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features made from customers’ perspectives offer genuine convenience 01 02 03 04 05 06 forward collision-avoidance assist fca this cutting-edge preemptive safety system uses the smart cruise control with stop go scc w s&g front radar and lane keeping assist lka front camera to alert the driver and prevent collisions by applying the brakes automatically when needed it is designed to protect both drivers and pedestrians adaptive front-lighting system afs high beam assist hba adaptive front-lighting system afs improves visibility by automatically adjusting beam patterns to driving situations such as high-speed driving or turning high beam assist hba promotes safe driving by automatically dimming high beams when an oncoming vehicle is detected smart trunk system electric trunk the trunk lid opens automatically when a person holding a smart key or a remote control key stands close to the trunk for more than 3 seconds for added convenience the trunk lid closes automatically at the press of a button head-up display hud improved visual graphics and clarity and the addition of new visual feedback for switch operations upgrade its functionality parking assist-perpendicular reverse pa-pdr and parking assist-parallel pa-prl ultrasonic sensors mounted on the vehicle gauge a parking space and automatically steer the vehicle into the space allowing the driver to park conveniently by shifting gears and applying the brakes according to vocal and visual instructions from the cluster the system supports perpendicular and parallel parking as well as departures surround view monitor 4 hd-quality cameras mounted on the vehicle uncover blind spots on all sides and rear video display can be activated while driving to reveal information that the driver would have otherwise missed to promote greater safety 04 01 02 ※ driving assist features such as forward collision-avoidance assist are meant to help drivers on specific high-risk driving situations please refer to the user’s manual for operational details 03 05 06