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354 projectors ­ data/video panasonic pt-ae4000u hd home theater projector features the newly engineered red-rich lamp which produces brighter images the advanced pure color filter pro system and a fullhd optimized lens unit that assures uniform focusing balance across the screen offers a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 1600 lumens of brightness new signal processing technologies include detail clarity processor 3 which optimizes sharpness lost in image compression and frame creation2 which improves the clarity of motion images other features include dynamic iris cinema color management split adjust mode remote-controllable lens shifting and 2x optical power zoom focus includes 3 hdmi inputs and 2 component inputs item description price ptae4000u hd home theater projector w/hdmi component inputs 2549.00 panasonic single-chip dlptm projectors the line-up features the pt-dz6710u dz6700u with wuxga high ptdz6700u resolution 1920 x 1200 for projection of wide-screen images the pt-dw6300us with wxga resolution and the 6,500 lumens rated pt-d6000us with xga resolution new and unique functions abound such as the rgb booster which provides both vivid color reproduction and high brightness by combining our vivid color control and lamp drive modulation system the auto cleaning filter virtually eliminates the need for filter maintenance all models feature a built-in multi-screen support system that includes edge blending color matching and multi-screen processor capabilities for projection of extra-large or multiple images the pt-dz6710u also incorporates built-in geometric adjustment technology making it suitable for a variety of curved-screen applications and it is also equipped with an hd/sd-sdi input terminal item description price ptdz6710u 6000lm 1dlp wuxga res 1,920 x 1,200 hd/sd-sdi call ptdz6710ul 6000 lumens 1dlp wuxga res 1,920 x 1,200 lens not included call ptdz6700u 6000 lumens 1dlp wuxga res 1,920 x 1,200 call ptdz6700ul 6000 lumens 1dlp wuxga res 1,920 x 1200 lens not included call ptdw6300us 6000 lumens 1dlp wxga res 1,280 x 800 call ptdw6300uls 6000 lumens 1dlp wxga res 1,280 x 800 lens not included call ptdw6300uk 6000 lumens 1dlp wxga res 1,280 x 800 call ptdw6300ulk 6000 lumens 1dlp wxga res 1,280 x 800 lens not included call ptd6000us 6500 lumens 1dlp xga res 1,024 x 768 call ptd6000uls 6500 lumens 1dlp xga res 1,024 x 768 lens not included call ptd6000uk 6500 lumens 1dlp xga res 1,024 x 768 call ptd6000ulk 6500 lumens 1dlp xga res 1,024 x 768 lens not included call accessories etlad60a replacement lamp for ptd6000 series 473.85 etlad60aw replacement lamp for ptd6000 series twin pack 834.77 etacf100 replacement auto cleaning filter 76.88 etdle150 1.3 2.0:1 power zoom lens 2000.10 etdle250 2.4 3.7:1 power zoom lens 2000.10 etdle350 3.7 ­ 5.6:1 power zoom lens 2000.10 etdle450 5.5 8.9:1 long throw power zoom lens 2000.10 etdle055 0.8 fixed focal lens 2354.10 etpkd56h ceiling mount bracket for ptd6000 series 558.00 etpkd55s ceiling mount bracket for ptd6000 series 533.20 panasonic pt-lb90 -lb2u -lb3u lcd projectors these lightweight lcd projectors feature daylight view technology for clear images in pt-lb90ntu bright surroundings 3-5 second speed start real-time keystone correction direct power off fan continues after unplugged and easy lamp replacement in low eco standby mode power is reduced to less than 1w in order to save energy the included short throw lens can project 33-300 diagonally from less than 30ft and it has a contrast ratio of 500:1 all projectors include wireless remote control vga cable and a carrying case the network ptlb90ntu model includes live mode projected image is the same as on the pc screen and multi-live mode wirelessly connect with multiple pcs other wireless functions include wireless prompter secondary display transmission selective area transmission and a 16-window index style that lets you project images from up to 16 pcs at the same time wireless transmission is possible from 1 pc to a maximum of 8 projectors at a time ptlb90ntu ptlb2u ptlb3u item description price ptlb2vu xga 4:3 1024x768 2600 lumens 627.00 ptlb3u xga 4:3 1024x768 3200 lumens 720.50 ptlb90u xga 4:3 1024x768 3500 lumens 1699.00 ptlb90ntu xga 4:3 1024x768 3500 lumens wireless 1949.00 etlab80 replacement lamp unit 316.20 etpkb80 ceiling mount bracket 365.80 panasonic installation projectors both models feature a 2x manual zoom lens with horizontal/vertical lens shift a replaceable 6000hr lamp inorganic lcd panels a dust-resistant cabinet and a reusable eco filter that lasts up to 12,000 hours screen sizes range from 33 300 diagonally and both have contrast ratios of 600:1 new sanyo ultramobile economy projectors these portable xga 1028x768 or full widescreen 1280x800 plcxu350a models are equipped with wired or wireless networking interface these projectors have an easy setup function which includes automatic vertical keystone correction for screen distortion elimination auto input signal search and an input guidance function that assists in setting up the projection screen display they feature a 7w speaker except for plcwxu700a 40 300 image size 500:1 contrast ratio and can be turned off without the need to cool down the plcwxu700a features hdmi usb connectivity and high-speed 802.11n wireless lan with video streaming windows vista network projector function plcxk3010 plcxu350a plcxu305a plcxu355a item description price ptfx400u 4000 lumens xga 1024x768 4:3 1987.43 ptfw430u 3500 lumens wxga 1280x800 16:10 2036.43 etemf100 replacement filter unit 69.70 etlaf100a replacement lamp unit 369.52 etpkf110h high ceiling mounting bracket 416.64 etpkf110s low ceiling mounting bracket 388.12 etwm200u wireless module 148.50 plcwxu700a 2 inputs years projector warranty authorized reseller item description price plcxk3010 xga 1024 x 768 projector 3000 lumens wired network interface 720.91 plcxu305a xga 1024 x 768 projector 3000 lumens wired/wireless network interface 1062.68 plcxu350a xga 1024 x 768 projector 3500 lumens wired network interface 834.43 plcxu355a xga 1024x 768 projector 3500 lumens wired/wireless network interface 1169.48 plcwxu700a wxga 1280 x 800 projector 3800 lumens wired/wireless network interface hdmi 1594.85 610-345-2456 optional lamp for plc-wx250 132.35 610-343-2069 optional lamp for plc-xu300a/305a/355a 218.66 610-333-9740 optional lamp for plc-wxu700a 356.78 poa-pjnm01 master software for plc-wxu700a 1438.59