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206 general purpose mixers audio consoles dmm-4/2/2 akg dmm 4/2/2 4/2/4 the dmm series are processor controlled digital automatic mixers with 4 balanced mic inputs 2 stereo aux inputs and one master output the dmm 4/2/4 features one stereo record out and a headphone out with volume control the intelligent mixing algorithm automatically allocates gain among the system mics nom attenuation while a noise detection function and the noise sensitive threshold algorithm nst prevent accidental swtiching/activation of input channels the mixing algorithm also includes a last mic on function and a best mic on mode each input channel features low cut as well as lf and hf shelving filters both models have a sample frequency of 48khz and a 24-bit format item description price dmm-4/2/2 xlr female line inputs 2x rca stereo inputs xlr male line mono output rca stereo recording stereo output 999.00 dmm-4/2/4 xlr female line inputs 2x rca stereo inputs xlr male line stereo output rca

general purpose mixers audio consoles zed-22fx 207 allen heath zed usb mixers the zed mixers offer xlr main outputs 100mm faders not on zed10/fx 1/4 mono output and usb output to work with mac or pc the mic preamps feature 2-stage designs with carefully controlled amounts of gain in each stage fx models add 16 internal 24-bit effects zed-4 bus models feature 6 aux sends with aux 1&2 being dedicated as pre-fader for monitor mixes 3&4 switchable pre/post and 5&6 as dedicated efx sends post fader aux 5&6 can also be sent to the integrated usb i/o for use as effects sends the zedr16 is made for recording adds 16 firewire 16 adat i/o midi control sequencer transport and more combining the firewire and adat i/o it can handle up to 26 inputs and outputs simultaneously the zed10/fx models feature usb 2-track recording/playback with three send/return configurations hi-z guitar input and amplitube x-gear software all models ship with sonar le software for pc item description price zed-10

208 general purpose mixers audio consoles art mx225 5-zone stereo distribution mixer designed for remote volume control of multiple amplifiers or powered speakers in a distributed audio system the 2 input sources are routed to 5 output zones and each source input pair has separate left and right balanced line level signals each output zone features independent level control from inputs 1 and 2 stereo/mono selector with mono indicator led level metering and left and right balanced line level zone outputs features a built-in power supply item description price mx225 5-zone mixer 4 xlr female inputs 10 xlr male outputs 1ru 149.00 artcessories macromix 4-channel personal mono mixer connect macromix between up to 4 linelevel sources and output to a dual rca output 4 level controls inputs 1 2 are dual rca input 3 is either 1 1/4 input or dual rca inputs and input 4 is a 1/4 input 1/4 headphone line output provided and up to 32db of input gain is possible 12vdc item description

general purpose mixers audio consoles d-show-sidecar d-show-main 209 avid venue d-show® profile mix rack systems the venue d-show® system is based around the venue d-show console and employs a venue foh rack and venue stage rack for its processing and i/o system this system offers the greatest amount of i/o and console expandability enabling it to accommodate even the largest ensemble performances the venue d-show fully expandable top-of-the-line live sound console features 24 input faders main unit plus one 16-fader venue d-show sidecar and is expandable up to 56 faders with 2 additional sidecars item description price d-show-system venue d-show console venue d-show sidecar venue stage rack w/48 analog mic/line in x 8 analog line out venue foh rack w 3 dsp mix engine cards venuepack and venuepack pro plug-ins video monitor mounting bracket monitor not included pace ilok usb smart key pre-authorized with all factory-installed and venuepack plug-ins foh link cable 15 console

210 general purpose mixers audio consoles avid venue options accessories item description price stage rack options stagerack-48x8 stage rack with 48 analog mic/line inputs 8 analog outputs expandable to 48 redundant psu call stagerack-empty empty stage rack for building custom i/o configurations of up to 48 inputs and 48 outputs redundant psu call stage rack i/o sri-venue analog input card 8 recallable analog mic/line inputs balanced xlr connectors 2095.00 sro-venue analog output card 8 analog line outputs balanced xlr connectors 1255.00 dsi-venue digital input card 8 digital aes inputs four 2-channel inputs balanced xlr connectors 2095.00 dso-venue digital output card 8 digital aes outputs four 2-channel outputs balanced xlr connectors 1255.00 ano-venue a-net card w 16 channels of aviom a-net pro16 networked audio rj45 connector and signal present leds 2620.00 venue foh rack options foh-rack-3dsp foh rack w 3 dsp mix engine cards central processing

general purpose mixers audio consoles behringer x32 digital live/recording mixing console this 32-channel 16-bus console has 25 low-noise 100mm motorized faders with total recall allowing the user to save and recall scenes for specific venues or performers the on-board recorder captures audio in uncompressed .wav files to a usb flash drive remote editing software allows control of the console via ethernet or usb the x32 has aes/ebu stereo digital output and full midi implementation it also has a 7 color tft display and an easy-to-use interface features fully programmable mic preamps full dynamics and eq per channel busses and matrices adjustable line-delays on all inputs and outputs and a virtual fx rack with 8 slots it has 32 channels with inserts 16 mix busses with inserts 6 aux sends and returns 8 stereo fx returns 6 matrix mixers with inserts 6 mute groups and 8 dca groups item description price x32 32-channel digital mixing console 2499.99 211 new behringer ultralink pro