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the source of living water is used for drinking and cooking all over the world we use running water in the kitchen around 100 times every day we take it so much for granted that we often don’t think of water when we hear the word kitchen we forget what has to work hardest in the kitchen the kitchen faucet an appliance that is used this frequently must naturally be durable and function perfectly every day in addition since kitchens are increasingly becoming living spaces it also has to look great that is why ergonomics functionality aesthetics and finishes are so important in grohe kitchen faucets in short this is why we refer to grohe in the kitchen as the source of living kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 4 09.03.16

grohe blue® purity you can taste it all comes down to taste a representative survey which asked consumers to taste grohe blue® water alongside three leading still mineral waters found that grohe blue® water tastes better 73 of consumers assessed the taste of grohe blue® water as “fresh” while only 63 of those surveyed found the mineral waters to have a “fresh” taste grohe blue® water doesn’t just taste great by itself it also gives coffee and tea a much more refined and intensive taste clear taste test winner over 3 leading mineral waters grohe blue® tastes fresher separated inner water ways for 100 purity and taste hose 1 grohe blue® filtered water hose 2 unfiltered water kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 18 to ensure that grohe blue® water does not come into contact with unfiltered water or with metal parts after filtering the high-quality fitting features two separate waterways – one for the ordinary mains water

grohe blue® accessories make the most of having delicious chilled filtered water on tap with our range of grohe blue® accessories from replacement filters for all grohe blue® faucets to co2 cartridges for grohe blue® chilled and sparkling plus our own range of branded grohe water glasses and carafe you’ll find all you need to enjoy your seamless supply of cool fresh drinking water in your home kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 32 09.03.16

grohe blue® a smart solution for your office kitchen a busy office runs on… tea coffee and lots of fresh water from water-cooler moments to brainstorms powered by a pot of hot coffee drinking water is at the heart of the day-to-day life of any company now you can find a smarter solution that saves your company time energy and money while offering great taste and unbelievable convenience with grohe’s water systems grohe blue® 17.96 gr co2/l total consumption of 33.000 litres water in a company with 30 employees 1 litre/person/day over a period of 5 years source co2 carbon footprint study from goettingen university germany 2013/2014 kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 46 09.03.16

grohe easytouch kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 60 09.03.16

grohe zedra grohe’s zedra features a dual-control button with locking feature which lets you switch effortlessly between spray modes and a speedclean nozzle makes removing limescale a breeze choose between a high-gloss grohe starlight® chrome finish or the anti-bacterial properties of realsteel for a faucet that is as durable as it is beautiful kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 74 09.03.16

grohe essence kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 88 09.03.16

grohe performance lines grohe europlus grohe eurodisc cosmopolitan grohe eurodisc grohe concetto grohe eurostyle cosmopolitan 104 106 110 112 116 grohe eurosmart cosmopolitan grohe eurosmart grohe bau grohe costa s grohe costa l 120 124 130 132 134 kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 102 09.03.16

grohe eurostyle cosmopolitan great design and great performance are at your fingertips with the eurostyle cosmopolitan range from the appealing lozenge-shape of the lever to a choice of dynamic spout shapes eurostyle cosmopolitan has a solution for every type of kitchen environment kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 116 09.03.16

grohe bau stunning simplicity defines the grohe bau the cylindrical spout creates a lightness of design ideal for architectural schemes without compromising performance the unique loop-shaped lever of bauloop and the lozenge-shaped lever of bauedge simplify handling and are extremely easy to operate 31 367 000 grohe bauedge kitchen sink mixer 31 368 000 grohe bauloop kitchen sink mixer 40 536 000 contemporary soap dispenser for liquid soaps storage bin 0.4 l grohe silkmove® comfort height kitchen_book_2016_master_content.indd 130 09.03.16 follow us for further information please visit our website grohe ag feldmühleplatz 15 d 40545 düsseldorf germany © 02/2016 – copyright by