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turntable accessories 227 art dj-pre-ii a precision stereo phono preamp features switchable input capacitance 100pf and 200pf switchable low cut filter front gain trim control and signal/clip led and built-in low noise phono preamp circuitry housed in an all-aluminum black anodized case the djpre 2 can be powered by a 7-12vdc or 9-12vac 150ma external supply item description price djpre-2 phono preamp 49.00 radio design labs ez-ph1 stereo phono preamp adapt a turntable to an amp line input with this preamp feed it into a cd recorder the unit offers phono input and line output on gold-plated rca jacks front-panel gain trimmer for each channel dual-led vu meter for each channel and riaa equalization frequency response is 20hz-20khz turntable grounding screw provided has 24v dc power supply item description price ez-ph1 stereo phono preamp rca 91.28 shure m44-7 competition cartridge combining a widediameter type s cantilever with a tracking force of 1.5-3.0 grams the m44-7 s rugged