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rod piston work electric rod heater coming soon you asked for it and we ve been working on it the all-new electric rod heater is in the final testing phase · 220v single phase on-off and thermostat control with led indicator lamps · 2 independently controlled elements use one or both · dual rod supports allow complete alignment with heating elements watch for more details coming soon or visit http:www.goodson.com/erh to sign up to be notified when it is available ceramic-lined enclosure contains heat 8 new for 2011 new diesel piston press kit see page 4 cylinder head rebuilding air valve sets ideal combustion mixture gas-fired rod heater single control operates the pilot and gas flow 21 extreme pressure lube withstands pressures up to 50,000 psi · highly refined petroleum product · contains no lead graphite or minerals · won t corrode fine surfaces · will not emulsify with cooling liquids · surfaces stay lubed and protected · in a grease form size 4 oz 113.4g tube gallon/3.78l jobber 7.99 102.99 order no epl-4 epl-128 assemble 8 rods to pistons in as little as 5 minutes · needs no warm-up time ­ you can start assembling rods and pistons almost immediately · heats piston pin ends so fast that the rest of the rod stays cool · no cool down time after assembly and the operator doesn t need to wear gloves · burner lights easily with a striker not included · no heat coils to burn out or circuitry to fail description jobber order no rod heater for propane $749.99 rh-50 includes regulator hose assembly to connect to your lp tank rod heater for natural gas 699.99 rh-50n hooks up to your natural gas service 12 cleaning assembly safety ince s short block rebuilding crankshaft flywheel grinding break-in lubricant helps break-in lube before and maintains start-up · air pressure pumps oil through ring seal on lubrication system · prevents dry engine start-ups starts · cuts warranty claims 5 qt engine pre-lube tank 1945 miscellaneous tools · apply to clean cylinder walls before final assembly with our non-abrasive pad · 5pk replacement pad ahp-white · 1 oz 29.6 ml lube 1 pad · order no wsx jobber $37.99 · holds up to 5 qts 946.4ml of oil · uses 45 psi/310.3 kpa · kit includes tank hose fitting valve and instructions · order no pl-40 jobber $199.99 hi-performance break-in lube engine prelube shafts measuring tools recommended for break-in of flat tappet engines · recommended as a break-in lube for all non-catalytic converter engine applications · not for use with synthetic oils · mix 3 oz per quart of oil · replaces the zinc no longer included in most motor oils · 16 oz 473 ml · order no eot-16 jobber $23.99 prevent dry-start wear · use a drill these shafts connected to the oil pump to lube the engine · use before starting all newly installed rebuilt or stored engines above eps-40 below eps-5 application jobber 4 shaft set $48.99 mopar a&b blocks 15.99 ford 1/4 hex drive 15.99 ford 5/1 6 hex drive 15.99 gm most delco 15.99 ford 2.9 4.0l suvs 15.99 order no eps-40 eps-1 x eps-2 x eps-3 x eps-4 x eps-5 tools supplies for v-twin metric 101 iron-clad satisfaction guarantee if you re not satisfied neither are we