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356 projectors ­ data/video sanyo plc-xp200l xga projector with quadrive it features an optical engine that improves on conventional 3 lcd systems by controlling the yellow light independently through a 4th lcd color purity is increased by approximately 20 compared this projector s predecessor ­ the plc-xp100 its highoutput single lamp system yields 7,000 lumens of brightness and it can be installed at any angle to allow ceiling or floor image projection and a filter sensor automatically advances a clean filter surface when the existing one is dirty unit ships without a lens but uses standard xp series lenses call for more information about available lenses the optional pj-net organizer plus ii card enables management/control via a lan and monitoring function added by cmos camera item description price plcxp200l quaddrive 4lcd engine xga 1024x768 projector 7000 lumens 2200:1 contrast ratio no lens call poa-pn03c optional pj-net organizer plus ii w/camera no additional software required 517.89 plcxm150l sanyo portable multimedia projectors one of the brightest family of projectors available with interchangeable lenses and featuring high quality images the plcxm100s is a 5000 lumen unit while the plcxm150s is 6000 lumens both models support true xga 1024x768 and a 1000:1 contrast ratio they have a throw distance of 4.3 to 75.1 and a projection image diagonal of 40 to 400 the plczm5000 is a 5000 lumen unit with wuxga 1920x1200 resolution 2000:1 contrast ratio other features for all models include horizontal/vertical keystone correction and horizontal/vertical lens shift outputs include d-sub for video and stereo mini jack for audio plczm5000l plcxm100s plcxm150s sanyo plc-wtc500al wxga multimedia projector with wxga 1280x800 projection it is possible to project high-quality hd images from nearly any location it offers an auto lamp selection system 2x 330w that automatically chooses which lamp to use making it maintenancefree for about 6000 hours it offers easy maintenance with an active maintenance filter amf system up to 10,000 hours it features picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture functions other features include vertical/horizontal lens shifting keystone correction 360° projection and more outputs include a 3.5 mm stereo jack a 15-pin d-sub monitor out a 25-pin d-sub for pj-net organizer includes ir/cable remote control with laser pointer and mouse function batteries power cable usb cable d-sub15 cable pin code label item description price plcwtc500al wxga projector 5000 lumens 3000:1 contrast no lens call lns-s11 standard lens 1.6 2.1 :1 throw ratio 552.42 lns-w10 wide zoom lens 1.2 1.6 :1 throw ratio 1651.74 lns-w11 wide zoom lens 0.8 :1 throw ratio 1872.71 lns-t10 long zoom lens 2.1 3.4 :1 throw ratio 1651.74 lns-t11 long zoom lens 3.4 5.4 :1 throw ratio 1872.71 item description price plcxm100s 5,000 lumen projector 21.3 lbs 2995.00 plcxm100l 5,000 lumen projector without lens 19.6 lbs 2595.00 plcxm150s 6,000 lumen projector 21.3 lbs 3458.43 plcxm150l 6,000 lumen projector without lens 19.6 lbs call plczm5000l 5,000 lumen projector without lens 21.3 lbs call lns-w21 short fixed lens 1872.71 lns-w20 short zoom lens 1651.74 lns-s20 standard zoom lens standard on plc-xm100s/150s 552.42 lns-t20 long zoom lens 1651.74 plcxf47 sanyo pdgdht-8000l full hd dlp multimedia projector designed to handle full hd 1920 x 1080 resolution image projection with attention to detail for demanding applications like design or cad they have a 16:9 aspect ratio and 7,500:1 contrast ratio other features include 24/7 lamp interval function for reducing lamp deterioration and active maintenance filter for cleaner longer durability and dust-free optical engine includes rich color reproduction color wheel set wireless wired incl remote control cable cover removable power cord d-sub computer cable real color manager pro cd-rom lenshole cover pin code-locking seal choose from a number of sanyo lenses lens not included optional hd data wireless adapter wlan-module enables wireless data transmission of up to 98ft item description price pdgdht8000l hd multimedia projector 8000 lumens no lens call poa-md26hdwl optional hd data wireless receiver board 684.78 lns-s51 standard zoom motorized zoom/focus f2.0­f2.7 aperture 38.5mm-60mm focal length 2204.16 lns-t51 ultra long zoom motorized zoom/focus f2.3-f3.2 aperture 101.3mm-168.8mm focal length call lns-w50 wide-angle zoom motorized zoom/focus f2.0-f2.1 aperture 31.9mm-38.3mm focal length call sanyo large fixed installation projectors features include very high brightness multi-lamp system digital progressive scan/signal processing for improved video detail rs232 i/o and interchangeable lenses ideal for permanent installations in houses of worship presentation/meeting halls large conference rooms or multimedia centers they also feature high-resolution imaging remote control power zoom/focus/tilt usb port pj-net organizer option and efficient lamp power management item description price plcxf47 15,000 lumens xga 1024x768 2000:1 contrast ratio no lens call plcxf1000 12,000 lumens xga 1024x768 4000:1 contrast ratio no lens call poa-md13net2 optional pj net organizer network module no additional software required 402.80 lns-t10 long zoom lens option power zoom 2.12-3.39:1 throw ratio 1651.74 610-334-6267 replacement lamp for plcxf47 368.28 610-341-9497 replacement lamp for plcxf71/f1000 379.79 looking for interactive whiteboards ebeam edge visit for more info inputs: