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90 headphones k99 k240mkii ath-m50s akg open style headphones great sounding headphones with open-style acoustics to allow some ambient sound for a more natural feel great for monitoring and recording when isolation is not critical all models are lightweight for maximum comfort with single-sided cable entry the k240 mkii and k141 mkii are updated versions of some of akg s most successful headphones item description price k99 around-ear 18hz-22khz 32ohms 79.00 k141-mkii on-ear 18hz-24khz 55ohms detachable cable velour earpads 149.00 k240-mkii around-ear 15hz-25khz 55ohms detachable cable velour earpads 199.00 k240-studio around-ear 15hz-25khz 55ohms 99.99 akg isolating/closed headphones these great sounding comfortable and lightweight headphones are for situations where isolation from ambient noise is required the k171-mkii k271-mkii models have detachable cables the k271-mkii has an autoswitch which mutes the audio when the headphones are removed from the head item

headphones 91 audio-technica bphs1 broadcast stereo headset features closed back circumaural ear cups for noise reduction and the flexible boom-mounted microphone can be on the left or right side the cardioid pickup pattern rejects off-axis sounds and the polar pattern and frequency response give natural voice reproduction the bphs1 uses 3-pin xlrm-type connector for the microphone and 1/4 trs for the headphones the bphs1-xf4 uses a 4-pin xlrf-type connector item description price bphs1 dual-ear headset w/boom mic 199.00 bphs1-xf4 same as above w 4-pin xlrf connector 199.00 kns8400 koss kc25 full-size headphones these hi-fi phones include an anisotropic magnet and a 1.4mm mylar element in order to achieve deep bass and treble clarity features a frequency response of 20hz-18khz 32 ohms impedance and <0.4 distortion includes straight 4 cord item description price kc25 headphones 20hz-18khz 32ohms 90db spl 19.80 krk kns series headphones these are closed-back circumaural dynamic

92 headphones hd25-1ii sennheiser studio monitor headphones designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment the hd280-pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with extensive features that meet the requirements of today s most demanding applications the unique collapsible design combined with swiveling ear cups offers maximum flexibility in any application the hd25-1ii are closed-back offer high attenuation of noise and are capable of handling very high spls making them ideal for high-noise environments item description price hd280-professional closed circumaural 8hz-25khz 64ohms up to 32db noise attenuation black 99.95 hd25-1ii closed split headband 16hz-22khz 70ohms detachable steel cable neodymium magnets 199.95 sennheiser wireless headphones get wireless reception for your tv and music the rs 110/120 models use wireless rf stereo and are compatible with dvd blu-ray players dvr s satellite receivers a/v receivers laptops mac/pc mp3 players lcd plasma

94 headphones shure sm2 headset w boom mic the sm2 is a comfortable self-adjusting headset with dual enclosed ear receivers and an attached broadcast-quality boommounted microphone designed for news and sports broadcasting special events remote announcing interviewing and intercom systems the sm2 permits convenient hands-free operation the microphone in the sm2 is a close-talking unidirectional dynamic cardioid type with a response from 50hz-15khz item description price sm2 headset with boom mic 225.83 7506 sony mdr-series headphones top-rated consumer and professional headphones from sony all have closed-ear design stereo unimatch plugs for both 1/4 and mini the mdr7505 mdr7506 and mdrv700dj have a collapsing feature for compact storage all are 50ohms or less the v150 features supra-aural design and reversible earcups the 7509 is a studio classic with 5hz-30khz response the 7509hd is a premium model with offset drivers high power 3w handling and response to 80khz dj-pro500mc-mkii