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genesis active safety control takes you a step closer to the convenience and safety of futuristic autonomous driving 01 lane keeping assist lka cameras in the front of the vehicle track the traffic lanes and prevent lane departures drivers can choose between lane departure warning mode lane keeping assist mode and active steering assist mode 02 03 blind-spot collision warning bcw integrated sensors detect vehicles in blind spots or vehicles approaching the car from the rear at high-speeds to alert the driver and prevent collisions smart cruise control with stop go scc automatically maintains a desired speed and distance from vehicles in front in the event of a full stop the vehicle resumes acceleration to the desired speed 3 seconds after the departure of the car in front an auto deceleration function is linked with the navigation system for safe driving on highways highway driving assist hda a state-of-the-art system takes you a step closer to autonomous driving by automatically controlling speed and maintaining a safe distance from cars ahead without the need to step on the accelerator pedal or brakes it even helps maneuver the steering wheel for exceptional driving comfort in long distance travel or traffic congestion 01 longitudinal headway distance control 02 lateral lane keeping control 02 01 03 ※ driving assist features such as forward collision-avoidance assist are meant to help drivers on specific high-risk driving situations please refer to the user’s manual for operational details 03 highway-specific control 01 02 03 ※ to ensure safety drivers should hold on to the steering wheel while using the highway driving assistance function 3.8 finest with full options carbon metal