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essential guides for every sports fan boxing bert sugar on boxing the best of the sport s most notable writer bert randolph sugar $22.95 c$37.95 hc 312 pp 7 x 9 14 8-page b&w photo insert isbn 1-59228-048-x $16.95 c$23.95 pb isbn 1-59228-659-3 the lyons press boxing s greatest fighters bert randolph sugar boxing s most entertaining historian picks the best fighters of all time $16.95 c$23.95 pb 256 pp 7 x 9 14 b&w photos isbn 1-59228-632-1 the lyons press the greatest boxing stories ever told thirty-six incredible tales from the ring edited by jeff silverman discover the drama and excitement of a championship bout $22.95 c$37.95 hc 368 pp 6 x 9 isbn 1-58574-613-4 $14.95 c$21.95 pb isbn 1-59228-479-5 the lyons press avail 6/05 paperback avail 10/05 bert sugar s boxing encyclopedia everything you want to know and more facing ali 15 fighters 15 stories stephen brunt includes 15 untold gripping accounts of what it was like to face muhammad ali in the ring $22.95 ncr hc 320 pp 5 12

essential guides for every sports fan surfing 100 best surf spots in the world the world s best breaks for surfers in search of the perfect wave rod sumpter details top surfing destinations around the world $19.95 c$31.95 pb 256 pp 7 12 x 9 14 8 maps 215 color photos isbn 0-7627-2598-2 insiders guide® men who ride mountains incredible true tails of legendary surfers peter dixon one of the best books ever written about legendary surfers and their pursuit of the perfect wave well illustrated with photographs $14.95 c$22.95 pb 174 pp 6 x 9 isbn 1-58574-388-7 the lyons press swimming for fitness kelvin juba a longtime coach presents the keys to developing a successful program that will improve your swimming and your health $16.95 ncr pb 192 pp 6 x 9 isbn 1-58574-550-2 the lyons press sister surfer a woman s guide to surfing with bliss and courage kia afcari and mary osborne an inspirational guide for women who want to surf $19.95 c$27.95 hc 192 pp 9 x 8 full-color throughout isbn 1

essential guides for every sports fan the bluffer s guide® to rugby revised alexander c rae all readers need to know about rugby that will convert anyone into an instant expert $6.95 c$10.95 pb 64 pp 4 38 x 7 isbn 1-903096-69-3 oval books duty honor victory america s athletes in world war ii gary l bloomfield a touching account of america s athletes on the battlefield $29.95 c$49.95 pb 400 pp 8 x 10 b&w photos throughout isbn 1-59228-067-6 $19.95 c$29.95 pb isbn 1-59228-548-1 the lyons press in-line skating made easy martin dugard whether you are a beginner or experienced rollerblader you ll profit from the information in this indispensible resource $16.95 c$26.95 pb 160 pp 8 12 x 9 12 isbn 1-56440-903-1 the globe pequot press coachisms winning words from the country s finest coaches essential bowling michael benson an introduction to skills techniques strategies rules and more $12.95 c$19.95 pb 112 pp 6 x 9 illus isbn 1-55821-968-4 the lyons press inline a manual for beginnin is not a reseller or dealer of Globe Pequot Press.

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