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automatic on off switch long and long electric hedge trimmer electric hedge trimmers pop ups sprinkler nickel metal hydride lawn and garden deep well pump up pop up power tool lithium ion battery automatic drain valve water flow regulator hose shut off valve water shut off valve operation of deep well water pump thermal overload protection height adjustable handles stainless steel blades shut off valve multi function switches multi function switch hand tools cutting tools high performance water pump operation of water pump water pumps for wells safety shut off valve weight 2 in 1 water taps shut off valve natural blade and head water tanks for wells supply shut off valve fruits and vegetables home and garden stainless steel u edge stainless steel filter housing bar stainless steel 19 mm hot water for water hose adjustable flow controls stainless steel housing types of pump power on off switch uses stainless steel filter housing high performance motors wood to wood ergonomic handling system parts switch to switch cabling stainless steel tube high pressure stainless steel tubing high pressure square and rectangular keys on on on switch water taps for home use stars in the garden kitchen and bath cut and hold garden tool made in germany tires made in germany

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gardena new products 2015 new products at a glance my garden my passion gardena electronic pressure pumps garden is passion and passion for our products and innovations is given great emphasis at gardena gardena – the no 1 pump brand in europe ground-breaking innovations compact design intelligent functions and user-friendly safe products have enabled gardena to become the favourite pump brand on the market frost-proof original gardena system why does one invent something completely new when it has proven its worth for the last 46 years because it can be made even better the new logical range of electronic pressure pumps with application-oriented programmes even easier operation and high reliability results in greater customer satisfaction the focus of the innovations was the application-oriented classic segment of gardena cleaning nozzles watering sprayers and spray lances but also the original system parts – gardena tap connectors gardena hose connectors and water

to 800 m² for lawn areas up mp grass also for high and da high-performance and always ready to use gardena electric lawnmower powermax™ the gardena electric lawnmowers are especially well suited for small and large lawn areas depending on the model and a size up to 800 m² thanks to their low weight they are easy to operate mowing is noticeably easier gardena powermax™ 34 e 37 e and 42 e wider more powerful and extremely durable – for lawn areas up to 400 500 or 800 m² ergonomically shaped handle • for convenient and efficient operation except 34e powerplus motorisation flexible application cutting height adjustment high-performance motor with powerful gear drive and excellent cutting results for low and tall grass choose between mowing and collecting grass in the grass catcher or mow and simultaneously mulch for normal cutting-quality demands in the home and allotment gardens gardena electric lawnmower powermax™ at a glance powermax™ 32 e

gardena aerate and rake get rid of moss weeds and thatch gardena spreaders by aerating meaning removing moss and weeds from the lawn the lawn roots receive more space air and water again through raking the soil surface is loosened the result is a lush and healthy garden for seeding and fertilising over time lawns lose important nutrients regular fertilising creates a balance with the gardena spreader you dosage fertiliser seed or winter grit easily and precisely gardena electric lawn aerator evc 1000 gardena spreaders at a glance comfortable operation • through ergonomically shaped handle saves space • handle can be taken apart – saves space for transport and storage easy work • high-power motor with high-torque gear drive for excellent results safe and easy to push • thanks to large wheels with special tread gardena aerators and lawn rakes at a glance electric lawn aerator evc 1000 all products and more info at all products and more info

gardena pruning loppers for a precise cut regular pruning revitalises trees and makes them more healthy beautiful and harmonious in your garden by thinning out trees air and light reach the undergrowth and the growth shape is refined pruning will not cause trees to shoot into the sky but it does render care measures easier and promote a richer fruit harvest trees are also better able to withstand storms with gardena pruning loppers you effortlessly cut through thick and thin gardena telescopic accu pruner tcs li-18/20 extremely easy to handle precise and lightweight li-ion gardena comfort pruning loppers power made in germany convenient effortless cutting 18 v 2.0 ah li-ion battery • for powerful performance and long operating time • power info charging status indicator tiltable cutting head • for easy cutting of any branches overhead and on the ground max 4 m further range more leverage • telescopic lever arms 25 cm best cutting quality •

gardena hedge clippers cut precisely hedges and shrubs set accents in the garden by choosing to shape or trim the garden lover determines what size and shape hedges and shrubs are to have with hedge clippers you can precisely trim smaller hedges or single large plants or give an electrically trimmed hedge that final touch a perfect hedge cut is a matter of the right tool short and straight-ground blades for precise shaping long wave-ground blades or with special cutting edges for large areas gardena comfort gear hedge clippers 600 gear transmission easy and tire-free cutting of thick branches gardena hedge clippers at a glance made in germany for a professional hedge cut gentle on joints • with integrated technogel® gel pads in the handles light and powerful • 840 grams light all products and more info at premium gear hedge clippers 650 comfort hedge clippers 700 t comfort gear hedge clippers 600 comfort hedge clippers 570 classic hedge clippers 540

gardena digging tools warranty extension for powerful work soil cultivation is elementary with its terralinetm large tools range gardena is setting new standards in terms of design and comfort high-quality products are essential for digging loosening and transplanting compost soil sand snow gravel and other bulk material choose the tool you require from a wide range of innovative tools for convenient low-effort and perfect gardening your advantages • good force application lies well in the hand with extra-wide two-hand grip in t or d-shape • easy digging and low risk of injury with extra-large foot-rest with robust tread • ergonomic and gentle on joints shock absorption reduces kickback while digging • longlife good quality thanks to quality steel and high-grade coating gardena terraline™ spades for powerful work that spares the joints gardena digging tools at a glance ergonomic • with extra-wide two-hand grip in t or d-shape and soft plastic

irrigation and your garden will green and blossom 72 irrigation irrigation

gardena sprayers – for irrigation classic watering sprayer all products and more info at classic multi sprayer gardena nozzles sprayers spray lances and garden showers premium metal multipurpose spray gun new new of new and frost-pro comfort dual action soft spray gun a redesigned classic comfortable all-rounder comfortable sprayer model stable metal plastic version use ideal for irrigating potted plants and areas for versatile watering and cleaning tasks ideal for irrigating potted plants and areas for versatile watering and cleaning tasks spray pattern soft spray soft spray bubble-jet spray 9 point hard jet soft spray bubble-jet spray soft spray bubble-jet spray hard jet flat jet frost-proof • • – – article no 18311 18313 8104 8107 the right product for each application gardena spray lances – for distances there is the right tool for every application in the garden with the new gardena classic cleaning nozzle watering sprayer

selected gardena micro-drip-system products at a glance for targeted and water-saving irrigation of plants with varying water requirements all products and more info at 5 2 1 3 4 4 1 2 3 4 5 master unit 1000 fertiliser dispenser endline drip head pressure equalising 2 l/h inline drip head 2 l/h oscillating sprinkler os 90 connecting pipe 13 mm ½ t-joint 13 mm ½ starter component of the micro -dripsystem reduces the pressure and filters the water for the targeted supply of nutrients to your plants large filler opening and level indicator for the irrigation of e.g potted plants continuous water supply independent of pressure for the irrigation of e.g fl ower boxes flexible irrigation of very small rectangular and square areas up to max 90 m² low water pressure the central supply line in the microdrip-system can be installed above or below ground for branching off the connecting pipe quantity 10 pieces quantity 10 pieces length 15 m roll

gardena rain water tank pumps the powerful ones for cost-saving garden irrigation with gardena rain water tank pumps you can fill watering cans or irrigate your garden with a connected sprinkler a nozzle a sprayer or the micro-drip-system no more troublesome lugging of watering cans practical the pump can also be used for draining gardena classic rain water tank pump 4000/2 automatic water on tap requirement-suited • through adjustable regulatingand shut-off valve practical • integrated carrying handle cable and telescopic pipe mounting gardena submersible pressure pumps individual • adjustable to rain water tank size through infinitely telescopic fitting pipe pump and sensibly use ground water and water from cisterns tap natural water reservoirs ground and rain water are perfect water suppliers for plant irrigation with a well you can also access greater depths gardena submersible pressure pumps help with retrieval saves energy and is convenient •

mehr zu gardena this brochure only covers a part of the gardena product assortment on the internet at you will find the entire range and also useful tips for garden work and garden design gardena deutschland gmbh 89070 ulm phone +49 0 731 490-123 telefax +49 0 731 490-249 e-mail we reserve the right to make modifications also product