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at goodson we re always on the lookout for new or improved tools that make engine rebuilding easier if you have a tool you think we d be interested in give us a call ­ dave goodson national sales manager 16 yrs of service from this new for 2011 viton valve seals two new sizes to fit bronze and enlarged to show detail oe cast iron guides · resist temperatures up to 50º higher than other viton seals · evo twin cam stock length guides need to be shortened with .420 valve seal cutter vsc-420312 on page 138 guide stem order size application od dia qty jobber no .421 evo twin cam .421 .3125 20 18.99 hvs-421 .531 evo twin cam .531 .3125 20 18.99 hvs-531 hvs-421 hvs-531 supersede hvs-420 hvs-530 cylinder head rebuilding the magnetic keeper remover holds the keepers and retainers until you pull them off check out these sleeves an opening has been integrated to make it easier to fit into small engine bores that need extra clearance for the spark plug tube such as the honda

l-r ncb-253 ncb-250 ncb-251 ncb-252 ncb-254 l-r ncb-152 ncb-154 l-r ncb-250lc ncb-251lc neway valve seat cutting hand cut valve seats with confidence · tungsten carbide cutter blades · precision-ground to guarantee a flat seat · work in a range from about 3/8 smaller than the body to about 1/4 larger description jobber order no incl harley-davidson® kit with solid pilots $1071.29 gkm-2450 harley-davidson® kit with expanding pilots 748.79 gkm-2454ep standard series cutter bodies use .375 top pilots pg 9 diameter blade angle qty replacement blade 1.500 38.0mm 60° 3 ncb-254 83.29 ncu-205 31°/46° 10 ncb-251 207.99 ncu-622h 1.750 44.5mm 60° 3 ncb-254 83.29 ncu-293 31°/46° 10 ncb-251 207.99 ncu-642h expanding .375 9.53mm top pilots more on pg 8 diameter 0.312 7.92mm $47.99 p-312nx 0.343 8.71mm 47.99 p-343nx 0.375 9.53mm 47.99 p-375nx solid style .375 9.53mm top pilots more on pg 9 diameter 0.309 7.85mm $35.99 0.310 7.87mm 35.99 0.311 7.89mm 35.99 0.312 7.92mm 35.99

r use wsr-41-3-g 1/4 sq or wsr-41-4-g 3/16 sq with wsr-41-7-g 3/8 drill adaptor clamp 3/8 drive in drill to drive reamers directly quickly install and remove in use titanium coated cobalt reamers · smooth and precise · less brittle than carbide · ideal for use on cast iron 3/16 square drive inch mm order no .2165 5.50 tnr-5.5mm-b .236 6.00 tnr-6mm-b .248 6.30 tnr-248-b .249 6.32 tnr-249-b .250 6.35 tnr-250-b .2755 7.00 tnr-7mm-b 1/4 square drive .312 7.92 tnr-312-b .315 8.00 tnr-8mm-b .340 8.64 tnr-340-b .341 8.66 tnr-341-b .342 8.69 tnr-342-b .343 8.71 tnr-343-b .344 8.74 tnr-344-b .354 9.00 tnr-9mm-b .373 9.47 tnr-373-b .374 9.50 tnr-374-b .375 9.52 tnr-375-b .376 9.55 tnr-376-b .377 9.58 tnr-377-b .378 9.60 tnr-378-b jobber $79.99 reamers solid carbide valve guide reamers new for 2011 small reamers for cast iron or bronze premium quality reamers with tough cobalt flutes for long life in cast iron or bronze 1/8 square drive inch mm .1565 3.98 .1575

valve spring compressors manual valve spring bench easy valve spring work · remove and install valve springs on heads with recessed springs · 26 l x 22 w x 35 h footprint · 31 lbs · 28mm dia spring adaptor standard see below for other sizes description jobber valve spring bench $1699.99 spring adaptor reach 18mm 41/2 $249.99 18mm replacement insert 18.99 23mm 41/2 249.99 23mm replacement insert 18.99 28mm 31/2 249.99 28mm replacement insert 18.99 35mm 21/2 249.99 locking collar 49.99 order no cf-500 cf-518 cf-518-1 cf-501 cf-501-1 cf-502 cf-502-1 cf-503 cf-500-230 valve clearance pressure foot kit new for2011 simulate in-place cam torque on the bench · pressure foot holds camshaft rigidly in place for final clearance settings · easy to install on the cf-500 spring bench · order no cf-591 jobber $434.99 cylinder head rebuilding cleaning assembly safety replacement parts available ince s lock collar can be used to stop vertical travel or to hold spring compressed while

the quality of the tools and products i get from goodson along with the prompt shipping and fine sales personnel have always been #1 with me i ve given out both goodson s phone number and web address to many of my customers ­ dave yonemura felt automotive machine ogden utah goodson customer since 1990 seal-alltm new for 2011 for cast iron aluminum · seals pin holes porosity and small cracks in heads blocks · penetrates and seals · out-performs ceramics · bonds with existing rust corrosion to prevent spread · heat at 175°-200°f 79.4°-93.3°c for 4 hours to cure size jobber order no 32 oz 946 ml 48.29 cps-32 1 gallon 3.78 liter 167.99 cps-128 not for use on assembled engines cylinder head rebuilding crack a crack between seats often enters the coolant passage that runs between them repair sleeve insert a sleeve to seal the passage and save a head that otherwise would be junked gm 6.2l diesel crack repair kit cleaning assembly safety repair coolant passage between cracked

new for 2011 air jet assembly gb-113 carbide nozzle gun body glass bead gloves orifice gb-100 ceramic nozzle durable cloth-lined neoprene gloves · 30 overall length · for ports up to 10 diameter · durable neoprene glove with nylon sleeve · sleeve design makes attaching glove to your machine faster and easier · clamp sold separately port size description jobber order no up to 8 single left-hand glove $36.99 gb-654-g 20.32 cm single right-hand glove 36.99 gb-655-g pair one right-hand one left-hand 59.99 gb-660-g pair one right-hand two left-hand 78.99 gb-663-g up to 10 single left-hand glove 48.99 gb-754-g 25.4 cm single right-hand glove 48.99 gb-755-g pair one right-hand one left-hand 78.99 gb-770-g 8 and 10 replacement clamp fits both port sizes 7.79 gb-clamp safety tip never point the glass bead gun at the cabinet window cylinder head rebuilding orifice lock nut nozzle holding nut nozzle o-ring gun body barbed brass fitting glass bead guns cleaning assembly safety for

extend the range of your hone with the master holder and stone supports on the bottom of page 89 r cylinder head rebuilding new for 2011 cleaning assembly safety junior midget portable cylinder hone · range 11/4 13/4 · 2 drive shank and 12 extension · stones sold separately · 7/16 14 thread · order no snj-10 jobber $442.99 midget portable cylinder hone · range 13/4 2 · 2 drive shank and 12 extension · stones sold separately · 7/16 14 thread · order no sn-75 jobber $390.49 junior portable cylinder hone · range 2 2.6 · 2 drive shank and 12 extension · stones sold separately · 7/16 14 thread · order no jn-95 jobber $406.99 standard portable cylinder hone · range 21/2 5 · 2 drive shank and 12 extension · stones sold separately · 7/16 14 thread · order no an-112 jobber $386.29 heavy-duty portable cylinder hone · range 21/2 5 · 2 drive shank and 12 extension · stones sold separately · 5/8 11 thread · heavy-duty universal joint · order no an-815

cylinder block work pin pal puller remove dowels fast · adjusts to pull all sizes of dowels · vise-grip jaws hold firm while 4 lb slide hammer forces dowels out · also pulls pressed-in hollow tubes or frozen shafts · rugged steel construction description complete tool replacement jaws jobber $289.99 80.29 order no ga-300 ga-300e-r ideal for flywheels too new for 2011 cylinder head rebuilding dowel puller and collets oil gallery wax slide hammer action removes stubborn dowels cleaning assembly safety eases the removal of seized threaded parts · preheat the part to be removed apply wax to its base allow to cool and remove the part jobber description $17.99 oil gallery wax 6 sticks 10 pk 4.99 beeswax stick 1 3/4 x3 25.4x19.1x76.2mm ince s bws-1 order no ogw-1 bws-1 · use on blocks heads flywheels etc · split collets grip firmly without causing damage · a high-quality tool that lets you reuse dowel pins · two kits available us standard and metric · all items also sold

for a downloadable profile identifier visit www.goodson.com technical_support/downloads.php r not shown to scale flywheel saver shims new for 2011 restore clutch action after flywheel grinding many clutch linkages aren t adjustable so you must return the flywheel friction surface to original position after resurfacing or faulty clutch action and possible failure can occur these shims solve the problem letting you grind a flywheel instead of replacing it shims install between the crank flange and flywheel to compensate for .025 or .050 of grinding or up to .089 in some applications description flywheel saver shim kit chrysler 3.7 225ci 3.9 238ci 4.0 jeep 5.2 jeep 5.3 318ci 5.6 340ci 5.9 360ci 6.3 383ci 7.2 440ci 5.7 5.9 diesel 7.5 and 8.1 liter engines these shims have break-off tabs to fit 4.316 and 3.750 ods as well ford 1.3 2.8 2.9 4.0 1.6 1.9 2.0,2.3 3.0 3.3 3.1 3.8 3.9 240ci 4.1 250 ci 4.2 255ci 4.7 289ci 4.9 300ci 5.0 302ci 5.8 351ci 5.7 352ci 5.9 360ci 6.4

if you need engine building tools and supplies you need goodson we re dedicated to providing you with the best quality products the best value and the best service in the industry ­ michele customer service representative 6 years of service deck bridge tools new for 2011 pushrod concentricity checker cylinder head rebuilding verify deck height determine if without removing pushrods need shown with optional gauge block from roll replacing you won t believe how easy it is to check whether or over fixture not you have bent pushrods simply place the pushrod in · flat anvil surface makes full contact for accurate measurements description deck bridge 41/2 span dial indicator 12 oal dial indicator anvil jobber 79.49 299.99 19.99 order no mdbs-2 mdi-12 mdi-12a question into the bracket on the tester and rotate it if there s any variation in the concentricity the gauge will show it descprition pushrod concentricity checker economy dial indicator jobber $29.99 28.99 order no pcc-100

easy toll-free ordering by phone 1-800-533-8010 toll-free fax 24-hours a day 1-888-466-3909 order online www.goodson.com new for 2011 benefit your whole shop route this catalog to shop foreman machinists purchasing office source code account number cleaning assembly safety cylinder head rebuilding products from goodson crankshaft flywheel grinding short block rebuilding clockwise from top left miscellaneous tools double harley head plate p 4 hyper-finish diamond valve guide sizing system p 1 powered ring filer p 98 reluctor ring installation tool p 116 wrist pin press kit p 4 tools supplies for v-twin metric measuring tools us patent no