BaByliss Product Guide 2016 by Haircare Australia

More catalogs by Haircare Australia | BaByliss Product Guide 2016 | 8 pages | 2018-02-13


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clippers babyliss® pro steel fx black 78680 supercharged pivot motor the supercharged pivot motor generates faster blade speed and more power 9000 rpm for all – around fading and outlining all metal housing and features a high – carbon steel blade set babyliss®pro volare x2 clipper red 78650 black 78654 babyliss® pro v – blade clipper the babyliss®pro volare x2 clipper has a ferrari designed engine to give ultimate precision and maximum power to deliver the best cutting performance through any hair type • • • • • • • • black 78690 high power long – life motor with 5 position taper lever precision engineered japanese steel blades with a super sharp v cutting blade lightweight comfortable ergonomic lithium polymer battery cord/cordless operation 3 hours cordless run-time micro-serrated cuts 2x faster first pass maxlife pro engine 2 year warranty available in black or red babyliss® pro professional cordless trimmer black 78696 babyliss® pro v – blade trimmer black 78694 featuring 5500 blade movements per minute and 60 min cordless time this corded cordless trimmer has 7500 blade movements per minute and 70 min cordless time comes with 30mm u and 40mm t blades babyliss® pro palm pro trimmer babyliss® pro ear nose trimmer battery operated designed for trimming sideburns necklines circular cutting system safely quickly trims unwanted nose and ear hair easy to use and more convenient and safer than scissors detachable head for cleaning black/silver 78710 silver 78714 babyliss® pro clippers