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aquaculture 5 hot dip galvanized chain adverse weather and rough sea conditions coupled with the harsh marine environment must be taken into consideration when you specify the correct equipment for your aquaculture facilities our hdg chain is designed to meet the specific demands from the global aquaculture industry the chains are made from a premium high quality steel sourced from european steel producers to exacting standards and specifications we have worked very closely with our material suppliers to ensure close and exacting standards are maintained throughout all production batches these materials are then converted into chain at our own factory in gunnebo sweden where every component is 100 inspected during the manufacturing process each element within the manufacturing process is stringently controlled with our in house quality systems this also applies to our galvanizing and importantly our heat treating procedures which are critical factors in chain performance to prevent

aquaculture 7 mooring shackle gunnebo industries hdg shackles are designed to meet the specific demands from the global aquaculture industry the shackles are produced from a grade of steel that has been developed to comply with the industry standards our modern manufacturing facilities in norway are self-sufficient from the initial tooling design and manufacture through the component production facilities all aspects of production are continually monitored at all stages including forging heat treatment machining hot dip galvanizing and final quality inspection we have an extensive experience of shackle production using modern manufacturing methods our mooring shackle no 852 has been developed specifically for the aquaculture industry with its unique feature of a counter sunk bolt which locks the shackle and with increased material thickness in the bow we have improved the fatigue resistance with all our mooring shackles we are able to offer several securing options standard or

aquaculture 11 mooring bolt mooring bolt gunnebo industries mooring bolts are made from high tensile steel and are quenched and tempered to comply with continuous monitoring and quality standards throughout manufacture all parts are hot dip galvanized with a brown colour marking • mooring bolts for both wedge and cement fasting applications • bolts are marked with mbl and traceability code • color marking showing required depth of fastening • mooring bolts are 3rd part approved acc to ns 9415 • user instructions available • no a8252 – t-bolt flexible to secure straight/correct line direction • certified according to ns 9415 incl 3.1 material information • all parts are high quality hot dip galvanized mooring bolt eye bolt no 8250 g standard third party approved acc to relevant norwegian aquaculture standards material high tensile steel quenched and tempered grade 6 finish all parts hot dip galvanized brown colour marking e

our history experience and quality gunnebo industries was founded in 1764 in the small town of gunnebo in the south of sweden in the very beginning the company forged nails and bolts for ship-making but quickly expanded to make chains and lifting products how does a company survive for over 250 years by overcoming problems for every problem there is a solution and through innovation gunnebo industries has established itself as a market leader in the lifting industry we are very proud of our heritage with a brand that has been built on its wealth of industry experience that is second to none these attributes give both customer and distributor piece of mind with the range of products gunnebo industries provides we understand that safety is of utmost importance not only for the users of our products but for the environment as well a fish pen breakage would have significant impact on both the environment and the business it was part of it is of vital importance that the products used in gunnebo industrier ab tel +46 21 83 82 00 e-mail sales offices gunnebo industries pty ltd australia tel +61 7 3451 0900 e-mail gunnebo industries co ltd p.r of china tel +86 512 5525 2200 e-mail gunnebo industries gmbh germany tel +49 273 989 720 e-mail gunnebo johnson corporation north america tel +1 918 832 8933 e-mail gunnebo anja industrier as norway tel +47 561 933 00 e-mail gunnebo industries sp z o.o poland tel +48 552 422 926 e-mail gunnebo industries pty ltd south africa tel +27 11 614 6078 e-mail gunnebo industries ltda south america tel +55 11 4055 9800 e-mail gunnebo industrier ab sweden tel +46 31 764 37 00 e-mail n gunnebo industries ltd united kingdom tel +44 152 752 2560 e-mail