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this is one apollo that wont make it to the moon ­ but it still goes like a rocket news of the world 02 2005 design equals driving dynamics the challenge was to develop an exceptional design that combined the extreme aero dynamic requirements of a performance-oriented purist super sports car with the aesthe tic design of an exclusive vehicle we wanted to achieve the perfect synthesis of design and function without compromising and we have succeeded with apollo its silhouette optimised in numerous wind tunnel tests reflects its by far superior capabilities in its profile the apollo dynamic appearance is further enhanced by its dimensions 4.46 m length almost 2 m width and 1.24 m height and its streamlined long and wide shoulder lines the mid-engine layout is emphasised by the cockpit which is clearly located toward the front of the vehicle and the long wheel base both factors ensure optimum driving qualities massive air inlets and outlets in the front and on the side in front of

1 the98kg216lbs lightweightframemadeof highstrengthchromemolybdenumsteelformsthe torsionresistantbase 2 thecarbonmonocoquewithintegratedseatmould providesoptimumpassengerprotectionwhilstonly weighing23kg50.7lbs 6 3 3 the120l26.4gall.u.k stainlesssteelfueltankis positionedbehindthepassengercellensuringoptimum weightdistributionandhighcrashsafety 4 basedontheformula1principle,thecrashboxinthe frontsectionofthecarabsorbstheimpactenergyin caseofacrashandalsoimprovesthepassivesafety 5 thesuspensionelementsarelinkedtothemain frameandensurearesponsivereactionandprecise handling 6 thedriveunitisscrewedfi rmlytotheframe,reducing theirritatingeffectsofvibration 2 4 5

the consistent achievement of maximum driving dynamics and uncompromising functionality is also visible in the interior design every detail was designed according to functional viewpoints equivalent to those of a racing car yet without neglecting the required amount of comfort and

ready for racetrack a sports car`s supremacy is not defined by pure engine power alone only a car that can put this power on the asphalt and create a balance between all occurring internal and external forces will leave the contestants behind on the road and the race track the chassis is the key to this supremacy ­ and apollo has already proven itself spectacularly under the toughest testing conditions on various test tracks public roads and real racing tracks such as hockenheim imola and the historical nordschleife the apollo is built as a racing car according to fia gt and aco regulations upon

proven performance in a new dimension 7 1 theengineblockismadeoflightmetalwithacylinder angleof90° 2 1 2 highperformanceconnectingrodsundforgedpistonsare installedintheengineblock 3 theforgedcrankshaftisespeciallytorsionresistantand hasaverylowmassinertia 3 6 4 thedrysumpisracingtechnologyatitsbestand togetherwiththeoilpressurepump,ensuresuninter ruptedlubrication 4 5 theoilpressurepumpensuresoptimumlubricationofthe crankshaft,pistonsandconnectingrodseveninextreme drivingsituationswithhighlateralaccelerationforces 6 theexhaustgasturbochargersuppliestheeightcylinders withcompressedfreshairthathasbeenpreviouslycooled totheidealtemperaturebytwoimmenseintercoolers 7 therearethreedifferentenginemodelsavailable 650/700/800hp 5 with its amazing power the apollo`s motor fulfils all requirements for the race track while also meeting all requirements of a driver for the suitability for everyday use of an exclusive sports

driving dynamics redefined theapollo`ssuspensionwasdevelopedtoideallycomplementthebody`ssophisticated aerodynamics.theresultingisunusualdrivingdynamics.theapolloistautbutnot hardandprovidesdriverandpassengerwithanextraordinarlevelofcomfortforacar designedpurelyforperformance.itdemandsthepilot`sunswervingattention,yetdue toitsultrapreciseandpredictabledrivingcharacteristicsdoesnotoverwhelm,evenat topspeed anidealweightbalanceof42to58percentbetweenthefrontandrearaxisroundsitoff itprovidesoptimumtractionduringacceleration,whilstensuringstablecontroleven whenbrakingincriticalsituations theapolloowesthefi nelytunedsensitivityofthesuspensionsystemandtheoptimised exertionofpowertoitsdoubletransversecontrolarmpushrodconfi gurationatthefront andback.thedoubletransversecontrolarmsensurethatthetiresmaintainoptimum contactwiththeroadsurface,independentoftheboundrateofsuspensionsystem thesuspensionsystemallowstheownertoseamlesslysetthegroundclearanceina rangebetween40and120mm1.574.72in

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