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shelf edge label holder clips for wire baskets 34 x 34 poster frames 22 x 34 poster frames pallet sign holders pole sign holders magnetic clip sign holder clear hinged magnetic sign holders aisle sign holder retail sign holder super grip sign holder free standing sign holders pop shelf sign holder sign holder metal clips easy up sign holders pallet sign holder l pole sign holder wall sign fixing plant card holders adhesive backed label holder sign holder clips label inserts card holders small credit card holder dark green bed cover sheet how make of wood framing uk alu eclips epson a3 printer epson tm flo pink plastic shopping baskets retractable banner stand banner display stands double chalk board magnetic notice boards t8 led tube swivel tube fittings feet photo frames a6 size wall poster frames photo frame a4 size poster frames 11 x 30 90 deg fittings basket dump bins 31 x 35 poster frame ceiling grid hanger wire gold grub screws laminated timber pvc plastic card insert oak bed frame price steel screwed fittings extruded pvc angle double bed wood frame banner display hook lock poster frames black magnetic board paint 90 deg steel tubing

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call 01489 896999 buy online at special colours sizes and finishes as well as the stocked finishes shown on this page we can also supply bespoke colours and sizes on request poa if you want to create a distinctive look why not choose snap frames with a painted or special finish above left is polished gold finish the black finish is semi-gloss elegant and durable polished gold finish snap frames order code as.a4/25gd as.a3/25gd as.a2/25gd as.a1/25gd gold a4 snap frame 25mm gold a3 snap frame 25mm gold a2 snap frame 25mm gold a1 snap frame 25mm similar finish to brass £ ea 13.90 18.50 25.00 36.00 10 12.51 16.65 22.50 32.40 25 11.40 15.17 20.50 29.52 black snap frames order code as.a4/25-b as.a3/25-b as.a2/25-b as.a1/25-b black a4 snap frame 25mm black a3 snap frame 25mm black a2 snap frame 25mm black a1 snap frame 25mm £ ea 10 25 7.25 6.53 5.95 9.99 8.99 8.19 13.90 12.51 11.40 23.00 20.70 18.86 stainless steel look snap frames order code as.a4/25-st

call 01489 896999 buy online at magnitframe simply open the hinged front panel and pop in your printed paper insert magnitframes can be used portrait or landscape single or double-sided mag.a3-s magniframes are self-adhesive poster pockets with a hinged magnetic flap at the front both the front and back lenses are transparent so optionally this print holder can be used on glass with a printed sign showing from both sides there is an attractive border which creates the same appearance from the front or the rear available in black and silver versions magnitframes order code mag.a5-b mag.a5-s mag.a4-b mag.a4-s mag.a3-b mag.a3-s a5 magnitframe black border a5 magnitframe silver border a4 magnitframe black border a4 magnitframe silver border a3 magnitframe black border a3 magnitframe silver border please order in multiples of 2 as they are packed in two s can be applied to glass metal smooth wood white goods food counters etc re-usable adhesive back

call 01489 896999 buy online at slim frame accessories trigger clamp trigger clamps left attach slim frames to clothes rails dump bins crates etc up to 25mm the fitting is supplied with a tpiece ready to take an a5 or a4 slim frame order frames separately code swivel tube clip swivel tube clip suspends slim frames from a 19mm 3/4 tube code oek.172 uniclip versatile uniclip for attaching slim frames to crates baskets max 20mm adjustable angle picture shows an a5 size frame use two uniclips for a4 and a3 slim frames trigger clamps tube clips g-clamps and uniclips order code oek.172 oek.gc oek.uni trigger clamp t-piece swivel tube clip pair £ pr g-clamp stem t-piece uniclip for slim frames £ ea 20 50 5.35 4.82 4.39 1.65 1.49 1.35 5.80 5.22 4.76 1.30 1.17 1.07 g-clamp g-clamps offer a way to attach slim frames to table tops benches desks etc without damaging the product the unit is supplied with a black adjustable stem and t-piece ready to take

call 01489 896999 buy online at freestanders a4 or a3 slim frames can be fitted portrait or landscape simply slot in your print sign or notice with choice of base abcd all poles are height adjustable from 1m up to 1.8m choose the right base to suit your own application basic base freestander basic base tough heavy and made from dense 100 recycled material suitable for use indoors or outdoors note stability is not assured in windy conditions weight approx 3.5kg covered base freestander covered base a top cover adds visual appeal to basic base where a more refined look is desirable for use indoors and outside note stability is not assured in windy conditions weight approx 3.5kg colours black or green flat base freestander flat base this flat metal base lends itself to retail situations where merchandise can be stacked on and around the base powder coated paint finish is suitable for limited outdoor use for sustained outdoor use we recommend the basic base

call 01489 896999 buy online at infocolumn and system accessories 2.0m high aluminium column with 450mm diameter weighted foot right is the starting point for all configurations infoc.bp infoc.bp 2no infoc.20.30 2no infocolumn is a versatile kit of parts infoc.bp 4no infoc.20.30 20 x 60 508 x 1524mm size frame the sturdy aluminium column incorporates a slim fixing groove front and back so various size snap frames and literature shelves can be arranged at will infoc.bp infoc.20.60 alu frame infoc.alp .a2 a2 size aluminium profile side-fixing slot-in poster frame for infocolumn banner arm infoc.b600 banner arm set top and bottom rails 400 or 600mm wide literature shelf snap frames including the impressive 5ft high frame above and left are manufactured using an elegant 30mm profile they come complete with the necessary fixings to attach to the pole literature shelves are made of steel and each take 2 facings of a4 brochures the whole unit makes an

call 01489 896999 buy online at printers and printing enlabel enlabel is a user friendly yet powerful design tool for creating any size label from shelf edge up to large format it is equally at home outputting to a colour epson label printer below as it is to the 42 wide epson large format printers on the next page sheet media tack jet adhering film for inkjet tack jet is a white plastic with a coating which is highly receptive to inkjet print after printing peel off the backing film and stick it directly to windows or almost any smooth surface remove and reposition the decal without leaving any residue please test on new surfaces order code tack jet adhering film tjet.a4-50 a4 tack jet tjet.a4-5 a4 tack jet trial pack pack qty £/pk 50 48.00 5 9.00 enlabel professional design print v5 try before you buy £395 coated paper for inkjet colour label printer epson tm-c3400 is an amazingly fast label printer which will output any size label or sticker up to104mm

call 01489 896999 buy online at double-sided snap frames double-sided snap frames are for suspending on wires or for floor to ceiling cable displays hook-end cables opposite are ideal for supporting individual frames each frame is supplied with suspension eyes when stacked one above the other stopper is best choice stopper provides clutch height adjustment with locking feature cable loop devices urban trapeze is so quick and easy to use for perfect height adjustment stopper ut1.5 anodised aluminium silver double-sided snap frames can also be threaded onto a cable system in this case the wire goes down through the middle of the frame and another can be fixed beneath stopper provides finger-tip height adjustment of each tier urban trapeze is a great device for making adjustable cable loops use it to attach to rafters or loop it through whatever you need to hang simply insert a cable wire up to 1.5mm into the arrow guided clutch the built in locking mechanism grips

call 01489 896999 buy online at angled bed-card holders d card holders fitted with adjustable clips angled bed flexible plant area solutions vertical bed-card holders dbed-card holders fitted vertical with adjustable clips the clips can be adjusted by hand to fit securely to any vertical back-board or angled front board up to 25mm/1 thick h.pvc there are two types of angled holder left made from 6 high pvc bed-card track or right based on a5 slim frames with factory fitted clips the rear clips made of bendable aluminium can be adjusted to suit timber up-stands up to 25mm/1 thick the clips grip well yet it is easy to relocate frames angled and vertical holders std colours green dark green black or other slim frame colours order code angled models h.pvc pvc angled bed-card holder slim frame angled bed-card holder vertical models slim frame vertical bedcard holder a4 slim frame vertical holder a3

call 01489 896999 buy online at browsers sherpa infoline d frames 10 a4 size dor floor desktop sherpa floor-stand sher.fl infoline info.400 sherpa desktop sher.10 5 or 10 a4 size frames pedestal or wall mounted a4 desktop pedestal stand has adjustable angle head a3 size available to order infoline sherpa browsers order code info.400 info.410 info.400w info.410w sher.10 sher.fl infoline £ ea infoline stand 5 x a4 40.00 infoline stand 10 x a4 74.00 wall-fix infoline 5 x a4 23.00 wall-fix infoline 10 x a4 57.00 sherpa sherpa desktop 10 x a4 95.00 sherpa floorstand 10 x a4 150.00 flip-up barker flip-up barkers offer an effective and economic way to attach promotional information to any shelf fitted with data strip used by the thousand in stores ranging from supermarkets to garden centres see opposite for prices all browser frames are double-sided to take 2 prints and are supplied with clear plastic poster sleeves frame colours infoline frames are multi-coloured

call 01489 896999 buy online at light boxes for illuminated posters single-sided smart led light box 60 energy saving compared with fluorescent tubes long life light source with no costly tube maintenance incredibly slim design snap-opening frame single or double sided light attracts light sells whether in a retail shop window a museum or a showroom the power of illuminated images cannot be over-stated images come to life by day and by night led is the new state of the art for backlit poster frames double-sided smart led light box double sided version of the smart led light box is for suspending in situations where the illuminated poster frame can be viewed from both sides hanging hardware is included double-sided smart led light boxes are just 27.5mm thick smart led snaplight is a superb slim edge-lit light box with a sleek aluminium case just 19mm 3/4in thick single sided version is for wall mounting fixing hardware is included the internal light diffusion

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