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gardena pipeline water like electricity from the mains watering cans are history pure comfort water wherever and whenever you need it water connecting points located everywhere in the garden the gardena pipeline can deliver water to every corner of your garden a convenient supply of water is guaranteed with gardena water connectors stop valves prevent the water from spilling out if the hose is removed you can see no trace of the gardena pipeline as all the pipes are fitted underground you no longer have just one water supply from the house you can have them anywhere in the garden wherever you need water just click your hose to a water connector or water plug in the garden and you’ve got water fast convenient the connecting point connects the tap to the underground fitted gardena pipeline the water is then supplied from underground a practical feature is the cover that disappears inside the connecting point when opened and is then closed to prevent an obstruction when

an underground success sprinkling out of the ground unnoticeable pop-up sprinklers from below the ground ensure an efficient even sprinkling of your lawn they disappear back into the ground once they have done their work the gardena sprinklersystem can be customised to suit individual needs the irrigation system comprises high-performance pop-up sprinklers available for differently sized lawns and lawn shapes they are fitted below ground where they cannot be seen and water your garden perfectly and evenly an automatic gardena control system turns the sprinklersystem on and off as you require even when you re not at home circular sprinkler circular sprinklers are suitable for watering most areas as they can be easily combined with other sprinklers connect t sprinklers together or several s sprinklers to water smaller areas pop-up oscillating sprinkler large-area pop-up irrigation ideal for watering square and rectangular areas suitable for watering individual lawn shapes below

ystem planner at use the micro-drip-s andint /support /plannerswww.gardena.com ate a cre lly ca planner to automati tem guides/micro-dripys -s rip -d individual micro shopping list for your save time and 70 water with the gardena micro-drip-system the micro-drip-system can take care of your watering for you it is a modular extendable system for precise metered irrigation while at the same time reducing water consumption a master unit reduces the water pressure from the tap or pump and supplies the micro-drip pipelines with water drip heads spray nozzles and sprinklers see below precisely water plants or groups of plants according to specific requirements while conserving the water supply ideal for potted plants on the patio plant troughs flowerbeds hedges vegetable gardens greenhouses shrubs etc master unit fertiliser addition targeted nourishing of plants 1 endline drip heads for potted plants for example 2 inline drip heads for flower boxes for example from

convenient watering with water timers and computers flexible irrigation in different garden areas for example during your holiday or at night – thanks to the innovative gardena products for automatic irrigation control that have been available now for 30 years automatic control of individual watering requirements everywhere in the garden with multi-channel control systems your garden still needs water when you are away or asleep even then your plants are perfectly irrigated thanks to the gardena water computers that are directly connected to the tap you simply have to decide where when how long and how often you want to water your garden the water computers will do the rest you can water different areas of your garden separately for example the lawn flower boxes on the patio or flowerbeds if your tap s water capacity is not sufficient to operate the entire irrigation system at once you should divide the system into multiple irrigation channels a multi-channel

step 1 of 5 planning the sprinklersystem the gardena irrigation planner you a shopping list that can ep ke can tear out and 60 ge pa on be found why it is important to plan your sprinklersystem in advance – and how to do this self-planning n plan create your irrigatio ps ste te ra pa se in five self-planning – 1 draw a sketch of your garden this is how you can draw a sketch of your land and mark the water connection and the areas that have to be watered how would you like to plan your system the water requirements for your irrigation system can be higher than the volume of water that your water connection can supply before you can install and start your system you first need to draw up an irrigation plan that takes into account your garden’s requirements there are three different planning options available either you plan your irrigation using the information on these pages a or with assistance from the gardena irrigation planner on the internet b

step 4 of 5 4 connecting pipes and sprinklers this is how to plan your pipe connections sprinkler connections and drain valves possible pipe connections to extend to change direction l-piece 25 mm art no 2773 warning now decide on the connecting components for the sprinkler connections and enter them in the shopping list ensure when you select the sprinkler connection components that the thread sizes match the sprinkler threads shown on your plan in this example see aquacontour with ¾ female thread it would be an l-piece 25 mm art no 2781 with ¾ male thread at the end of the pipe decide on the connectors for the pipe connections and enter the quantities calculated in the shopping list connector 25 mm art no 2775 planning the connection parts for the sprinkler connections t-piece 25 mm art no 2771 possible sprinkler connections in the pipeline in the corner area at the end of the pipe t-piece 25 mm ½ male thread art no 2786 or ¾ male thread art no 2787 angle piece 25 mm

step 1 of 4 micro-drip-system made easy the gardena irrigation planner create your own system in just a few steps you a shopping list that can ep can tear out and ke 61 ge pa be found on this is how to proceed self-planning n create your irrigatio ps ste sy ea ur fo in plan 1 draw a sketch of your garden this is how you can create a sketch of the areas to be watered and mark the water sources using a garden as an example we will show you step by step how to create your own individual drip irrigation plan your area of use on pages can be found 44 – 51 you can choose the ideal products for your system and create a complete shopping list to ensure that your plants are supplied with the right amount of water the self-created plan will help you when you come to install your system let s get started tap too far away draw a plan of your land – ideally on graph paper with mm squares – on a scale of 1:100 1 cm 1 m or 1:200 1 cm 2 m if you do not want the system to

step 3 of 4 rdena a summary of the ga th numbers s parts wi micro-drip-system pages 56 – 59 on d un fo can be c watering greenhouse seedlings and plants d watering plant troughs bushes and shrubs easy and convenient irrigation of your greenhouse precisely metered and accurate watering of the small areas of your garden seedlings flourish best in the greenhouse when watered by a fine mist from micro mist nozzles water-sensitive plants such as tomatoes benefit more from drip irrigation at the roots of the plants both can be achieved with the gardena micro-drip-system small area spray nozzles are ideal for watering more awkward areas of your garden such as plant troughs around trees bushes and shrubs the irrigation diameter of this type of nozzle can be adjusted from 10 to 40 cm to suit varying watering requirements spray irrigation with micro mist nozzles install micro mist nozzles 35 approximately 50 cm apart in the 13 mm ½ connecting pipe 6 and secure the pipe

upgrade control modular extension this is how to fertilize and water automatically using your gardena micro-drip-system – and expand your system as you require installation instructions for the gardena micro-drip-system it is so easy to install your new irrigation system congratulations – you have finished your garden plan now you can add a range of interesting options to expand your gardena micro-drip-system the gardena fertilizer dispenser can be integrated directly and ensures blossoming flowers and healthy plants an automatic irrigation control system can automatically water your garden when you want for example if you do not have the time or are on holiday thanks to its modular design you can also upgrade and extend your gardena micro-drip-system to suit your requirements fertilizing has never been so easy flexibly extended with its modular design with the gardena fertilizer dispenser 4 and the gardena universal liquid fertilizer 5 your gardena

shopping list for your sprinklersystem and irrigation control to make sure you do not forget anything when you go shopping note to ensure a permanent connection between the tap and connecting point with a stable pressure connect the adapter piece art no 1513 after the irrigation valve to secure the hose rts you enter the system pa list g pin op need into the sh art no designation system connection 2722 connecting point 1505 “profi” maxi-flow system connector set 2713 “profi” maxi-flow system connection set 1513 adapter piece 26.5 mm g¾ 33.3 mm g1 8193 twin-tap connector 8194 four channel water distributor 1510 central filter 2724 regulator and shut-off valve 8250 water connector 2761 connector 25 mm × ¾ female thread 2762 connector 25 mm × 1 female thread 2763 connector 25 mm × 1 male thread 2790 t-piece 25 mm × ¾ female thread 2760 drain valve system control accessories 1189 rain sensor electronic 1188 soil moisture sensor

www.gardena.com start to enjoy your garden now the simple way to your own watering system would you like a convenient watering system in your garden this brochure provides you with all the information you need to decide which system you require you will find out which different systems and solutions are available – and which advantages they can offer you you can also read about how easy it is to plan and install your watering system use the integrated planning aids to take you through the planning of your garden irrigation system step by step installation tips are also provided to help you install your new system we are also pleased to help you with the following options • on the gardena website you will find the watering planner with which you can arrange your own individual sprinklersystem or create the shopping list for your micro-drip-system right away online • the gardena customer service is also available to answer any questions you may still have regarding