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transmission a position of strength four-wheel drive available from yukon’s fully boxed frame to its ecotec3 engine family it is engineered to put you in a constant position of strength power and efficiency fully boxed frame ecotec3 engines they use direct injection di active fuel management afm and continuously variable valve timing vvt to deliver exceptional power efficiency and durability at 23 mpg highway the 5.3l engine offers the best v-8 highway fuel efficiency1 in a full-size suv for more performance yukon denali’s 6.2l engine offers class-leading v-8 power producing 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque shear-style body mounts corrosion-resistant duralife brake rotors active aero grille shutters grille shutters automatically close to maximize aerodynamic efficiency when conditions are right the shutters are designed to remain open in situations where maximum airflow is needed four-wheel disc brakes transmissions the 5.3l v-8 features a 6-speed and the 6.2l v-8 is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission they both offer the control of a manual and the ease of an automatic with driver shift control magnetic ride control on yukon denali it senses changes in the road up to 1,000 times a second instantly adjusting each shock absorber for maximum comfort control and agility corrosion-resistant duralife brake rotors gmc engineers used patented ferritic nitrocarburizing fnc technology that can help double rotor life four-wheel drive yukon’s available four-wheel-drive system allows you to switch between two-wheel drive for optimum fuel efficiency1 and four-wheel drive for additional traction and control active aero grille shutters ecotec3 engines four-wheel disc brakes the stopping system improves pedal feel for a stronger more confident braking performance fully boxed frame yukon’s frame is constructed with 75 percent high-strength steel for maximum people and cargo-carrying capability electric variable-assist power steering the electric variable-assist power rack-and-pinion steering system improves fuel efficiency1 versus engine-powered systems magnetic ride control denali electric variable-assist power steering shear-style body mounts connecting the body to the frame are high lateral-rate and hydraulic body mounts they provide additional comfort and a smoother quieter ride 1 epa-estimated mpg 16 city/23 hwy 2wd 16 city/22 hwy 4wd 15 city/22 hwy xl 4wd with 5.3l v-8 engine and 14 city/23 hwy 2wd 14 city/22 hwy 4wd 14 city/21 hwy xl 4wd with 6.2l v-8 engine based on gm large suv segment p 19 performance motion handling