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334 video hdd memory card recorders aja ki pro mini compact field recorder ki pro mini packs most features of the ki pro into a smaller package it eliminates the hard drive by recording onto compactflash cards unify sd 720 and 1080 cameras and formats with one superior 10-bit apple prores 422 in sd and hd formats it features digital i/o using either hdmi or hd/sd-sdi record frame accurate video by connecting to the ltc port and audio via 2 xlr inputs with 48v phantom power use a web browser via ethernet to control operations from a laptop or desktop computer also available is a desk stand kit with right-angled 4-pin xlr power cable or a mini mount plate that connects to the ki pro mini and allows a myriad of mount options kit includes ki pro mini and ac power adapter with 4-pin xlr adapter ® item description price ki-pro-mini compact field video recorder 1995.00 ki-ministand-r0 desk stand includes right-angle 4-pin xlr cable 75.00 ki-miniplate-r0 universal mounting plate 75.00 a-e2kpm ki pro mini power adapter by idx 565.00 raw6-cf32gb hoodman 32gb cf card 600x 459.99 sdcfxp064ga91 sandisk 64gb extreme pro cf card 90mb/s 695.72 datavideo dv/hdv 250gb hard drive recorder/players storing over 19hrs of video on 250gb of hdd space these video recorder/players accept dn-400 digital or analog video inputs including dv and hdv firewire component composite analog and s-video they feature vtr-style controls on the front rewind forward e.g seamless loop play frame-by-frame playback variable speed forward/reverse and 1-button .avi video conversion included software lets you save files in a variety of formats the 400 and 500 models feature unbalanced rca ins/outs and a built-in audio level monitor with an earphone level dial the 400 includes a usb cable and minito-regular xlr adapter cables for its balanced stereo mini-xlr ins/outs the 500 includes balanced stereo xlr ins/outs xlr cables and a usb cable item description price dn-400 dv/hdv 250gb removable hard drive recorder/player mini-xlr ins/outs 1712.00 dn-500 dv/hdv 250gb rackmount removable hard drive recorder/player xlr ins/outs 1712.00 dn-500 aja ki pro tapeless video recording device ki pro produces apple prores 422 quicktime files that are ready for immediate use within final cut studio simply connect the media to a host computer and begin editing unify sd 720 and 1080 cameras and formats with one superior 10-bit full-raster codec-apple prores 422 ki pro features cross-conversion so you can have a 720p camera produce a 1080i recording to match your other camera or vice versa ki pro can even help extend sd cameras usage since it also up-converts sd camera signals to hd recordings it records prores 422 media to a removable storage module or to 34mm expresscard flash and simultaneously record to host camera and ki pro it features extensive analog and digital i/o including hdmi sd/hd-sdi component ltc balance xlr audio and unbalance rca audio i/o firewire 800 and 400 rj45 rs-232 lens tap lanc loop and composite out use a web browser via ethernet or wifi to control operations from a laptop or iphone base unit includes ki drive 250 250gb 7200 rpm storage module fw800 cable ki ac adapter ac to 4-pin xlr item description price ki-pro-250gb portable digital file recorder with apple prores 422 call ki-exo-r0 exoskeleton for ki pro with sliding base plate mount hardware 595.00 ki-rodplates-r0 15mm rods mount endplates for exoskeleton 295.00 ki-iox-acadpt-r0 120/240 ac to 12v dc 4-pin xlr power adapter 95.00 ki-ssd120-r0 128gb solid state storage module fw800 cable 695.00 ki-ssd300-r0 256gb solid state storage module fw800 cable 1395.00 ki-stor250-r0 250gb 7200 rpm storage module fw800 cable 265.00 ki-stor500-r0 500gb 7200 rpm storage module fw800 cable 385.00 c-kp1 portabrace carrying case for ki-pro 164.05 datavideo hdr-40 hd/sd-sdi mediapac recorder the datavideo hdr-40 is a hard drive based video recorder/player that uses removable hard drive enclosures it records sd and hd video via sdi video output is hd/sd-sdi and hdmi connectors audio is connected through included xlr connections on the back of the unit recording format is mpeg-2 in 1080i 720p 576i and 480i resolutions with a choice of ibp or intra-frame a 250gb mediapac can record up to 9hrs of hd at 60mbps the hdr40 can be controlled externally by gpi rs-232 or rs-422 connections mediapacs can be removed and connected to a computer by a usb 2.0 or esata connection allowing you to move media files to an nle s drives item description price hdr-40 hd/sd-sdi media recorder 1920.00 hdd25 spare hard disc drive enclosure 90.00 hdd2.5-sata 250gb sata hard disc drive 144.00 datavideo hdr-50 sd/hd-sdi hdd video recorder this is a sd hd-sdi recorder with a built-in removable 250gb hard disk drive it records sd at 25mbps and hd at 20-60mbps has 4:2.0 color sampling utilizes the m2t recording format and records audio as mpeg1 layer 2 format at 48khz it also has an audio monitor function it has stereo xlr audio inputs sdi input both sd and hd sdi and hdmi output both sd and hd rs232 rs422 and gpi control interfaces hard drive enclosure includes usb2 and esata connectors item description price hdr-50 sd/hd-sdi recorder 250gb hdd 1920.00 hdd25 spare 2.5 hdd enclosure 90.00 hdd2.5-sata 250gb sata hdd 144.00 blackmagic design hyperdeck ssd recorders bypass your camera s compression and record from sdi and hdmi direct into the highest quality new uncompressed video records onto 2.5 sata ssd drives for ultimate performance for recording 10bit sd/hd quicktime files the shuttle is a single drive desktop model with built in battery and usb control interface the studio is a dual drive rack mount with built in lcd screen for monitoring video audio and timecode it also includes vtr style design with function control a knob for jog and shuttle plus an external rs-422 control both have 1x 3g/hd/sd-sdi input and output 2x inputs on studio and 1x hdmi input and output also supports up to 16 channels of embedded audio in sdi and 8 in hdmi item description price hyperdeck-shuttle uncompressed hd ssd recorder 327.75 hyperdeck-studio uncompressed hd ssd recorder rack mount 945.25 datavideo dn-60 dv/hdv solid state cf card recorder uses the latest solid state technology of removable high capacity cf memory cards capture 37mins on a 8gb card or nearly 5hrs on a 64gb card it is powered by using 4 traditional or rechargeable aa batteries traditional aa battery offers approx 2hrs continuous recording an ac power supply is included the dn-60 offers connections directly to dv or hdv camcorders via a single firewire cable for optimal recording performance cf cards with 90mb/s 600x speed are recommended however 60mb/s cards can be used item description price dn-60 dv/hdv 250gb hard drive recorder/player 539.00 sdcfxp064ga91 64gb sandisk extreme pro cf card 90mb/s 695.72 ts32gcf600 32gb transcend cf card 90mb/s 212.84 follow us download your free parts catalog today visit