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336 video hdd memory card recorders panasonic portable avccam hd memory card camera recorder featuring hd-sdi input and output this recorder s avchd-format quality features twice the compression efficiency of mpeg-2 and a max bit rate of 24 mbps in ph mode can record up to 720 mins 12 hrs on a 32gb sdhc card 180 mins in ph mode the optional camera head features a 12x optical zoom lens optical image stabilizer and a 1/4.1 approx 2 megapixel progressive 3mos iris focus and zoom can be controlled remotely from the memory card recorder unit item description price aghmr10 avccam hd memory card video recorder 1404.00 aghck10 camera head w/3 m 118.1 cable for aghmr10 1169.30 roland f-1 video field recorder the hard drive is removable and housed in shock-resistant construction for the rigors of field use record up to 9 straight hours then transfer and edit footage on your computer via the hard drive s usb port you can preview recorded footage in thumbnail form simply by connecting the 15-pin d-sub output jack to a computer monitor the unit also features 2 additional audio inputs for simultaneous recording of stereo audio from a mixer or 2 microphones or for capturing ambient sounds at your shoot a lan port allows you to control multiple units from your computer the f-1 can be operated with 3 types of power ac adapter external battery and aa batteries item description price f-1 hdv/dv field recorder includes 1 f1-hd120 hdd call f1-vmk1 v-mount adapter kit call f1-hd120 120gb removable hard drive call cb-f1 carrying bag call pix240 panasonic ajpcd20 fivebay p2 transfer drive use this five bay p2 drive unit externally or install install it into a desktop pc and use it as an internal drive or with the ac adaptor and a usb or firewire cable use it as a stand-alone external drive the aj-pcd20 can also be used as an external drive with a laptop pc that s not equipped with a 5-inch bay it supports five p2 card slots with high-speed data transfer via usb 2.0 or firewire you can edit directly onto p2 card with nonlinear editing software you also get blazing fast results when uploading files to a server or copying onto a hard drive item description price ajpcd20 5-bay p2 drive unit 1966.50 ajp2e032xg 32gb e series p2 memory card 467.40 sound devices pix production ne recorders record apple prores or avid dnxhd video files to any hdmi-or hd-sdi equipped high-definition video camera the pix 220 hdmi-only and the pix 240 hdmi and hd-sdi record quicktime files to compactflash cards or removable 2.5-inch solid-state hard drives designed with a molded carbon fiber chassis for field use both include a 5 lcd display hdmi in/out with 2 channels of embedded audio 2x xlr audio in/out and up/down/cross conversion of 480i 525i 720p 1080i 1080p the pix 240 also includes hd/sd-sdi in/out with 8 channels of embedded audio time code generator with genlock and word clock output and aes digital audio inputs powered by 10-18 vdc adapter or dual sony l-mount batteries with additional power adapters available item description price pix220 production recorder with hdmi 1595.00 pix240 production recorder with hdmi hd-sdi 2595.00 pix-caddy ssd drive adapter for pix recorders 99.00 w panasonic aj-pcd2 single-slot p2 card drive this drive allows you to offload content to a computer via usb 2.0 that has been recorded on a p2 card the aj-pcd2 comes with 2 usb cables one for file transfer and one for powering the unit compatible with windows 7 xp vista as well as mac os x works with all sizes of p2 cards and supports all p2 formats and hd sd frame rates item description price ajpcd2 single-slot p2 card drive w/2 usb cables 336.30 panasonic ag-msu10 p2 media storage unit with drive the ag-msu10 is a lightweight mobile storage unit for simple p2 backup in the field p2 content transfers at a 4x real-time rate also features 3.2 lcd screen for metadata review and clip-by-clip copying support can also be used as a p2 card reader usb 2.0 only unit features a p2 card slot and you can choose a 256gb solid-state drive msu10-ssd or a 500gb hard disk drive msu10-hdd it includes 1 ag-mbx10g removable drive tray with usb2.0 esata interfaces 1 battery 1 battery charger w/ac power cable 1 ac adapter and 2 usb cables item description price msu10ssd ag-msu10 p2 media storage unit w/256gb solid-state drive 2945.60 msu10hhd ag-msu10 p2 media storage unit w/500gb hard disk drive 2458.40 sony gvh-d700 hdvtm video walkman vcr the hdvtm video walkman® vcr boasts x.v.color technology capable of reproducing nearly twice the viewable colors as before your images will appear sharp and detailed from multiple angles while you edit with assignable buttons for the most commonly used functions crystal-clear stills and slow-motion playback can be paused and zoomed in upon then edited and cropped on the fly compatible with long-lasting l and m series rechargeable infolithium batteries the gv-hd700 will conveniently display remaining battery time with the exclusive accupowertm meter it is capable of playing back high-definition video hdv and standard-definition video recorded on minidv cassette other features include ieee1394 interface hdmi output s-video i/o 7 lcd screen memory stick duotm media slot standard play 60min long play 90 min record modes item description price hvrm15u gvhd700 hdv vtr/walkman 1399.99 sony hvr1500a hdv video cassette recorder features quick mechanical response and multi-format dv playback plus hd sdi input capability a rich set of professional video/audio interfaces ranges from analog to digital sdi and aes/ebu can also be used as a standard definition dvcamtm recorder note in hdv mode editing capabilities in a linear editing system are limited to use as a source player only item description price hvr1500a hdv videocassette recorder hd sdi in/out call dsrm10 wired control-s remote control unit 364.27 hvbk1505 analog input board for hvr1500a 977.96 follow us commercial lease-to-own financing for businesses available 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