Mixers - DJ & Club Mixers Fall/Winter 2011 by Full Compass Systems

Catalogue: Full Compass Systems Mixers - DJ & Club Mixers Fall/Winter 2011
Catalog: Mixers - DJ & Club Mixers Fall/Winter 2011
Company/Brand: Full Compass Systems

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224 dj club mixers allen&heath xone:22 dj mixer a 2-channel analog dj mixer with professional grade features including a full cut isolator/eq accurate metering high-quality faders and pro-standard audio headroom it also has a lite version of xone s vcf filter system low-pass and high-pass filters frequency sweep and resonance controls i/o includes 2 stereo channels with dual phono/line inputs mic input on balanced xlr and main mix output on balanced xlr other features include 3-band full-cut eq soft-switched fet-controlled external effects loop 18db pro-standard headroom and low audio distortion 25dbu maximum output level accurate signal monitoring with 10-segment led meters cue mix control and cue to master switch dedicated local monitor output booth output and record output item description price xone:22 dj mixer 299.00 numark dj mixers the m101 m101usb are 2-ch dj mixers w/built-in 2-band eq 2 pairs of switchable phono/line inputs 1/4 mic in and stereo rca line out the im1

dj club mixers 225 rane ttm57sl mixer w built-in scratch live this 2-channel high performance mixer fully integrates mixer hardware software and software controls into one powerful package it combines all the performance and features of the rane ttm 56 mixer with serato scratch live software along with internal effects and 6 stereo insert points play any combination of digital and analog sources from up to 4 turntables or cd players any two of which may be used with scratch live control vinyl/cds item description price ttm57sl 2-channel dj mixer w built-in scratch live 1449.00 video-sl scratch live plug-in with templates stickers and video library 199.00 pioneer djm-5000 mobile dj mixer features multi-zone and standard output modes multi-zone allows multiple audio sources including audio from a mic to be distributed to 2 different areas or rooms standard mode has all 4 audio outputs directed to one main area the advanced talk over feature attenuates the music s mid-range frequencie

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