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general purpose mixers audio consoles efx8 217 epm8 m12 m4 soundcraft spirit m4 m8 and m12 offering a choice of four eight or twelve mono inputs the soundcraft spirit m4 m8 and m12 are each equipped with four stereo inputs stereo returns and auxiliary sends as well as 100mm faders and an s/pdif stereo digital output the m series mono-input mic preamp design comes straight from soundcraft s ghost while its 3-band eq embodies that classic british sound the m8 and m12 additionally feature removable side cheeks for rack mounting item description price spirit-m4 4-input mono 549.00 spirit-m8 8-input mono 699.00 spirit-m12 12-input mono 849.00 gmixl-1822 lightweight nylon case for spirit-m4 99.99 gmix-19x21 ata case for spirit-m4 249.99 soundcraft lx7ii the popular lx7 series has been given a new look along with excellent new graham blyth designed mic preamps and 4-band mid-swept eq frame sizes range from 16 to 32 balanced xlr/trs mic/line inputs and include 4 stereo

218 general purpose mixers audio consoles gb8-32 soundcraft gb-8 series 16-buss console available in frame sizes from 24 to 48 channels each with four fullfunction stereo channels and four stereo returns the gb8 is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues or for small touring sound systems the dual-mode topology allows the gb8 to be used on foh or monitor duties with fader control of group or aux outputs additional features over the gb4 include a 1khz oscillator and a meter bridge with three led meters that very closely emulate the ballistics of vu meters four mute groups allow several channels to be muted simultaneously while another unique facility is the limiter on both the record and alternate stereo outputs that makes it easier to create a stereo recording of the mix the console also features an output matrix with eleven feeds to four outputs being fed from the group busses and main l r and c mono outputs 8 aux sends 8 group sends 4-band eq soundcraft

220 general purpose mixers audio consoles model-742 dm4800 meter bridge optional model-750 optional studio tecnologies 742 750 audio mixers model-742 offers a flexible monitor section setup oscillator with dedicated output all operator controls on the front panel single rack-space mounting and internal power supply it also provides 4 mic/line and 4 line-only inputs 2 compressors and two 10-segment led meters model-750 has 4 mic/line inputs and 2 stereo line inputs main and aux stereo audio buses 3 isolated main output connections separate speaker and headphone outputs setup section with voice record/playback and tone generation and 2 rack-space mounting it also provides an extensive monitor section vu meters with peak leds and 2 limiter/compressors item description price model-742 4 mic/line 4 line-only ins 1088.87 model-750 4 mic/line ins 2 stereo line ins 2978.23 symetrix zone mix 760 paging and music management for venues like restaurants bars clubs retail and more

general purpose mixers audio consoles 221 yamaha im8 series live analog mixers the yamaha im8 consists of 3 mid-size analog 8-group consoles with lots of features great performance and quality sound each mono input section includes balanced xlr and trs inputs a top-grade yamaha mic preamp with individual gain trim 26db pad phase reverse hp filter phantom on/off 1 knob compressor 8 aux sends and 4-band eq with swept midrange adjustments stereo inputs have 4-band fixed frequency eq every channel has a long throw fader 4 mute groups and a 3-segment input level indicator the series also features 4 matrix outputs a talkback section with versatile routing and separate headphone and reference speaker monitoring sections with a 12-segment level meter the im8 consoles feature 2-track input and stereo record output facilities in both analog and digital formats the 2-track input functions and record outputs are duplicated by a usb terminal that can transfer the digital audio signals to and/or

222 general purpose mixers audio consoles ls9-16 yamaha ls9 digital consoles expandable digital live mixing consoles in a compact and lightweight frame with 16 mono-input/4 stereo-input configuration ls9-16 or in the larger frame high-input capacity ls9-32 with 32 input head amps for mic or line level inputs plus 4 stereo inputs the ls9-32 can comfortably handle the complex and varied source requirements for live sound applications both models can double the mono input capacity expanding to 32 ls9-16 or 64 ls9-32 just by adding external preamps and mini-ygdai interface cards they have motorized 100mm long-throw faders and a versatile bus architectu with comprehensive digital patching capability 16 mix buses 8 matrix buses and architecture a stereo and mono bus that can be used in lcr mode a built-in virtual geq and effect r offers easy access to extensive graphic equalization and effects an internal rack u memory recorder/player eliminates the need for an external device for simple