswitch input rs-232c control and a wireless remote control the unbalanced cd-500 includes s/pdif optical coaxial and rca outputs the cd-500b adds balanced xlr outputs aes/ebu digital out and parallel control item description price cd500 cd player unbalanced outputs 1ru 474.99 cd500b cd player balanced outputs 1ru 579.99 rolls hr72 cd/mp3 player a 1/2 rack cd mp3/usb/sd/mmc player the hr72 is ideal for installation applications like restaurants clubs schools churches or aerobic studios it plays standard audio cds as well as cds formatted with mp3 files the single rack space height makes it convenient to install in most any professional audio rack it features rca and 1/8 outputs track programming repeat 1/all and shuffle play modes and output level control it accepts both standard 4.72 and mini 3.14 compact discs sd cards and usb thumb drives item description price hr72 multi-format cd/mp3 player half rack size 1ru 279.45 rolls mp322 mp3 player/card reader this device plays mp3 files off of sd cards mmd cards and usb 1.1 and 2.0 jump drives up to 2gb comes with wireless remote control and universal wall adapter 1/8 and rca output jacks item description price mp322 mp3 player/card reader 97.88 c402 stanton rackmount cd players the c.402 is a single cd player that features auto cue anti-shock buffer to prevent cd skipping seamless looping and a pitch bend slider that provides adjustment of 4 8 or 16 increment while a +10 track folder skip search makes finding the right cd or mp3s quick easy other features are instant start remote start input xlr rca outputs and s/pdif output the c.500 is an affordable dual cd player featuring 2 jog wheels fader start auto cue pitch adjustment +10 track skip plus rca and s/pdif digital outputs the c.502 is a dual cd/mp3 player that has all the features of the c402 but adds a relay play feature which automatically alternates tracks or entire cd from one drive to the other item description price c402 single cd/mp3 player w/xlr rca s/pdif outputs 199.00 c500 dual cd player w/rca s/pdif outputs 169.99 c502 dual cd/mp3 player w/xlr rca s/pdif outputs 299.00 stanton cmp800 cross-media player builds on existing cd and cd-mp3 players by including the ability to play back mp3s stored on a usb thumb and hard drives chainlink feature allows two units to be connected via usb to share a single external usb mass storage device it features a newly designed high resolution jog wheel with multistyle illuminated position indicator cd and mass-storage device playback built-in sampler hot-cues loops beat-synchronized fx and full midi control other features include a 4-bank sampler data search function and pitch control outputs include digital s/pdif analog rca and headphone out with volume control new item description price cmp-800 cross media player s/pdif and rca outputs 399.00 follow us our sales pros will provide you with the solutions you need.