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athletic elegance the genesis eq900 pursues the beauty of innovation through its design with athletic

human-focused space with the best affective quality and thoughtful innovation the genesis creates everlasting

a sophisticatedly elegant inferior design provides a heightened aesthetic experience the dignified design of the eq900 is for those who venture about in the car not for those who merely gaze upon it focused on inner value and satisfaction rather than ostentatious superiority the eq900 will greatly impress you wherever you are seated 5.0 prestige in chestnut brown interior vavona real

a space for humans the perfect harmony of technology and emotion the simple touch of a button can maintain your desired posture comfortably minimizing fatigue during a long drive based on an analysis of passengers’ movements and behavioral patterns in various situations the rear seats offer an optimally comfortable experience 01 ambient mood lamps led indirect mood lighting with 7 selectable colors was applied to crash 01 02 pads and front/rear door trims providing differentiated emotional experiences 02 rear seat dual monitor passengers in the rear seats can also watch dmb or movies and can use navigation 03 rear smartphone wireless charging system located next to the rear armrest console the pad enables you to conveniently charge your smartphone please check whether your smartphone model supports wireless charging 04 integrated switch system for seat adjustment and relaxation mode the 14-way power adjustable system including shoulder parts and headrest helps you to maintain a

eq900 l another name for the world’s leader the eq900 limousine stands for your passion prestige and

respectful space an ensemble of ultimate comfort and technology every situation space move position and texture within the genesis eq900l was considered with the utmost care so that complete focus and leisure may be experienced simply experience the value that ultimate comfort brings to you 01 one-touch posture control system with the single touch of a button you can select relax av 01 reading or return mode that ensures your optimal posture depending on the situation when you select the av or reading mode the position of the seat is optimally adjusted for watching tv or reading a book the relax mode provides an ideal environment for relaxation and the return mode returns your seat to a basic position for ease in getting in or out of the car 02 b pillar mood lamps and magazine pockets the rear mood lamps with 7 selectable colors provide a comfortable atmosphere and sophisticated emotional experiences the magazine pockets for storing books and newspapers etc add to the convenience of

progress towards the future of mobility genesis smart sense the genesis smart sense is a safe and convenient driving system that can detect and avoid the possibility of an accident the technology represents a mindful innovation in which cars can act like humans highway driving assist as a cutting-edge driving assist system that takes a step closer towards the future of autonomous driving the highway driving assist system brings together the functions that maintain the distance between your car and the car ahead you and keep your car within the lane while comprehensively analyzing gps information the integrated control system provides comfort during a long highway drive or in a traffic jam 01 02 03 01 vertical control maintaining the distance between cars 02 horizontal control staying within the lane 03 highway

the harmony of stable driving performance and perfect riding comfort the genesis eq900 pursues comfortable as well as dynamic driving performance such a harmonious performance ensures a balanced driving experience and high-speed stability genesis adaptive control suspension the genesis engineers studied a majority of the uneven and dangerous road conditions in korea including speed bumps and bridge conditions in order to realize optimal riding comfort based on the findings a new suspension technology for the eq900 was developed the genesis adaptive control suspension ensures both deft handling and riding comfort which have been generally regarded as mutually exclusive the performance of the new suspension proven at the formula one racetrack in korea’s yeongam germany’s nurburgring and hyundai’s test center in the us mojave desert will meet all expectations for driving under any circumstances or road conditions htrac [electronic awd unlike the mechanical all-wheel

5.0 prestige in platinum

interior colors beige two-tone interior not available with limousine 5.0 prestige real wood wood grain 5.0 prestige cashmere beige seat birch real wood for specific color combinations matching different trims please refer to the color combinations page black mono-tone interior indigo blue two-tone interior available with 3.8 and 3.3t premium luxury signature design selection prestige 5.0 prestige real wood wood grain 3.8 3.3t luxury obsidian black seat brown birch wood grain real wood 3.8 3.3t premium luxury indigo blue seat black ash real wood for specific color combinations matching different trims please refer to the color combinations page for specific color combinations matching different trims please refer to the color combinations page brown two-tone interior chestnut brown interior only available with 3.8 and 3.3t luxury premium luxury available with 3.8 3.3t and 5.0 prestige limousine 5.0 prestige real wood real wood wood grain 3.3 3.8t premium luxury chestnut brown