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gardena garden care high-quality products beautiful gardens trees hedges shrubs and flowers gardena – the full-range supplier gardena – with system gardena – in any season gardena offers everything you need for optimal garden care whether products for lawn tree and shrub care tools for soil cultivation irrigation solutions or pumps – gardena’s assortment has it all for a perfect garden the system concept characterises gardena’s products and is reflected in many product series you can rely on our systems with gardena products you care for your lawn all year round and keep it in excellent shape – regardless of the season once gardena – always gardena prune trees trim hedges and shrubs cut and care for flowers old or dry branches and twigs should be regularly removed from trees gardena offers the right products that ensure the right care for every situation – even work in great heights hedges and shrubs must be regularly

trees hedges shrubs and flowers the most important tasks at a glance cut trees for every requirement prune trees all kinds of trees are found in gardens – fruit trees deciduous trees or conifers so that trees can grow healthily and retain their shape old and dry branches must be regularly removed here it’s a matter of the right cut and suitable tools why how often keep healthy trees thrive and grow better when dry or diseased branches are regularly removed this promotes healthy growth and in the case of fruit trees increases the yield and quality of the fruit prune your trees once a year it’s best to prune in february/march after the last frost but before budding begins control growth by regularly pruning your trees you control the growth summer pruning slows tree growth and winter pruning stimulates it “train” plants trees – particularly those without root balls – need to be pruned directly after planting this re-establishes the balance

trim hedges and shrubs woody plants thrive better when they are regularly trimmed through trimming hedges and shrubs form new shoots and branch out better in addition neighbouring plants have better growth conditions electric and accu hedge trimmers hedge trimmer easycut why how often trim hedges and shrubs thrive better and more healthily when old diseased or fungus-afflicted plant parts are regularly removed through trimming the plants receive more light which promotes healthy and targeted growth depending on the plant and location – trimming is necessary twice a year trim at the beginning and toward the end of the summer with shaping it’s important that the shoots not become too long so that the shape may be maintained here once a week is recommended hedge trimmer highcut accu hedge trimmer ths li-18/42 li-ion power for comfortable hedge trimming easy and light handling available in electric and battery-powered models shape through targeted and filigree trimming you

care beautiful healthy plants need tender loving care and every once in a while fine-mist irrigation fertiliser or pesticide cut flowers a garden with gloriously blooming flowers is especially beautiful and impressive regular cutting measures turn your garden into a personal work of art why so that plants will stay healthy and strongly grow you not only need good soil and sufficient water but also nutrients that soil does not always contain fertilising effectively counteracts losses through harvesting or eluviation pesticides help when plants have pests or diseases sprayers distribute fertiliser and pesticides in a targeted and efficient way why gardena tip cutting serves to retain the shape of ornamental plants and to improve growth progress many flowering shrubs bloom a second time when they are cut back in summer wilted blossoms should be regularly removed to promote new blossoms remove secondary shoots directly at the bud union always cut plants with buds directly above the bud

beds and soil how to prepare the soil – step by step dig and remove cultivate beds and soil soil is the basis of life for all plants – regardless whether for the vegetable and flower bed or also the lawn for your plants to grow and thrive they especially need healthy and nutrient-rich soil that’s why the soil should occasionally be dug to achieve a beautiful garden with lush flower beds and crisp fruit and vegetables thorough soil cultivation is vital planting loosening and aerating and clearing and removing weeds must be regularly carried out why plant loosen and aerate clear and remove weeds what to plant why loosen and aerate why remove weeds in designing your garden there are no limits to your imagination whether lush and colourful seas of flowers crisp vegetables fruit or an herb garden – you plant your bed as you wish loosened and nutrient-rich soil is the basis for successful gardening in well-loosened soil the roots of the plants can optimally

plant loosen and aerate combisystem ridge plough combisystem garden hoe combisystem grubber combisystem star tiller ideal for cultivating vegetables ridging up soil even drawing of furrows easy breaking into the soil for hoeing weeding aerating ridging and levelling the large blade breaks the soil easily for gentle care loosen and aerate soil without damaging roots ideal for stony ground and close-set plants specially shaped starred wheels prepare ground perfectly for a seed bed through an especially fine breakup and crumbling of soil recommended handle length 150 cm recommended handle length 130 or 150 cm recommended handle length 130 cm recommended handle length 150 cm article no 3118 article no 3219 article no 3166 article no 3196 combisystem hoe combisystem rake combisystem root-crop hoe combisystem adjustable rake made of high-quality elastic ashwood damp vibrations and ensure pleasant handling effortless removal of weeds for raking levelling beds and cultivating soil for hoeing

clean and tidy up clean joints sweep scrub combisystem joint brush m combisystem road broom combisystem “squeegee” reaching for the skies combisystem gutter cleaner winter tools for joints and walls with bristles made of steel and a scraping edge for removing stubborn dirt for cleaning paved paths patios driveways etc with scraping edge for effortless removal of trodden-in dirt or moist leaves for fast and convenient clearing of water from stone floors and smooth surfaces with a strong double rubber sponge easier cleaning and clearing of rain gutters individual setting of infinitely adjustable head angle recommended handle length 130 or 150 cm recommended handle length 130 or 150 cm recommended handle length 130 or 150 cm recommended handle combisystem telescopic handles article no 3605 article no 3621 article no 3642 article no 3650 gloves gardening gloves planting and soil gloves combisystem snow shovel kst snow scoop small caster low-noise snow clearing on uneven

more about gardena this brochure only covers a part of the gardena product assortment on the internet at you will find the entire range and also useful tips for garden work and garden design annual garden care calendar jan feb march april may june july prune trees hedges and shrubs – trim hedges and shrubs – shape cut flowers plant care plant new beds dig soil plant loosen and aerate clear and clean gardena deutschland gmbh 89070 ulm phone +49 0 731 490-123 telefax +49 0 731 490-249 e-mail we reserve the right to make modifications also product modifications aug sep oct nov