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3.8 finest with htrac umber

mindful space whether in motion or at rest genesis g80 will continue to impress you regardless of where you are seated with a seamless harmony and integrity of advanced features that are intuitively placed at your fingertips 3.8 finest black cream interior 3.8 finest black cream

sport design selection sport design selection adds dynamism to sophistication bold dynamic shapes powerful 19 dark sputtering wheels and refined details throughout the interior give a new dimension to genesis g80 s impressive drive 3.8 prestige with sport design selection with full options blazing red sport design selection is only available in 3.3 premium luxury and 3.3 prestige

sequential turn signals full led adaptive headlamps turn signals light up sequentially and black outside mirror dark surround molding large black outside mirrors feature hidden-type dark sputtering wheels dark chrome garnishes multi-spoke wheels with copper details exclusive tinted rear combination lamps dual twin tip mufflers dark tinted rear combination lamps headlamps feature prominent copper chrome details vertical air curtains below headlamps improve side repeater lamps dark surround molding accentuate the sportiness of the sedan to the sports model and dark chrome garnishes complete the vehicle s classic yet vibrant image dual twin tip mufflers and a black high gloss rear diffuser consummate the vehicle s sporty appearance aerodynamic and brake-cooling performance genesis g80 sport s dynamism begins from the moment it meets the

sports mode optimized torque map and responsiveness provide outstanding acceleration to take off exclusive sport seats black suede interior exclusive sport seats with amplified bolsters provide stripe pattern real aluminum analog clock sophisticated interiors with stripe pattern real aluminum at any moment a solid body and enthusiastic handling provide a mesmerizing yet stable drive greater stability and comfort to the driver while prime nappa leather and a black suede finish enhance and a copper-colored analog clock complete genesis g80 sport s unique sensibility the sophistication of the interior the unforgettable thrill and comfort of driving genesis g80 sport lingers over time real carbon real carbon interior made from woven carbon fibers render a dynamic yet luxurious

from optimum engine weight distribution to cutting-edge technology genesis g80 is engineered to deliver the best driving experience 01 02 03 04 gasoline engine engine room bulkheads genesis g80’s engines not only deliver a smooth and dynamic ride in diverse driving situations they also take into consideration a wide range of real life situations to produce high torque at low and medium speeds a reinforced engine compartment with a rhombic strut tower bar and end pipes effectively blocks noise and vibration from the engine room to create a more silent driving environment shift-by-wire sbw transmission system higher transfer efficiency facilitates shifting and optimizes control the electronic gear shift lever comes with a palm rest and offers a comfortable grip it allows for easy operation of front switches even while clenching the knob weight balance and aerodynamic performance the optimum design of the body and position of the engine and transmission create a perfect front

genesis active safety control takes you a step closer to the convenience and safety of futuristic autonomous driving 01 lane keeping assist lka cameras in the front of the vehicle track the traffic lanes and prevent lane departures drivers can choose between lane departure warning mode lane keeping assist mode and active steering assist mode 02 03 blind-spot collision warning bcw integrated sensors detect vehicles in blind spots or vehicles approaching the car from the rear at high-speeds to alert the driver and prevent collisions smart cruise control with stop go scc automatically maintains a desired speed and distance from vehicles in front in the event of a full stop the vehicle resumes acceleration to the desired speed 3 seconds after the departure of the car in front an auto deceleration function is linked with the navigation system for safe driving on highways highway driving assist hda a state-of-the-art system takes you a step closer to autonomous driving by automatically

smart convenience systems and a high fidelity sound system add fun and excitement to driving 01 02 smart phone connectivity google android auto apple carplay connect smart devices and use functions such as navigation and music conveniently through the car’s integrated infotainment system voice command and touch screen capabilities minimize distractions to allow the driver to focus on the road wireless smartphone charging system conveniently charge your smartphone without cables by placing it on the built-in wireless charging system below the center fascia lexicon premium sound system 17 lexicon speakers and quantum logic surround technology render exceptional sound quality sounds are rearranged using frequency analysis to replicate the rich stereophonic sounds heard when seated in a concert hall lexicon speaker metal grilles sus tweeter grilles enhance the clarity of sounds and reinforce the interior’s luxurious feeling 01 02 android auto™ is a registered

3.3 3.8 prestige 3.8 finest 245/40r19 front and 275/35r19 rear continental tires and wheels 3.3t sport 3.8 finest umber brown 3.3t sport polar ice 245/40r19 front and 275/35r19 rear continental tires and wheels with panorama sunroof full led adaptive headlamps double sound-proof glass all doors smart key card-type smart key full led rear combination lamps power door system illuminated door scuffs front doors with full options 7″ tft lcd cluster seat warming air cooling ventilation radiator grille full led adaptive headlamps sports suspension electronic control 3-spoke steering wheel black suede interior rear seat usb charger rear vanity mirror air curtain garnish tinted rear combination lamps front brake logo caliper exclusive sport seats metal pedal 12v power outlet supplied when rear seat dual monitors are

interior colors trims [exclusive to genesis g80 sport titanium black [t5k royal blue [ry5 umber brown [u5b blazing red [z5e lapis blue [ps5 graceful gray [e5e real aluminum marble white [yw6 prime nappa leather platinum silver [y6s real carbon carbon metal [n5m copper black ice gray luxury premium luxury prestige interior exterior black one-tone real carbon marble white [yw6 platinum silver [y6s graceful gray [e5e lapis blue [ps5 blazing red [z5e carbon metal [n5m umber brown [u5b royal blue [ry5 titanium black [t5k ● ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ● ● ● ● gray two-tone ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ○ ● beige two-tone ● ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ● ● marble white [yw6 platinum silver [y6s graceful gray [e5e lapis blue [ps5 blazing red [z5e carbon metal [n5m umber brown [u5b royal blue [ry5 titanium black [t5k ● ● ● ● ●