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bumpers and accessories bumpers are nickel and chrome plated and are rated as good quality driver examples if you are looking for triple plated show chrome bumpers we recommend you replate your original using a reputable chrome shop concours bumper rechrome service can cost 2-3 times more than the prices listed for reproduction bumpers front bumpers 1968 front 1969 front 1970 front 1971-72 front 1968-72 cutlass/442 front bumpers front bumpers are the same for all years and models listed all front bumpers use six bb131 bumper bolts page 26 to attach to bumper brackets b68f reproduction front bumper 1968 all cutlass/442 models 435.00 b69f reproduction front bumper 1969 all cutlass/442 models 435.00 b70f reproduction front bumper 1970 all cutlass/442 models 435.00 b712f reproduction front bumper 1971-72 all cutlass/442 models 435.00 rear bumpers 1968 442 rear 1969 cutlass rear 1970 442-sx rear 1971-72 cutlass-supreme rear 1968-1972 cutlass 442 cutlass supreme sx hurst olds rear bumpers the 442 sx and hurst olds rear bumpers have the cutouts on lower edge for dual exhaust chrome tail pipe trumpets page 19 ee6872 cutlass and cutlass supreme models that were equipped with factory single exhaust did not use the cutouts all rear bumpers use four bb131 bumper bolts page 26 b68r reproduction rear bumper 1968 cutlass cutlass supreme 435.00 b68442r dual cutout reproduction rear bumper 1968 442 and hurst olds 435.00 b69r reproduction rear bumper 1969 cutlass cutlass supreme 435.00 b69442r dual cutout reproduction rear bumper 1969 442 and hurst olds 435.00 b70r reproduction rear bumper 1970 cutlass cutlass supreme 425.00 b70442r dual cutout reproduction rear bumper 1970 442 and cutlass supreme sx 435.00 b712r reproduction rear bumper 1971-72 cutlass cutlass supreme 425.00 b712442r dual cutout reproduction rear bumper 1971-72 442 1971 cutlass supreme sx 435.00 and 1972 hurst/olds 25