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our history experience and quality gunnebo industries was founded in 1764 in the small town of gunnebo in the south of sweden in the very beginning the company forged nails and bolts for ship-making but quickly expanded to make chains and lifting products how does a company survive for over 250 years by overcoming problems for every problem there is a solution and through innovation gunnebo industries has established itself as a market leader in the lifting industry we are very proud of our heritage with a brand that has been built on its wealth of industry experience that is second to none these attributes give both customer and distributor piece of mind with the range of products gunnebo industries provides we understand that safety is of utmost importance not only for the users of our products but for the environment as well a fish pen breakage would have significant impact on both the environment and the business it was part of it is of vital importance that the products used in the aquaculture industry are manufactured to outperform the regulating standards gunnebo industries have a range of chains shackles and mooring bolts designed specifically for the aquaculture industry these products are manufactured to exacting demands which ensure an extended product life which will decrease the need for maintenance and give you peace of mind in even the roughest weather conditions.