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346 video monitors displays lcd plasma crt sony bravia® lcd hd televisions featuring full hd 1080p resolution with bravia sync compatibility which allows you to control handycam® camcorders and cyber-shot® digital still cameras using the tv s remote and an on-screen display motionflowtm 120hz technology offers greater clarity and resolution every scene will be sharp vibrant and life-like thanks to bravia enginetm 2 fully digital video processor a 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio yields deep blacks in darker scenes this series also includes 7 hd inputs 4x hdmi 2x component 1x pc hd-15 pin to ensure the best image quality from all hd components other features include 24p true cinema capability and usb input for photos and music item description price kdl40ex500 40 1080p hdtv motionflow 7 hd inputs 809.99 kdl46ex500 46 1080p hdtv motionflow 7 hd inputs 989.99 kdl55ex500 55 1080p hdtv motionflow 7 hd inputs 1699.99 tote vision lcd monitors lcd400x4 sony professional lcd color monitors an extensive line-up of sd and sd/hd professional lcd monitors from 15 to 42 featuring fast video response extremely high brightness contrast color depth and wide viewing angle a one-piece construction that includes integrated stand the lmd4251td add 3d capability 3d glasses required all models are ideal for hdv production applications with some models supporting hdmi or dvi item description price lmd1530w 15 1280x768 hdmi sdi composite y/c and rgb 1078.77 lmd1541w 15 1280x768 hdmi sdi composite 2123.43 lmd1751w 17 1280x768 dvi-d sdi 2259.96 lmd2110w 21.5 1920x1080 hdmi sdi composite y/c and rgb 951.06 lmd2451w 24 1920x1200 dvi inputs composite y/c and rgb call lmd2451whd lmd2451w packaged with bkm243hs hd/sd sdi adapter call lmd4251td 42 1920x1200 3d dvi inputs composite bnc call accessories mb533 rackmount kit for lmd1530w 225.50 mb534 rackmount kit for lmd1541w 188.51 bkm243hs hdsdi/4:2:2 sdi input adapter for lmd2051w lmd2451w 1030.38 tdgbr100/b 3d glasses 149.99 item description price 4 to 5.6 monitors all include led backlight for better color saturation and longer life lcd400x4 four 4 lcd units in 19 rackmount kit tilts 90° ntsc/pal 2ru 1211.00 lcd410 4 field monitor with audio battery pack ntsc 257.00 lcd411 as lcd410 adds bnc in/out 257.00 lcd501 5 field monitor with stereo audio headphone jack ntsc/pal 310.00 rm501 eia standard 19 rackmount kit for 3 units lcd-501 3ru 116.00 lcd560x3 three 5.6 lcd units in rackmount kit tilts 90° ntsc/pal 3ru 1306.00 lcd562 5.6 field monitor with audio battery pack ntsc/pal 473.00 lcd565 as lcd562 adds bnc 473.00 7 8 monitors lcd703hd hd 7 16:9 dvi component in/out s-video in/out bncin/out 1080p 754.00 lcd703hd-kit lcd-703hd with rechargeable battery pack tote bag and ac 968.00 lcd703hd1 1 lcd-703hd in rackmount kit 3ru 888.00 lcd703hd2 2 lcd-703hd in rackmount kit 3ru 1508.00 lcd703hda lcd-703hd with anton bauer qrc-gold mount 741.00 lcd703hdv lcd-703hd with v lock mount for idx batteries 714.00 lcd842hd hd 8.4 4:3 with 16:10 capability composirt component s-video vga hdmi 942.00 lcd842hd2 two 8 lcd in rackmount kit no audio 4ru 1992.00 10.4 monitors lcd1048hd 10.4 s-video component rgb rs232 no tv 1024x768 1080p 870.00 lcd1048hdm lcd-1048hd in rackmount kit 4ru displays 1080p 897.00 15.4 monitors lcd1560hd 15.4 16:9 audio composite component s-video analog rgb hdmi rs232 supports 1080p/i 720p 480p/i 851.00 lcd1560hdr lcd-1560hd in rackmount kit 6ru 851.00 19 monitors lcd1901hd 19 in metal case 16:9 audio s-video component ntsc/pal rgb rs232 1080p 1054.00 lcd1901hdr lcd-1901hd in rackmount kit 7ru 1054.00 lm1911r tv one professional rack mount lcd monitors the lcd monitors are available in a wide variety of screen sizes and input configurations to satisfy most applications all lcd panels used are top grade professional products high brightness and contrast ratios are standard features along with wide viewing angles all models are 4:3 aspect ratio item description price lm401m single 4.0 dual-composite inputs metal case 293.25 lm404r quad 4 composite and s-video inputs tilt rackmount 1440.75 lm563r triple 5.6 composite and s-video inputs tilt rackmount 1695.75 lm701m single 7 w dual composite inputs metal case vesa 505.75 lm1042r dual 10.4 composite and pc svga optional expansion to sxga all hdtv rackmount 2290.75 lm1511r single 15 composite s-video pc stereo xga tilt rackmount vesa mount 1270.75 lm1911r single 19 composite s-video pc stereo sxga tilt rackmount vesa mount 1610.75 sony pvm series oled professional video monitor the pvm series uses a 960x540 oled organic light emitting diode panel which creates true blacks and higher contrast than lcds picture quality is excellent both indoors and outdoors supports broadcast standards smpte-c ebu and itu-r bt.709 with resolutions from ntsc/pal to 1080p60 the pvm 740 comes standard with one composite one auto detecting sdi/hdsdi/3g input one hdmi input internal waveform monitor 1/4 and 3/8 holes for camera mounting and ac power adapter item description price pvm740 7 1/4 oled professional monitor 2243.21 pvm1741 17 oled monitor 2 3g/hd/hd-sdi hdmi composite inputs 3375.12 pvm2541 25 oled monitor 2 3g/hd/hd-sdi hdmi composite inputs call vf510 eng field kit for pvm740l 385.14 mb531 rackmount kit 288.86 vaddio preview rack mount monitors excellent rack mount monitors for a variety of applications that require high resolution monitoring of hd sd cameras color contrast brightness and on/off controls per lcd except preview-quad-4 the hd monitors offer 16:9 lcd screens vga input and tally indicators other features include component s-video and composite inputs with loop-thru outputs the sd monitors offer active matrix lcd screens and inputs with active looping outputs on bnc connectors item description price preview-dual-6.4 dual 6.4 lcd rack mount monitor 3ru 1148.40 preview-triple-5.6 triple 5.6 lcd rack mount monitor 3ru 1071.60 preview-quad-4 quad 4 lcd rack mount monitor 2ru 994.80 previewhd-dual-7 dual 7 lcd rack mount monitor 3ru 2034.00 previewhd-triple-5 triple 5 lcd rack mount monitor 3ru 2274.00 sony fwd series hd lcds these public display hd lcd s have slim bezels for a more refined and stylish look for signage incorporating high-quality professional 47 and 42 diagonal lcd panels they offer full hd 1920x1080 resolution and high brightness for use in bright light conditions they support audio in/out pinjack dvi-d composite video out ethernet hd component i/o s-video and video-in interfaces also equipped with a network port for remote control/monitoring an option slot accepts a range of adapters for versatility well suited for retail shops shopping malls hospitals or schools the fwds42e1 is a low power consumption 100w model and has dvi-d input and remote control with hdmi sdi as options item description price fwds42h1 42 slim hd lcd 1405.35 fwds47h1 47 slim hd lcd 1807.08 fwds42e1 42 slim hd lcd low power consumption model 1272.12 bkmfw15 hdmi input adapter 113.19 bkmfw16 sdi/sdi input adapter 879.89 varizoom vz-tft7 16:9 7 on-camera monitor an external video display allowing more free movement away from camera with a generous 30°/60° viewing angle can use for most aspect ratios and has rca video and 2.1mm 12v dc input 10w max power consumption includes ac adapter and 4 rca cable item description price vz-tft-7 7 16:9 on-camera monitor w/video cable and universal power supply 332.45 vz-tft-7u 7 16:9 on-camera monitor w/case 702m battery kit shoe and sunhood 465.45 follow us tenemos ventas y servicio en español expertos que hablan español disponibles en x1178 y x1164.