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essential guides for every angler the field stream fly-fishing handbook leonard m wright jr a guide to tackle selection casting finding fish presenting a fly hooking and fighting fish $9.95 c$14.95 pb 128 pp 6 x 9 b&w photos illus isbn-10 1-55821-897-1 isbn-13 978-1-55821-897-0 the lyons press flies for steelhead dick stewart and farrow allen details 300 flies for the pacific northwest canada alaska and the great lakes $19.95 c$29.95 pb 96 pp 8 12 x 10 78 full-color isbn-10 0-936644-09-5 isbn-13 978-0-936644-09-7 the lyons press fly fishing is spoken here the most prominent anglers in the world talk tactics strategies and attitudes edited by stephen sloan paintings and illustrations by james prosek a true testament to the passion sportsmen feel for fly fishing $24.95 c$39.95 hc 288 pp 7 x 10 b&w throughout isbn-10 1-58574-772-6 isbn-13 978-1-58574-772-6 the lyons press a field guide to fly fishing everything the angler needs to know in a compact guide the fly fisher s

essential guides for every angler modern fly-tying materials dick talleur shows what s still useful and what s new and useful in an ever-increasing arsenal of tools and materials $35.00 c$52.95 hc 260 pp 8 12 x 11 color illus isbn-10 1-55821-344-9 isbn-13 978-1-55821-344-9 the lyons press the orvis® fly-fishing guide tom rosenbauer all the essential information for the beginner and intermediate fly fisher $32.95 c$49.95 hc 256 pp 8 12 x 11 illus isbn-10 0-941130-91-6 isbn-13 978-0-941130-91-2 $17.95 c$25.95 pb isbn-10 0-941130-92-4 isbn-13 978-0-941130-92-9 the lyons press the orvis® guide to better fly casting a problem-solving approach to casting flies al kyte a systematic method of changing and controlling the various ways a fly rod moves $24.95 c$31.95 hc 208 pp 9 x 6 full-color isbn-10 1-59228-870-7 isbn-13 978-1-59228-870-0 the lyons press avail 3/07 north american fly-fishing bob newman the pros share advice about regional and seasonal complexities $15.95 c$25.50 pb

essential guides for every angler the orvis® vest pocket guide to caddisflies the illustrated guide to the most important hatches of north america practical saltwater fly fishing mark sosin one of the world s foremost angling instructors offers his years of experience $12.95 c$19.95 pb 104 pp 6 x 9 illus isbn-10 1-55821-043-1 isbn-13 978-1-55821-043-1 the lyons press saltwater fly patterns lefty kreh this revised and augmented edition contains over 350 patterns all in full color $19.95 c$29.95 pb 224 pp 7 x 9 14 full-color isbn-10 1-55821-337-6 isbn-13 978-1-55821-337-1 the lyons press carl richards and dick pobst a guide to caddis varieties east and west of the mississippi $9.95 c$12.95 pb 160 pp 4 x 6 14 full-color isbn-10 1-59228-391-8 isbn-13 978-1-59228-391-0 the lyons press avail 3/07 the orvis® vest pocket guide to leaders knots and tippets a complete guide to connections every angler needs to know pretty practical salmon flies dick talleur a master of the salmon fly

essential guides for every angler the field stream tackle care and repair handbook c boyd pfeiffer how to repair equipment and take care of rods reels lures lines and accessories $9.95 c$14.95 pb 128 pp 6 x 9 b&w photos illus isbn-10 1-55821-898-x isbn-13 978-1-55821-898-7 the lyons press hatches ii al caucci and bob nastasi a guide to fishing the hatches of north american trout streams $24.95 c$36.95 hc 376 pp 8 12 x 11 isbn-10 1-59228-322-5 isbn-13 978-1-59228-322-4 the lyons press ocean bankruptcy world fisheries on the brink of disaster stephen sloan this is a global issue that can no longer be avoided $24.95 c$39.95 hc 304 pp 6 x 9 b&w illus throughout isbn-10 1-58574-794-7 isbn-13 978-1-58574-794-8 the lyons press field stream the complete fisherman l.m wright p owen c.b pfeiffer m sosin b dance and the editors of field stream the most comprehensive guidebook on fishing $19.95 c$24.95 pb 496 pp 8 14 x 11 illus isbn-10 1-59228-426-4 isbn-13 978-1-59228-426-9 the lyons

essential guides for every angler the best of ed zern fifty years of fishing and hunting from one of america s best-loved outdoor humorists blood knot pete fromm stories from the heart about the bridge that fishing builds to bring people closer together $20.00 c$28.95 hc 144 pp 6 x 9 illus isbn-10 1-55821-744-4 isbn-13 978-1-55821-744-7 the lyons press covered waters diary of a mad trouter a factional memoir ed zern a treasury of the finest and funniest stuff written by the great sporting humorist $14.95 c$24.95 pb 320 pp 7 x 9 14 isbn-10 1-59228-041-2 isbn-13 978-1-59228-041-4 the lyons press joseph heywood an outrageous fishing memoir that covers the globe $22.95 c$37.95 hc 240 pp 6 x 9 isbn-10 1-58574-766-1 isbn-13 978-1-58574-766-5 the lyons press the best of field stream 100 years of great writing from america s premier sporting magazine breakers a novel about the commercial fishermen of alaska cowboy trout western fly fishing as if it matters edited by j i merritt with

essential guides for every angler the habit of rivers ted leeson the story of a passion for rivers trout and fly fishing and their sustaining power $22.95 c$37.95 hc 192 pp 6 x 9 isbn-10 1-55821-300-7 isbn-13 978-1-55821-300-5 $14.95 c$18.95 pb isbn-10 1-59228-954-1 isbn-13 978-1-59228-954-7 the lyons press jerusalem creek journeys into driftless country the longest cast the fly-fishing journey of a lifetime ted leeson an exploration into the landscape of the driftless area of wisconsin some 10,000 square miles of trout country $24.95 c$37.95 hc 256 pp 6 x 9 isbn-10 1-58574-554-5 isbn-13 978-1-58574-554-8 $14.95 c$21.95 pb isbn-10 1-59228-333-0 isbn-13 978-1-59228-333-0 the lyons press alexander taylor foreword by lefty kreh journey to the four corners of the earth to experience the world s most fabulous fishing $50.00 c$75.00 hc 224 pp 10 38 x 11 34 isbn-10 1-58574-386-0 isbn-13 978-1-58574-386-5 the lyons press paperback avail 11/07 highliners 2nd the classic novel about the

essential guides for every angler regional northeast fishing eastern new york spider rybaak this book guides readers to over 370 fishing locales in new york state $16.95 c$26.95 pb 368 pp 6 x 9 95 maps isbn-10 0-7627-1100-0 isbn-13 978-0-7627-1100-0 falconguide® southeast fishing florida kris thoemke more than 600 places to fish in fresh and saltwater systems $18.95 c$29.95 pb 384 pp 6 x 9 isbn-10 1-56044-231-x isbn-13 978-1-56044-231-8 falconguide® rocky mountain region fishing colorado 2nd an angler s complete guide to more than 120 top fishing spots ron baird details over 120 fisheries in the state $15.95 c$20.95 pb 224 pp 6 x 9 84 maps 27 b&w photos appendix isbn-10 0-7627-4147-3 isbn-13 978-0-7627-4147-2 falconguide® fishing maine tom seymour features 80 of the best places for saltwater and freshwater fishing $12.95 c$18.95 pb 200 pp 6 x 9 isbn-10 1-56044-514-9 isbn-13 978-1-56044-514-2 falconguide® fishing georgia kevin dallmier more than 100 of the best fishing sites

essential guides for every angler international the bahamas fly-fishing guide updated and revised stephen vletas and kim vletas a guide to fly fishing in the bahamas $29.95 c$41.95 pb 376 pp 6 x 9 color insert b&w photos isbn-10 1-59228-726-3 isbn-13 978-1-59228-726-0 the lyons press where to coarse fish in britain ireland presents over 100 of the best places in britain and ireland to catch trout and salmon with a fly $16.95 c$26.95 pb 144 pp 534 x 814 9 two-color maps 32 color photos 10 line drawings isbn-10 1-85974-896-1 isbn-13 978-1-85974-896-1 new holland publishers the globe pequot press · the lyons press · falcon guides · p.o box 480 · guilford ct 06437-0480 · phone 1-800-243-0495 · fax 1-800-820-2329 · falconguide® 21

your resource for fishing books the lyons press · the globe pequot press · falconguide® · insiders guide® menasha ridge press · montana historical society press · new holland publishers · waterford press catching bass like a pro cleaning and preparing gamefish cold-smoking salt-curing meat fish game the compleat surfcaster 1-58592-082-7 1-58574-486-7 1-55821-422-4 1-55821-052-0 978-1-58592-082-2 978-1-58574-486-2 978-1-55821-422-4 978-1-55821-052-3 978-1-55821-907-6 978-1-58574-095-6 978-1-58574-088-8 978-1-55821-721-8 978-1-58574-782-5 978-1-58574-379-7 978-1-59228-235-7 978-1-55821-895-6 978-1-55821-896-3 $10.95 $19.95 $14.95 $14.95 $18.95 $24.95 $24.95 $19.95 $19.95 $29.95 $12.95 $9.95 $9.95 being nothingness and fly fishing the best of ed zern 1-58574-088-8 1-55821-721-5 1-58574-782-3 1-58574-379-8 the best of field stream big water bitch creek bitch creek blood atonement blood atonement blood knot breakers breakers fishing the world s great luxury fishing resorts

quite a catch wonder why the big one always gets away let the experts at the lyons press be your guide § § § § § fly fishing fly casting fly tying fishing knots freshwater techniques species § § § § saltwater techniques species fiction for fishing enthusiasts cookbooks gift

the globe pequot press is the largest publisher of u.s guidebooks and is a leading source for outdoor recreation guides we specialize in everything local from travel to outdoor sports history to relocation for experienced authors the best selection and dependable advice turn to the globe pequot press the lyons press is proud to publish the most distinguished list of fishing books in the world as well as quality works on horses nature survival adventure pets woodworking the sea history food and wine art and reference hunting general sports and more with more than 300 insiders guide® titles available you can get the guide that fits you whether it s finding the path less traveled discovering exciting things to do with the family savoring local flavors or getting the lowdown on exactly what to look for in a new city wherever you are wherever you want to go we ve been there leading the way® falconguide® is one of america s leading publishers of outdoor recreation titles including