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anorak 70204-50583-5743 skipulli 63503-55331-4013 soft shell 60161-50585-4768 windbreaker 72111-11560-4013 jacket 60164-30432-5527 skirt 64025-30464-4102 jacket 70207-50462-4774 knit 62116-30992-4034 striped polo 73625-30474-5497

hood knit 72129-12631-4034 polo 73608-30325-5074 pants 71209-30846-5743 extra ordinary by nature

the crew sine carlsen msc and with the h2o marketing team enthusiastic skier instructor and board member of the danish ski school we owe her a huge pile of `thanks a zillion for making this trip come through jakob helbig our phenomenal photographer normally he lives in copenhagen but always has the urge to go explore the great outdoors and indeed greenland was he just loved shooting this magnificent piece of nature actually he wouldn t stop malin westerstrøm seriously infected with skier s syndrome already passed on in mother s milk being swedish and all now she lives in chamonix where she enjoys the unbearable lightness of skiing and her job in a downtown outdoor shop benjamin rudolph highly skilled free-rider and ski instructor licensed by the austrian ski school with a seriously wet address -he lives on a houseboat on bryggen copenhagen mathias ingemann from sisimiut keeping track of us the h2o-lot and 15 dog sled dogs didn t even resemble a challenge for our driver but of

preparing the journey for greenland with the grenland travel agent near the polar center and north atlantic warehouse in copenhagen in the midst of nothingness an approx 1 hour boat trip and 11 km snow mobile ride from some sort of civilization we found apussuit adventure camp a cosy collection of small cabins really the picturesque surroundings speak for themselves and most certainly thrilled even the most picky skiers amongst us fear not that this will be another crowded ski resort the camp only allows 24 people at a time hat 68143-10132-4034 padded ski jacket 60156-50461-5423 ginger padded ski pants 61159-50460-4013

from left xql micro fleece 73578-55331-4769 gore-tex ski pants 71211-50538-5051 soft shell 60161-50585-96 padded ski pants 61157-50463-4768 hat 68143-10132-5527 college 63556-30989-4034 padded pants 61158-50467-4013 scarf 68141-10132-4034 mittens 68142-10132-4034 neck college 63557-30990-4768 padded ski pants 61159-50460-5527 breathtaking hat 68143-10132-5527 reversible college 63556-30989-4034 gore windstopper ski pants 61158-50467-4013 skirt 64025-30464-4102 striped knee sock 68150-46006-5527 padded ski pants 61159-50460-5527 polo 63555-30991-5527

the gore-tex® membrane high tech for your body the gore-tex® membrane is the heart of all gore-tex® products it is completely wind and waterproof but permeable for water vapor the result water from the outside will never penetrate cold winds cannot pass through and perspiration can escape easily this is why your body always stays dry and comfortable with gore-tex® products gore-tex ski jacket 70230-50346-96 gore-tex ski jacket with mesh 70176-55327-5051 soft shell gore-tex® soft shell rain and wind stay out feel the difference constructed with soft and warm fabrics the durably waterproof windproof and breathable gore-tex® soft shells are designed for reduced layering and improved freedom of movement in colder conditions here a specific gore-tex® membrane is bonded directly to the outer fabric and a fleecy liner on the inside gore-tex

outstanding padded ski jacket 60157-50459-4768 padded ski jacket 60153-50463-4013 padded ski pants 61157-50463-4013 padded ski jacket 70198-50459-4769

gore-tex ski jacket 60129-55327-10 padded ski pants 61159-50460-5527 rain and wind stay out with gore-tex® membrane engineered with the most rugged most breathable durably waterproof and windproof fabrics 3-layer gore-tex® pro shells meet the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts a specific gore-tex® membrane is firmly bonded to a tough outer material and a robust inner lining this completely protects it from wear and makes it extremely rugged and durable outerwear to use under extreme tough conditions 3-layer gore-tex® pro shell breathable all seams taped waterproof wind pro stopper shell water repellent zippers reflective details snow cuff inside gore-tex ski jacket

hood sweat 63545-33720-5423 cap 68160-33670-4013 t-shirt 63542-30013-10 sport jacket 60175-50612-10 sweat shorts 63546-30463-96 5726 hood sweat 63545-33720-10 sport for

sport polo 73630-30013-4774 basic sweat shorts 73682-880-96 sport colour block tee 73631-30013-96 sport pants 73635-33673-5726 sport hood 73634-33673-5726 sport for photos jacob helbig art direction h2o production scan-grafia vejlø print a/s denmark h2o denmark aps stæremosen 11-13 dk-3250 gilleleje phone 48 38 00 00 fax 48 30 38 70 e-mail germany h2o deutschland gmbh block x luke 8 1 boden brooktorkai 8 d-20457 hamburg phone 040 300 86 36 0 fax 040 300 86 36 10 e-mail benelux h2o benelux bv sports business center showroom k 21 plesmanstraat 1 nl-3833 la leusden phone 033 432 3464 fax 033 432 3465 e-mail norway h2o norge a/s lovisenbergveien 9 n-3770 kragerø phone 35 98 69 90 fax 35 98 69 91 postboks adr boks 78 n-3791 kragerø e-mail finland h2o finland oy showroom mikkolantie 1a sf-00640 helsinki phone 02 90 090 900 fax 02 90 090 905 office vesijärvenkatu 76 sf-15140 lahti e-mail sweden h2o sverige fågelviksvägen 18-20 hus 3 port 31 s-145 53 norsborg phone 08-53180900 fax