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Catalog Cutlass 442 Catalog 41C

Catalog 41C has all our parts for 1961 through 77 Cutlass and 442. Publish date of catalog 41C is September 2007

turn signal cancel cam 70 cutlass 1972 cutlass supreme 442 1966 cutlass door 4 door 1968 cutlass door 4 door 1969 cutlass door 4 door 1970 cutlass supreme roof panel 1973 cutlass supreme dome light lens bezel 1968 cutlass door panel 4 door 1966 442 tail lights cutlass convertible sun visor brackets cutlass supreme front and rear bumper front license plate bracket cutlass cutlass body parts body mount bushings cutlass 68 back up light 12 bolt rear end 442 hurst olds hood scoop d6203 turn signal switch 1973 dome lights lens bezel ac delco spark plugs 69 hurst 455 hurst dual gate shifter switch neutral willow green door panels oldsmobile 12 bolt rear ends oldsmobile radiator core support bushings oldsmobile 12 bolt rear end cover cutlass 442 hood cutlass 442 fender 1968 cutlass 442 hood 1971 cutlass 442 hood 1966 cutlass 442 1969 cutlass 442 bumper 1972 olds cutlass 442 1968 olds cutlass 442 1970 olds cutlass 442 1973 cutlass 442 door 1968 cutlass 442 door 1969 cutlass 442 door front bumper 1969 cutlass 442 1969 cutlass 442 door jamb vents 77 cutlass 442 exhaust cutlass 442 fender cover 75 cutlass 442 bumper 72 cutlass supreme fusick 71 cutlass supreme fusick oldsmobile cutlass supreme trunk 1971 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 1972 cutlass supreme 1973 oldsmobile cutlass supreme cutlass supreme headlight bezel 72 cutlass salon emblem oldsmobile cutlass supreme trunk lid 72 cutlass supreme emblems 72 cutlass supreme emblem oldsmobile cutlass supreme headlight bezel olds cutlass supreme headlight bezel cutlass supreme trunk lid

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1969-75 442 emblems 1969-75 442 emblems are a quality injection die cast product chrome plated and painted where applicable with the correct finish general motors has inspected and licensed all our 442 emblems look for the gm restoration parts and fusick automotive products inc license tags on all 442 emblems 1969-73 442 emblems 1969-70 1973 442 models used a header panel emblem set mounted between grilles front fender 442s were used on all 1969-73 and 1969-72 models were complimented with 442 trunk numerals our emblems are manufactured from high pressure injection tooling original factory samples were provided to attain the correct textured-grain finish many of the later gm nos emblems lost their finish due to worn or rusted tooling all emblems include fasteners for the restorer that requires the correct emblem location we offer a template kit for all 1970-72 442 and/or w30 front fenders and trunk installation se234f 1969-70 442 and 1973 442 header emblem 29.50 set se223f 1969-73

1968-70 cutlass-442-hurst/olds cast chrome hood louvers injection high pressure tooling as original with polished-chrome plated finish technical tip during our test fit process of the 1969-70 hood louvers we found installation to be simplified if the hood is off car in addition we discovered the hood louver retaining bezel holes were too small from the factory drilling slightly larger holes will allow easier adjustment of the hood louver and painted retaining bezel both gm s and our hood louvers have a close fit tolerance the 1968 hood louvers are a much easier installation hcl680 hood louvers 1968 all cutlass 2 doors except supreme 195.00 pr hcl697 hood louvers 1969 all 442 cutlass `s hurst/olds 219.00 pr 1970 all 442 non oai cutlass `s 1968-72 cutlass 442 hood extension moldings excellent quality reproductions of difficult to find original moldings the 1968 1969 and 1970 hood extension moldings are die cast and chrome plated the 1971-72 hood moldings are anodized aluminum in the

body style description the following illustrations are 3 of the 6 major body styles used by oldsmobile for the cutlass f-85 models in years 1961-72 convertibles four doors and station wagons are not shown when ordering parts it is essential to accurately describe your car body style is especially important when ordering sheet metal and weatherstripping please use the illustrations below to identify your body style cutlass cutlass s 442 holiday coupe or 2 door hardtop no post when door and rear quarter windows are rolled down style 87 cutlass cutlass s 442 sport coupe or post coupe has post all around the door and rear window glass post stays when windows are rolled down style 77 cutlass supreme holiday coupe or cutlass supreme 2 door hardtop no post when door and rear quarter windows are rolled down style 57 sheet metal large sheet metal items like quarter panel skins quarter panels and fenders are truck freight only charges are based on your location and the amount of items sent

original battery trays and hold down parts bt6639 battery tray 10 3/8 x 7 7/8 1966-67 all 34.50 bt6875 battery tray 10 3/8 x 7 1/4 1968-72 all 350 400 33.50 bt6903 battery tray 12 x 7 1/2 1968-72 all 455 engine 34.50 bt7887 battery tray 10 1/2 x 6 3/4 1978-1987 all cutlass 34.50 hd6117 battery hold-down clamp 1961-63 f85 1966-67 all 24.00 hd6478 battery hold-down clamp 1964-65 330 v8 24.00 hd6560 battery hold-down clamp 1968-72 all 4.95 gs6560 engine ground strap to cowl 10 1/2 long 1965-72 all 8.50 hdb005 battery hold-down bolt 1961-63 f85 1966-67 all 2 per car 6.50 ea 1964-72 cutlass-442-h/o battery cables reproductions of original equipment delco-packard cables complete with part number correct color and gauge cable hot wire pigtail cable insulator etc this is a top quality product which adds to your engine compartment restoration and originality please note that not all cables were spring ring design right angle and bolt type connectors are supplied where originally used

suspension parts tie rod ends es333r tie rod end outer 1964-70 es406r tie rod end outer 1971-72 es681n tie rod end inner 1964-70 es406l tie rod end inner 1971-72 es2032s adjusting sleeve 1964-70 es2004s adjusting sleeve 1971-72 49.00 ea 49.00 ea 36.00 ea 49.00 ea 16.00 ea 16.00 ea control arm and axle housing bumpers fb4220 front upper arm bumpers 1961-72 all 23.50 pr fb6410 front lower arm bumpers 1961-72 all 23.50 pr ab6473 axle housing bumper 1964-67 all except 442 1968-72 all 23.50 pr gas shock absorbers ac delco has discontinued standard shocks for all cars we have switched to delco gas shocks where available 50170g front shock absorber 1961-63 38.00 ea 50171g rear shock absorber 1961-63 38.00 ea sa360 ac delco front shock absorber 1964-67 all cutlass/442 29.50 ea sa187 ac delco rear shock absorber 196467 all cutlass exc heavy duty 29.50 ea sa180 ac delco rear shock absorber 1964-67 hd 442 1968-72 all 29.50 ea sa182 ac delco rear shock absorber 1964-72 vista cruiser 29.50 ea

hood insulation press molded hood pads new tooling has been created to manufacture exact duplicates of the original press molded hood insulation pictured below insulations are molded to fit the contours on the underside of the hood price reflects tooling expense involved press molded hood insulations are shipped direct from the manufacturer a shipping charge of 40.00 will apply to the press molded hood pad we can not ship out of the continental united states delivery time is approximately 2 weeks hi6657pm hi6775pm hi6876pm hi7076spm press molded hood insulation press molded hood insulation press molded hood insulation press molded hood insulation 1966 cutlass/442 1967 cutlass/442 1968-72 cutlass/442 1970-72 non oai cars 1970-72 cutlass supreme 149.00 129.00 89.50 89.50 press molded hood pad hood insulation pads economy choice located under hood on all 1961-87 except on 1970-72 ram air cars pad should be installed fuzzy side facing engine hood insulation for 1981-87 cutlass will also

1970 cutlass supreme coupe convertible and 442 convertibles specify holiday coupe or convertible when ordering colors available are black `68 blue dark metallic green pearl dark saddle or gold 1970 cutlass supreme and 442 convertibles have the vertical pleats on the bottoms and a four square design with buttons on the seat backrest section the rear trim panels for the coupes are only available un-assembled 70bks 1970 bucket seats or front bench seat specify color 295.00 pair 70fss 1970 buckets and rear bench set specify color 435.00 set 70dps 1970 door panels assembled specify color 315.00 pair 70rqs 1970 rear trim panels and ash covers holiday coupes un-assembled specify color 160.00 set 70rqcs 1970 rear trim panels and ash covers convertible assembled specify color 260.00 set 1971 1972 cutlass supreme 442 convertible specify holiday coupe or convertible when ordering colors available for 1971 are black dark blue jade green pearl and sienna brown 1972 colors are black dark blue

shifter boots and console parts 1964-69 standard transmission shift boot on console this shift boot measures 4 1/4 x 6 and fits on top of the console 3/4 x 3/8 hole for shifter hole placement may vary slightly on different years ss6420 shift boot 1964-69 all standard trans with console 1964-65 standard transmission shift boot at floor board this boot fits under console and is made for the round shifters used in 1964-65 rough finish unsuitable for use without console ss6526 shift boot 1964-65 with console 1966-69 non-console shift boot now available for all 1966-69 cutlass and 442 models without a console retaining ring available seperately and only works with this shifter boot ss6661 shift boot 1966-69 no console 49.50 sbm669 shift boot retaining ring 29.50 1966-69 standard transmission shift boot at floor board reproduction boot is made for rectangular shifters used in 1966-69 rough finish unsuitable for use on floor board without console ss6527 shift boot at floor board 1966-69

trunk compartment 1967-75 accessory rubber trunk mat rare accessory used to protect the original mat available in black only embossed with the word oldsmobile highly desirable accessory sought after by collectors licensed and approved by general motors trm672 accessory trunk mat 1967-75 all 115.00 trunk weatherstripping we offer the finest quality black sponge rubber available no unsightly splice marks or oversize extrusions that make closing the trunk a difficult task 1961-67 models use approximately 16 feet and 1968-77 models use 14 feet twl75 trunk weatherstrip 1961-77 all models 1.50 per foot rubber trunk lid bumpers mounts in hole on either side of trunk two used per car tb61 trunk lid bumper 1961-68 all 1.95 each tb69 trunk lid bumper 1969-77 all 1.95 each 1968-72 trunk wiring plug located near trunk latch on trunk floor pan 2 per car tb70 trunk wiring plug 11.50 ea 1968-77 trunk lock retainer gasket fits between lock retainer and trunk lid used on all 1968-77 models to

aluminum air filter plates air filter plate chrome retainer original chrome finish fits all 1965-68 4 barrel adds the final touch to air filter painted plates listed below 3741a oem style wing nut 1964-77 all 4.50 fpr657 air filter plate retainer 1965-67 all 4 barrel 16.50 fpr680 air filter plate retainer 1968 all 4 barrel 18.50 ultra high compression u-shaped plates made out of aluminum with an adhesive backing correct color stenciled paint as original 1964 4 barrels used one type and 1965-67 4 barrels used another design both are shipped with a protective film on them to prevent scratching we recommend removing film after installation bc123 fits 1964 4 barrel 19.50 dc111a fits 1965-67 4 barrel 19.50 `cutlass air filter plates high quality aluminum reproduction air filter plates for 1964-67 `cutlass models one plate is for 1964 while a different plate was used for 1965-67 use contact cement and air filter retainers to hold onto the air filter lid shipped with a protective plastic