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2.0t supreme with full options graceful

3.3t sport supreme with full options lapis

2.0t supreme with full options beige and green

balanced performance true performance is attained when details are perfected power and safety optimized for dynamic driving cutting-edge technology that borders on autonomous driving and thoughtful convenience features that place priority on the comfort of its driver g70 offers impeccable details that are

perfect synergy between explosive power and aerodynamic performance 02 01 03 03 04 05 06 01 02 03 04 05 06 aerodynamic performance ground clearance vehicle height rear glass angle and the height and slanting of the trunk have been carefully fine-tuned in addition a full length under cover that shields the lower part of the vehicle minimizes air resistance and delivers best-in-class aerodynamic performance drag coefficient of cd 0.28 drive mode control system drivers can switch between comfort eco sport smart or custom driving modes according to personal preference or driving situation g70 offers exceptional driving and riding comfort by optimizing power distribution for each driving mode 8-speed automatic transmission shift-by-wire sbw a 2nd-generation rear-wheel 8-speed electronic automatic transmission with improved weight and efficiency renders a sophisticated response and smooth transmission the electronic shift-by-wire lever is light and compact and a cushion-like finish on

genesis’ active safety control comes even closer to futuristic autonomous driving technology a 02 01 b c 04 03 05 01 02 03 04 05 highway driving assist hda an automated system helps control the speed of the car and keep the vehicle in the lane while driving on the highway by using comprehensive information such as distance from the car ahead lanes and navigation-based speed limit eliminating the need to step on the brakes or the accelerator during long distance travel or while driving through congestion driver attention warning daw a comprehensive system analyzes driving patterns of the driver and the vehicle’s position in the lane to operate a 5-stage warning system it posts pop-up messages and sets off warning signals to encourage the driver to rest when it detects driver fatigue or inattentive driving blind-spot collision warning bcw two radars installed on the rear of the vehicle detect and warn the driver of fast-approaching vehicles in blind spots or on the side

g70’s overwhelming attention to detail embodies the true value of genesis 3.3t sport supreme full options lapis

sport advanced sport supreme 225/40r19 front 255/35r19 rear michelin summer tires wheels 3.3t sport advanced royal blue 3.3t sport supreme blazing red with htrac wide sunroof and brembo brakes with wide sunroof and genesis active safety control package 2 full led headlamps black copper bezels dark chrome-coated radiator grille dark chrome-coated bumper garnish dark chrome-coated side fender garnish 7″ tft lcd cluster sport contents electric tilt telescopic steering wheel black suede headlining wide safety sunroof dark chrome-coated surround molding dark red led rear combination lamps dual mufflers brembo brakes metal pedal footrests integrated memory system ims driver seat electric bolsters driver seat electric seat extension ※ 3.3t sport specifications applicable to the 2.0t sport package as well brembo brakes may generate noises that are characteristic to their function brake pads are consumable parts not covered under warranty conditions gray stitched nappa

interior colors trims black and burgundy two-tone beige and green two-tone natural leather 2.0t supreme nappa leather real aluminum nappa leather nappa leather real aluminum 2.0t supreme nappa leather real aluminum brown two-tone sport gray sport red natural leather 2.0t supreme nappa leather real aluminum real aluminum real aluminum sport gray nappa leather natural leather 3.3t sport supreme nappa leather sport red real aluminum real aluminum sport red nappa leather natural leather nappa