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spark plug ac delco spark plug wire retainer keep your gm car all gm 1968 cutlass 442 wiring diagram turn signal cancel cam 70 cutlass gas tank filler neck support bucket seat rod end caps cutlass body parts body mount bushings 1972 cutlass supreme 442 1968 cutlass door 4 door 1966 cutlass door 4 door 1973 cutlass supreme dome light lens bezel 1969 cutlass door 4 door cutlass convertible sun visor brackets 1968 cutlass door panel 4 door 1966 442 tail lights front license plate bracket cutlass cutlass supreme front and rear bumper cutlass 68 back up light 12 bolt rear end 442 74 cutlass 442 parts hurst olds hood scoop turn signal cancel cam tsc646 convertible door jamb strikers exhaust manifold heat shroud convertible sun visor brackets d6203 turn signal switch door jamb striker plate turn signal cancel cam f85 tilt 1973 dome lights lens bezel turn signal canceling cam turn signal cancel cam turn signal cancelling cam turn signal cancellation cam dual snorkel air cleaner ac delco spark plug ac delco spark plugs 250 gas tank filler neck convertible top latch receptacle exhaust manifold locking washers hurst dual gate shifter top lens plate convertible top switch 1966 ac delco spark plug wires glove box wood grain kits rocker panel molding clips rocker panels molding clips rear deck filler panel ac delco spark plugs 69 hurst 455 saginaw power steering pump reservoir exhaust manifold 1970 olds 350 saginaw power steering pump saginaw power steering pumps hoses saginaw power steering pumps double wire hose clamp air cleaner vacuum motor double wire hose clamps

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1969-75 442 emblems 1969-75 442 emblems are a quality injection die cast product chrome plated and painted where applicable with the correct finish general motors has inspected and licensed all our 442 emblems look for the gm restoration parts and fusick automotive products inc license tags on all 442 emblems 1969-73 442 emblems 1969-70 1973 442 models used a header panel emblem set mounted between grilles front fender 442s were used on all 1969-73 and 1969-72 models were complimented with 442 trunk numerals our emblems are manufactured from high pressure injection tooling original factory samples were provided to attain the correct textured-grain finish many of the later gm nos emblems lost their finish due to worn or rusted tooling all emblems include fasteners for the restorer that requires the correct emblem location we offer a template kit for all 1970-72 442 and/or w30 front fenders and trunk installation se234f 1969-70 442 and 1973 442 header emblem 29.50 set se223f 1969-73

1966 1967 1969 chrome tail light bezels 1966 442 chrome tail light bezels new reproduction 1966 442 tail light bezels chrome bezels have red painted highlights on inside edge originals are expensive to re-chrome and new bezels are a welcome alternative the 1966 bezels are not manufactured by fusick automotive products our tail light lenses are shown on page 24 tl6618/9 tail light bezels 1966 442 models 299.00 pair tla66 tail light housing to body gasket 1966 32.50 pair 1967 cutlass cutlass supreme and 442 upper chrome tail light bezels cast chrome plated bezel with black satin textured area and silver paint around inside on the 442 bezels for the cutlass and cutlass supreme bezels the correct silver paint is used around inside perimeter while textured surface is chrome tail light bezel to body molded rubber mounting gaskets are sold separately tl6793/4 tail light bezels 1967 442 models 259.00 pair tl6795/6 tail light bezels 1967 cutlass supreme 259.00 pair tla67 molded rubber

rubber bumper fillers front and rear bumper fillers ornamental rubber parts located on either side of front and rear bumpers nice finishing touch when installing new or rechromed bumpers we now have the vista cruiser and station wagon rear bumper fillers available 1970-72 models use only rear fillers none were used on front bumpers bf64f bf64r bf65f bf65r bf66f bf66r bf67f bf67r front fillers rear fillers front fillers rear fillers front fillers rear fillers front fillers rear fillers 1964 all 1964 all 1965 all 1965 all 1966 all 1966 all 1967 all 1967 all 32.00 pr 27.50 pr 24.00 pr 29.50 pr 22.00 pr 24.00 pr 22.00 pr 22.00 pr front fillers 1968 all rear fillers 1968 all front fillers 1969 all rear fillers 1969 all rear fillers 1970-72 all cutlass supreme 442 bf64r rear bumper fillers 1964-65 vista cruiser/wagon bf667r rear bumper fillers 1966-67 vista cruiser /wagon bf682r rear bumper fillers 1968-72 vista cruiser/wagon bf68f bf68r bf69f bf69r bf702 19.50 pr 21.00 pr 19.50 pr 21.00

alternator plastic end cap red or black plastic cap used on 196275 alternators covers hot wire most cars used red caps while others had black check your car for proper color mandatory for detailed restorations apc62r alternator end cap red 1961-77 all 6.50 apc62b alternator end cap black 1961-77 all 6.50 1966-72 alternator bracket set new alternator brackets for 1966-72 cutlass/442 v8 models without a/c three piece set includes bottom cast bracket top stamped steel bracket and top bracket brace abs667 alternator bracket set 1966-72 129.00 set remanufactured ac delco alternators ac delco alternator for 1969-72 with internal or external voltage regulator and rear case input alternator is 55 amp for cars without air conditioning alternators carry a one year from date of purchase warranty 2110 alternator 1969-71 w external regulator 139.00 1264 alternator 1970-72 w internal regulator 139.00 1968-74 v8 battery cable tubes necessary part for all detailed restorations of cutlass 442 h/o

radiator shroud and radiator insulators the 1968-70 shroud is gm original limited supply available the 1971-72 shroud is our new manufacture rubber insulators are used between the radiator support and radiator for 1966-72 all models 402995 407867 radiator shroud radiator shroud 1968-70 all 1971-72 all 149.00 119.00 ri2021 insulators 1966-70 all set of four 2 long 6 2 short 5 1/2 19.50 set ri2020 insulators 1966-70 all set of four long 6 19.50 set ri17 insulators 1971-72 all set of four 4 3/8 19.50 set 1969-72 4 core radiator top plates new radiator top plates for all 1969-72 cutlass/442 with 4-core radiators includes rubber radiator insulators for the top plate very nice reproduction replaces rusted distorted or damaged originals rtp692 radiator top plate 1969-72 4 core 135.00 lower 4 core radiator brackets and insulators used at the bottom of radiator and is spot welded into place on the core support necessary item for converting to a 4 core radiator sold as a four piece set with

engine paints engine enamels were computer color-matched to original parts and are the closest available to factory colors there were many variations depending on supplier used paint batches humidity etc we have researched extensively and consulted with many fellow oldsmobile enthusiasts to arrive at these final colors engine paint is available in 11 oz aerosol cans 3 to 4 cans will be needed for a complete engine repaint ep74 gold engine paint aerosol 1964-72 all 330-350 engines 16.50 can ep90s bronze engine paint aerosol 1965-69 all 400 engines 16.50 can ep100s blue engine paint aerosol 1970-72 455 engines 16.50 can ep110s red engine paint aerosol 1968-69 hurst olds 455 engines 16.50 can af150s red air filter assembly paint all models using red air filters 19.50 can transmission and motor mounts new motor and transmission mounts for all 1964-72 cutlass/442 models we have a good supply of mounts in stock including the hard-to-find 1965-68 400 motor mounts two motor mounts used and

window channel quarter window seals 1973-77 outer and 1981-88 outer door sweepers the outer sweeper pieces attach to the top edge of the door and seal up against the glass 1981-88 are available for cars with or without b85 reveal moldings only two door models are available ck73 1973-77 2 door outers 199.00 pr ck818 1981-88 2 door outer sweepers without reveal moldings 129.00 pr ck818r 1981-88 2 door outer sweepers with reveal moldings 129.00 pr window channel kits 1964-72 oem style two door and convertible 8 piece channel kits one kit supplies the 4 inside and 4 outside horizontal sweepers fuzzies complete with appropriate fasteners channel kits for 1968-70 cutlass holiday coupes with the b85 reveal molding option are also available these attach to the molding rather than the top of the door and have no chrome bead on the outers ck64 1964 2 door hardtop 129.00 ck64a 1964 convertible 129.00 ck65 1965 2 door hardtop 129.00 ck65a 1965 convertible 129.00 ck66 1966-67 2 door hardtop

instrument cluster and console chrome plastic bezels 1970-72 cutlass-442-h/o instrument cluster and console chrome bezels new chrome bezels replace often worn originals instrument cluster lenses require hole drilling for clock speedometer or trip odometer where applicable our own new corrected dies apply to the db702 dash bezel and all 1970-72 console bezels no fit or finish issues as in the past icl687 instrument cluster clear lens usually 3 per car 1968-77 all cutlass/442 11.50 ea db702 instrument cluster chrome plastic bezel new correct tooling 1970-72 all cutlass/442 89.50 cb702a automatic chrome plastic console bezel 1970-72 all cutlass/442 85.00 cb7024s 4 speed chrome plastic console bezels front and rear 1970-72 all cutlass/442 65.00 pr cb702dg dual gate chrome plastic console bezel 1970-72 cutlass/442 w dual gate 59.50 1967-68 automatic transmission aluminum console insert brushed aluminum insert fits 1967-68 cutlass automatic trans with console insert needs to be glued into

molded carpet sets 1964-77 cutlass molded loop and pile carpet sets all sets include backing harmonizing heel pad and binding carpets are cut to manufacturer s specifications with pressure molded floor pan areas for correct fit we stock black carpet sets for immediate delivery allow 3-4 weeks for special order color carpets pleasespecifyifconsole automaticor4 speedtransmission no returns of non-stock carpets extra carpet material by the yard is 40.00 per yard 36 x 40 specify number of yards and use stock number of carpet 1964-73 loop carpet 169.00 set black 11 medium saddle red 12 dark saddle ivy gold 13 maroon aqua 45 dark green dark blue 20 gold dark brown 1974-77 pile carpet 801 black 875 819 dark blue 825 807 dark grey 820 810 brown 815 809 green 1804 7769 light saddle 169.00 set oxblood maroon saddle red silver 01 41 04 05 16 10 sound deadener package this is the tar like rubber material found between the carpet and the body floor pan should be replaced when installing new

literature shopservice assembly andfisherbodymanuals b63rm b64rm b65rm b66rm b67rm b68rm b69rm b70rm b71rm b72rm b74rm b75rm b76rm b77rm shop service manuals 1963 shop service manual 85.00 1964 shop service manual 5 pc set 99.50 1965 shop service manual 92.50 1966 shop service manual 92.50 1967 shop service manual 92.50 1968 shop service manual 92.50 1969 shop service manual 92.50 1970 shop service manual 92.50 1971 shop service manual 92.50 1972 shop service manual 92.50 1974 shop service manual 65.00 1975 shop service manual 65.00 1976 shop service manual 65.00 1977 shop service manual 65.00 fbm65 fbm66 fbm67 fbm68 fbm69 fbm70 fbm71 fbm72 fbm73 fbm74 fbm75 fisher body manuals 1965 fisher body manual 1966 fisher body manual 1967 fisher body manual 1968 fisher body manual 1969 fisher body manual 1970 fisher body manual 1971 fisher body manual 1972 fisher body manual 1973 fisher body manual 1974 fisher body manual 1975 fisher body manual 49.50 49.50 49.50 49.50 49.50 49.50 49.50 49.50

part page part page part page i inside rear view mirrors 86 instrument cluster lens and bezel 81 insulation kick panel under dash 89 insulation under hood 64 insulator radiator rubber 48 interiors seat covers door panels 71-73 interior door handles 86 interior window crank handles 86 o opera window moldings ornament front fender 1966 442 ornament center cap rocket outer wheelhouses outside door handles outside rear view mirrors overflow bottle radiator 19 14 33 28 14 21 45 77 75 84 84 76 59 94 33 22 84 75 64 30 86 43 43 43 86 34 58 57 45 14 31 27 70 70 32 46 48 47 48 25 34 89 92 31 103 87 31 68 26 26 s seat backs and lower panels 75 sheet metal and related parts 27-30 shifter boots and seals 81 83 shock absorbers 54 sound deadener carpet to floor 92 spare tire cover 94 spark plugs retainers 35 spark plug wire sets 35 spoiler rear deck w35 29 stabilizer link kits bushings 53 starter shield 59 steel fuel lines 56 steering center link idler arm 54 steering wheel parts 78 sun visor