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hose systems heater heater hose connector assortment sturdy impact-resistant plastic case holds an assortment of 36 hose connectors for 1⁄4 through 3⁄4 i.d hose part no 91136 charge item • case opens from either side • handy plan-o-gram inside both lids identifies location of each type and size connector • assortment contains two each elbow straight reducer and “t” connectors • provides convenient storage for complete line of connectors part i.d part o.d no description in no description in 28621 plastic elbow 1⁄4 28605 hose connector 3⁄4 3/8 28622 plastic elbow 28631 plastic tee 1⁄4 3/8 28623 plastic elbow 1⁄2 28632 plastic tee 5 28624 plastic elbow /8 28633 plastic tee 1⁄2 5/8 28625 plastic elbow 3⁄4 28634 plastic tee 28601 hose connector 1⁄4 28635 plastic tee 3⁄4 3/8 3/8 to 1⁄2 28602 hose connector 28609 hose reducer 28603 hose connector 1⁄2 28610 hose reducer 1⁄2 to 5/8 5 5/8 to 3⁄4 28604 hose connector /8 28611 hose reducer oe fit belts when only the best will do • oem fit • oem construction • more value and longer life • numerous belt types the oe exact fit line that provides an alternative to oe dealer belts at a very competitive price get the assurance you expect by installing the brand developed by a leading oe supplier to the lawn and garden market gates corporation these belts are built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of lawn and garden equipment whether that is commercial or residential equipment bladerunner® belts are designed for the most discerning customer who demands only the best don’t settle for less than the best choose bladerunner® exact oe fit lawn and garden belts bladerunner a21