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rubber bumper fillers front and rear bumper fillers ornamental rubber parts located on either side of front and rear bumpers nice finishing touch when installing new or rechromed bumpers 1970-72 models use only rear fillers bf64f front fillers 1964 all 28.50 pr bf67r rear fillers 1967 all 19.50 pr bf64r rear fillers 1964 all 24.50 pr bf68f front fillers 1968 all 17.50 pr bf65f front fillers 1965 all 21.00 pr bf68r rear fillers 1968 all 18.50 pr bf65r rear fillers 1965 all 27.00 pr bf69f front fillers 1969 all 17.50 pr bf66f front fillers 1966 all 19.50 pr bf69r rear fillers 1969 all 18.50 pr bf66r rear fillers 1966 all 21.00 pr bf702 rear fillers 1970-72 all 21.00 pr bf67f front fillers 1967 all 19.00 pr cutlass supreme 442 bumpers and accessories while the 1970-72 cutlass-442 bumpres have been reproduced they remain in short supply call for availability before placing your order to avoid disappointment the bumpers offered are rated as high quality driver examples concours bumper rechrome service can cost 2-3 times more than the prices listed reproduction bumpers are a viable alternative to used or replating of scarce rusted or damaged originals front bumpers b70f b712f reproduction front bumper reproduction front bumper 1970 all cutlass/442 1971-72 all cutlass/442 435.00 435.00 rear bumpers b70r b70442r b712r b712442r reproduction rear bumper dual cutout reproduction rear bumper reproduction rear bumper dual cutout reproduction rear bumper 1970 cutlass cutlass supreme 1970 442 and cutlass supreme sx 1971-72 cutlass cutlass supreme 1971-72 442 1971 cutlass supreme sx and 1972 hurst/olds 425.00 435.00 425.00 435.00 bumper accessories you will need these new bumper bolts when installing the above bumpers front bumpers usually use 6 bolts while rear bumpers require 4 bolt has 1 dia stainless capped head and is 1 long 2.00 ea bb131 stainless steel capped bumper bolt 1964-72 all lbp682 front license plate bracket 1968-72 all 24.00 8418-89 license plate fasteners 1961-77 all 2.00 pr 1969 rear bumper rubber insert option ve5 used on select 1969 cutlass models only bve5 rubber insert 1969 models w/ve5 option 65.00 fuel tank door rubber bumpers these are not the universal type fuel tank door bumpers other companies offer all applications have been reproduced faithfully from original examples 4.50 pr gb50 door bumper 1967-72 all 4.50 pr gb30 door bumpers 1964 all gb40 door bumpers 1965-66 all 4.50 pr 19