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astes te ega cre r con oleumlt tr spe atings l sco steella ne cs sti ry a o rat eummirol tings et oa esc distillation apparatus distillation apparatus accurately determines representative portion of residue in emulsified asphalts fahrenheit thermometers furnished standard meets astm d244 aashto t59 shipping wt 30 lbs 13.6kg h-1910.7s h-8390 h-1910.4 h-2340 h-2290b h-2340rs h-21212 h-4915.100 cat no hu1876-000 hu1910a-00 h-2330 h-2600.7f h-2345tts h-2345ts h-8300 h-1876 h-2345 description ring burner adapter bent glass tube funneled tube tube shield condenser aluminum still thermometer graduated cylinder burner clamp clamp holders 2 in set clamp clamp ring support stands 2 in set support stand support shelf h-2340rs h-2290a hu2290a-00 hu2290b-00 hu2330-000 hu2340-000 hu2345-000 hu2600.7f hu4915.100 hu6220-000 h-8342 h-8522 h-6220 h-21212 h-21232 hu8300-000 hu8342-000 hu8390-000 hu8522-000 hu18355-00 hu21212-00 hu21232-00 hu21700-00 hu2285-000 sample containers/samplers aluminum moisture boxes flat-bottom straight-side seamless aluminum box has tight fitting cover which fits bottom of box as well protects sample from exposure during storage and weighing operations cat no od id height inside ht 0.865 22mm 1.746 44mm 0.985 25mm 1.990 51mm volume 2.650 44cc 8.366 137cc 6.963 114cc 19.037 312cc volume fl.oz 1.47 44ml 4.64 137ml 3.86 114ml 10.55 312ml hu4929-000 petroleum hu4926-000 hu4927-000 hu4928-000 hu4929-000 2 51mm 3 76mm 1.975 50mm 2.470 63mm 3.000 76mm 3.490 89mm .875 22mm 1.75 44mm 1 25mm 2 51mm 2.5 64mm 3.5 89mm tin sample cups flat-bottom seamless tin sample cups have telescoping covers hold samples for determining penetrations cat no hu1350.3ahu1350.4ahu1350.6ahu1350.8ahu1350.16hu1350.42hu1350.70 capacity 2.5 oz 71g 4.7 oz 133g 5.6 oz 159g 8.2 oz 232g 16 oz 454g 42.3 oz 1200g 70.5 oz 2000g dimensions 1.87 47.7mm id 1.41 36mm deep 2.42 61.5mm id,1.67 42.6mm deep 2.59 66mm id,1.72 43.4mm deep 3.05 77.5mm id,1.97 50mm deep 4 102mm id,2.375 60.3mm deep 6.12 155mm id,3 76.2mm deep 6.12 155mm id,5 127mm deep set quantity 48 36 36 18 1 1 1 hu1350.70 hu1352-000 transfer dish hu1352-000 plastic transfer dish has flat bottom straight sides and metal centering lugs with magnet in the bottom size is 3-3/4 dia x 3-1/4 deep meets astm d5 8oz bacon bomb sampler brass kok27780-0 8oz bacon bomb sampler stainless steel kok27781-0 obtains samples from storage tanks tank cars and drums using thief method plunger opens to admit the sample when bomb is lowered to the bottom or when plunger is released at any desired level plunger seals tight when bomb is withdrawn features o-ring-type valve seal available in plated brass or stainless steel capacity 8 oz 2 dia x 10 l meets astm d117 d270 d923 d943 shipping wt 5 lbs 2.3kg 16oz bacon bomb sampler brass kok27790-0 16oz bacon bomb sampler stainless steel kok27791-0 larger capacity with same features as h-2405 2-3/4 dia x 12 l shipping wt 9 lbs 4.1kg 32oz bacon bomb sampler brass kok27700-0 kok27700-0 32oz bacon bomb sampler stainless steel kok27701-0 larger capacity with same features as h-2405 2-3/4 dia x 15-1/4 l shipping wt 15 lbs 6.8kg kok27600-0 astm oil sampler 3/4 neck opening kok27600-0 astm oil sampler 1 1/2 neck opening kok27610-0 weighted beaker astm oil sampler collects crude petroleum petroleum products butane propane and other petroleum products that are gases at atmospheric temperature and pressure copper construction with lead-weighted bottom and bail handle chained cork stopper seals tight brass disc and loop on top allow easy removal corrosion-resistant paint finish 3/4 neck opening body is 3-3/8 dia x 14 l meets astm d270 shipping wt 6 lbs 2.7kg 128 1 800-463-4363